Term Paper Pol 100

Term Paper –
Pol 100
Requirements, Questions,
Resources and Formatting…
Due Date April 2nd – papers due at the beginning
of class
Late Assignments
10% per day
Extensions on humanitarian reasons
Illnesses require Doctors note
All extensions other than illness must be discussed
BEFORE April 2nd. Approval for extensions will be
given in writing (submit with assignment)
Details Cont…
 Paper
Length: 5 – 6 double spaced
 Font
must be either Times New Roman 12
or Calibri (body) 11 (if the font you use
looks wildly different than Times New
Roman 12, don’t use it)
 Typed
submissions only
It is expected that an assignment will be
ie rough drafts should not be submitted
Papers should be on-topic
This is an argumentative essay, not a report –
an argument is necessary
Research question, thesis statements,
introductions and conclusions
Citations are required. Please use MLA – a
style guide is available on the library website
(and one will be posted on mine as well).
At least 4 Scholarly/Academic sources must
be used (non-academic sources, like
newspaper articles are acceptable to use,
but do not count towards this requirement)
Paper must address a topic listed below or be
approved by the instructor
Question 1
 To
what degree do you believe the
media should play a role in the
socialization and development of a
political culture in a state. Is this role
usually positive of negative? Use an
example (or examples) from a state of
your choice.
Question 2
 Some
have argued that democratic
states like Canada and the United States
lack democracy. They site a lack of direct
democracy, citizen’s initiative and recall
as examples of this. Using evidence from
a state and/or sub-national jurisdiction of
your choice, assess the benefits and
drawback of these democratic tools.
Which are useful, which not?
Question 3
 States
have developed by focusing on
different areas of development, the
social, economic and political spheres.
Consider the social, political and
economic development in a state of your
choice. In what areas does this state
excel and what is the state’s best route
towards achieving development?
Question 4
 Consider
the strengths and weaknesses of
competing electoral systems. Using the
experience in a state of your choice,
make an argument for which system
would be the most effective.
Question 5
 Compare
the separation of powers in a
“Republican” state versus the integrated
powers of a state with a parliamentary
system. Which do you believe to be the
more effective system of governance.
Question 6
 Use
the experience of a state of your
choice, consider the importance of
feminism, nationalism or environmentalism
in that state’s politics and/or governance.
Other ‘isms’ can be written about, but
please clear your idea with me before
Question 7
 While
globalization is generally considered
a positive process, there are those that
are skeptical as to its benefit to society, as
a whole. Consider the concerns of
globalization skeptics. How can states
overcome these concerns?