May 2014 Newsletter - Hook Lane Primary School

Although this has been a short half term, we have still had lots of activities, outings and fantastic learning
opportunities. In the last newsletter we promised you more pictures and accounts of the recent Year 5 residential to PGL Windmill Hill and I am sure you will see from the pictures and children’s reviews how much
fun the children all had. I am sure our current Year 4 children will be especially interested to see what they
could be doing in Spring Term 2015.
At the back of this newsletter are important dates for the remainder of the year. As well as term dates for
the next year.
PGL Review
In year 5 we have been on an amazing, fun, cool and incredible trip to PGL! All the activities were
awesome. Some of our favourite activities were giant swing, trapeze, zipwire and Jacob’s ladder. All
these activities were so much fun. We got to act like we were heroes, starfish and lots of other
things as we went down the zipwire. Even when we were feeling a little bit scared of heights, the
PGL instructors encouraged us to try our best and we gave everything a go. We would have really
regretted it if we hadn’t because the activities were amazing.
The evening entertainment was also great fun. We did wacky races one night. You get to dress up in
wacky clothes and race in wacky ways. We also played around the world, where you get to go
around the PGL site and look for a flag. They give you questions to answer to help you find it. Our
favourite evening entertainment was ambush. It is like hide and seek, but if the seekers walk past
you shout ‘AMBUSH!’ Also we loved the disco. It was epic and they played the best songs.
At PGL you get 3 hot meals a day with tasty drinks that you can keep on filling up. Also there is a salad bar where you can get the nicest sides and some fruit. The rooms are very cosy, have en-suite
bathrooms and lovely beds and bedding. Don’t worry if you feel scared in the night. The instructors
and teachers are there to help you and are always close by. The groupie (group leader) makes you
feel welcome and makes everything fun. We are so glad that we went to PGL and are very grateful
to all of the adults that came with us!
Lydia and Joey .
Our Nursery classes went on a trip to Maryon Wilson small animal park, where a good time was had by all. We got to feed
and handle lots of different animals: a pig, deer, sheep, chicken, ducks, geese, a peacock, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, a rat, terrapins and a chinchilla. Our favourite was a duck called Peking.
In the classroom our student teacher brought in some eight week old chicks from home. They were much bigger than the chicks
we saw just hatched in Ms Driscoll’s class. We learned lots of things about chickens such as when they like to sleep and what they
like to eat. We really enjoyed stroking and holding the chicks too
We have also had caterpillars in our class for the last three weeks and we have watched them grow from
being really tiny to very big caterpillars. Now they have turned into cocoons and we are really hoping that
they become butterflies before the holiday.
We read the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and as he liked to eat lots of fruit we made fruit salads to
try lots of fruit too. We could choose from melon, pineapple, mango, strawberries, grapes, pears, banana,
apples, oranges, plums and nectarines. Some of us tried them all! Delicious!
Every year we have the Living Eggs Programme come into our school for two
weeks. The eggs arrive and the children
are able to watch them hatching and
see how the chicks grow.
Jake L said “ the eggs arrived on Monday, we had to
be quiet so the eggs could hatch. On Tuesday one
hatched when we were out at playtime and we found
it sitting in its shell, it finally kicked the shell away. We
had to keep the heat at 34 degrees until the others
hatched. They looked slimy when they came out .
When they were all hatched and they had fluffed up
we put them in their other box. We then got to hold
them , the female chicks are brown and the males are
a lemony colour.”
Ellie D and Ellice L said “We went into the music room first and found old instruments. Then we
went into the tribal part and we saw everyday use items like a washing board and a chair. They
also showed us a stuffed alligator from the Rain Forest. We went into the Aztec room and used a
huge I pad to find out information. We then had to use our senses to find our way our of a pitch
black cave, it was a bit scary as it was so dark and we held onto each other. We then visited the
aquarium where we saw lots of fish, jelly fish and some green frogs that are poisonous and hide
in the plants. We also saw Indian feather headdresses.”
Maisie D said “ We went on the bus to Hall Place and we
walked there from the bus stop, we put all our bags in a
box and then two ladies Helen and Anne showed us around
and told us where to go. We went into the hall and then 4A
went with Helen to learn about the kitchen and food and
4B went with Ann to learn about the Tudor fashion and rich
Tudors and then we swapped. We got to dress up in the
clothes, it was really fun and funny when we dressed up as
the clothes were so big.”
Megan T said “ We brought
in a cardboard box and
painted it, we then decorated it. We used a pencil and
blue tac to make holes in
for the split pins and then
we could attach wires to
connect the answers to the
questions. We are going to
be testing the games tomorrow.”
