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Community Health Services
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12 August 2014 Bidder Event
Community Health Services for North Somerset
When you did the engagement,
were there any surprises?
There were no surprises. The messages were clear and
echoed previous stakeholder events.
The engagement report is available on the CCG website.
The key themes were, as expected, around integration of
services and the desire for single assessments.
Will specific service level
information be made available, for
example activity levels, or should
that be requested through TACTICA?
Queries should always be directed through TACTICA.
Specific information will be released to bidders if we have
access to the information, and it is decided that it is in the
best interests of the process; there is a balance to be drawn
between knowledge of existing services and being open to
delivering future services in a different way.
We want people to work to outcomes so we will be providing
service descriptions at the ITN stage, but not specifications.
Is the CCG’s planned approach to
work to a concept of financial end to
end pathway management?
The Better Care Fund is facilitating integration of Health and
Social Care, but the acute trusts are still operating under PbR.
Although the CCG is commissioning a discrete set of services,
we are open to innovate solutions, including through
potential vertical integration, that could bring efficiency to
the system.
12 August 2014 Bidder Event
Questions and answers
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Community Health Services for North Somerset
Are you still trying to move services
into the community in the light of
WAHT trying to remain viable
We are looking for innovation and are open to ideas.
The CCG is going through a process with Weston but this will
not impact on consideration of alternative models in the
community, and is fundamentally a separate process.
P15 of the MOI states “We expect the Provider to be jointly
engaged and take responsibility in the planning work
required to identify affordable, development opportunities
for Community Services. The scope of this improved
arrangement includes the opportunity for the Provider to
develop plans that demonstrate how this funding could be
transparently re-invested in appropriate demand
management and improved discharge schemes, and
reduction in acute admissions to secondary care and
importantly, costs and capacity of secondary care services.”
Any savings realised would be subject to gain share
Can an organisation pass PQQ as an
individual and partner at a later
Yes. Partnership does not have to be formally declared until
four weeks prior to final tender. Please refer to the bidder
Can an associate bidder at PQQ
stage later become a lead bidder?
No, as to be a lead bidder at a later stage of the procurement
that organisation must have submitted, and passed, the PQQ
stage in its own right.
Will there be a single contract if
there is an equal partnership bid?
Yes. The tender will be for a single lot and will be subject to a
single contract.
At the end of the process, if there
are similar bids, will the outcome be
determined on price?
The balance in evaluation weighting between quality and
price will always be heavily weighted towards quality.
Is the scoring between successive
tender stages cumulative?
No, each stage (PQQ, ITN1, ITN2 and CFT) will be evaluated
independently – scoring will not be carried over.
12 August 2014 Bidder Event
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Community Health Services for North Somerset
Will Midwifery services definitely be
A clarification e-mail has been sent to all bidders through the
TACTICA portal;
Title: PQQ update: Maternity services clarification
Date: 14/08/2014
Time: 17:15
Message ID: 198530
“Dear Bidders,
We would like to clarify a query around maternity services,
and whether they are currently in or out of scope. This is in
relation to the list of services provided at MoI stage.
At this stage of the process please work on the assumption
that maternity is currently out of scope. Please note that this
decision does not preclude maternity being re-introduced at
a later stage of the procurement, but any such decision
would be made in discussion with bidders and based on the
needs of the North Somerset population.
If any of the above information is not clear please advise, so
we can provide any further clarity required.
Kind regards,
Samantha Phillips”
12 August 2014 Bidder Event
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