Avanti, Make a Difference Judge wrote: “I am very pleased to announce that your Year 3 class at
Hook Lane Primary School was the Runner-Up in the Greater London Make A Difference
Scrapbook Competition! You were very close to being a winning scrapbook, so a very big and
warm congratulations to you and your pupils for their amazing efforts!
The competition was tough, but your pupils’ beautifully presented scrapbook really shone as an
exemplary model, brimming over with examples and photographic evidence of how to plan and
execute the Make a Difference Challenge. We were impressed by your cross-curricular links and
your democratic decision-making process. We particularly enjoyed all the animal-themed products pupils made for their fundraiser, and the passion children showed in the powerful poem that
they wrote. We also loved the great photograph in the Newshopper!
We will be sending your class a card and some small prizes in the post. Congratulations!
Warmest wishes,
Make a Difference”
Joe F said “ we cut out a picture of a coffin from paper and then we decorated it with Egyptian writing and symbols. We then got clay balls and rolled them into sausage shapes and
squeezed it to make two feet, we then mixed gold and white paint and painted our mummies. We put them in their coffins. We then made a lid that opened and closed. I really
liked making this.”
Evie B and Max T said “ we put paper mache on
our cardboard box to make it stronger, we drew
a line down the middle to where the centre is.
We then sawed 2.5 cm x 5mm wood to make the
cam. We found the centre and used a hand drill
to drill a hole through the box, this will be the
axle and we are going to finish them after half
RA have been very busy this term making mini-beasts,
planting and watching bean plants grow and watching
caterpillars turn into cocoons.
RB have been making lots of things
including the lovely mini-beast masks
they are all wearing.
Lifeboat Appeal—We were lucky to have a gentleman
from the RNLI come in and talk to the children about
this worthy cause and how the money raised is used.
Thank you for your donations and we are pleased to
announce we were the top primary school raising
We had out Mad Hair Day and Hat day organised by the
PTA. We raised £315.00. Everyone looked great and this
money will go towards the new playground equipment
planned for the field.
Our Year 5 football team reached the final of the Under 10’s
tournament. They all played really well and had a great day.
They had a positive attitude and were a credit to the school.
Our Year 6 team reached the quarter finals of the Kevin
McCarthy Cup and got knocked out by the eventual winners
so we did really well only losing by 1 goal.
Our Year 5&6 cricket team will be taking part in the school
sports game tournament later in June at Bexley Grammar—
watch this space.
We are pleased to announce that we have achieved the
Silver Primary Science Quality Mark. This award shows the
excellent work the school does in Science and recognises
the continued importance of Science at Hook Lane.
April’s best attendance is awarded to
2B Mrs Cakirs class with 99%. Well
May’s best attendance is awarded to
4B Miss Bridles class with 99%. Well
Our staff car park is not able to cope with any extra cars so please can we request that parents do not park in it at any time. This is for staff use only.
Also a reminder again to be considerate to the neighbours of the school and not park in
front of their drives. If at all possible we would encourage parents to walk to school with
their children due to the shortage of parking spaces in the roads surrounding the school.
Can we remind you to please use the school diary as much as possible for messages to the
teachers, including if your child is being collected by a different adult.
Finally a polite request again that all money coming into school is in an envelope with your
child's name clearly printed on it. Please enclose the correct money as we do not hold a
great deal of change. Reply slips and envelopes, or any information coming into school,
should be placed in the white box in reception.
Now the weather is warmer, please apply cun cream to your child before school and ensure
they have a hat and a water bottle in school at all times.
Thank you for your co-operation in all of the above.
Monday 2nd June
Staff Training Day
Tuesday 3rd June
Year 5 Secondary Transfer Meeting
Friday 6th June
Summer Fete
Wednesday 11th June
1B assembly
Wednesday 11th June
Foundation Stage Sports Event
Thursday 12th June
3A assembly
Friday 13th June
Key Stage 2 Sports Event
Friday 13th June
Key Stage 1 Sports Event
Monday 16h June
Year 3 to Royal Observatory
Wednesday 18th June
2A assembly
Thursday 19th June
5A assembly
Wednesday 25th June
RA assembly
Wednesday 2nd July
2B assembly
Thursday 3rd July
4B assembly
Friday 4th July
Pupils meet the teacher & Reports home
Tuesday 8th July
3.30-4.30pm Discuss reports with teachers (optional)
Wednesday 9th July
RB assembly
Thursday 10th July
3B assembly
Friday 11th July
Pupils 2nd meet the teacher morning
Tuesday 15th July
Year 6 Production
Wednesday 16th July
Year 6 Production
Thursday 17th July
Year 2 to Joss Bay
Friday 18th July
Pupils 3rd meet the teacher morning
Friday 18th July
Year 6 PTA leavers disco
Tuesday 22nd July
Year 6 Leavers Assembly
Tuesday 22nd July
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