Pathfinder PSC 1 / 5 / 8-06-177

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Pathfinder PSC 1 / 5 / 8-06-177
Technical Data | Pharmaceutical biotechnology products
This clarifier has been designed for appli-
prevents shearing forces from acting on
The seals comply with the require-
cations on a laboratory or pilot scale.
the product when entering the bowl. The
ments of the FDA and USP Class VI
The Pathfinder is available in three capacity
self-cleaning bowl makes the machine
Chemical cleaning after separation
classes (PSC 1, PSC 5, PSC 8) which can
suitable for fully automatic cleaning-
Machine frame and the motor are
process batches between 15 – 300 l. At
in-place. Opening and closing of the
varnished in RAL 9007
the request of the customer, the capacity
bowl for discharging the solids with the
3 in 1: easy exchange of the bowl
of the Pathfinder can be adapted to dif-
Westfalia Separator ® hydrostop system for
makes possible fast adaptation of the
ferent production capacities by simply
controlled partial ejections.
Pathfinder to different batch sizes
exchanging the bowl. The Pathfinder is
hence the first self-cleaning separator in
Machine driven by a 3-phase AC
the world with 20,000 g. The product is
motor with frequency converter
fed into the machine through a closed-line
Flat belt drive
system. A centripetal pump discharges
Product connections as TriClamp
the clarified product. In this design, the
All product-contacting parts are
separator is equipped with a hydrohermetic
made of high-alloyed stainless steels
product feed. This patented feed system
GEA Mechanical Equipment / GEA Westfalia Separator Group
Technical Data Pathfinder PSC 1 / 5 / 8-06-177
1 2
1 Product feed
6 Sliding piston
2 Centripetal pump
7 Closing chamber
3 Distributor
8 Spindle, drive
4 Disk stack
9 Solids ejection port
5 Solids holding space
10 Discharge, clarified phase
Technical data
Throughput capacity
15 – 30 l / h
100 – 200 l / h
150 – 300 l / h
Bowl speed
13,500 min-1
13,500 min-1
13,500 min-1
Total volume
approx. 1 l
approx. 1.4 l
approx. 1.5 l
Vol. solids space
approx. 0.85 l
approx. 0.85 l
approx. 0.85 l
Motor rating
4.8 kW
4.8 kW
4.8 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) for all models
710 x 800 x 790 mm
Separator on frame with control cabinet 1700 x 900 x 1650 mm
200 kg
Package Unit
450 kg
Standard scope of delivery
Standard package unit
Different bowl versions
3-phase AC motor with frequency converter
Vibration monitoring system
Set of special tools
Turbidity meter for monitoring the
Spare parts for commissioning
Speed measuring device
Feed pump
Level probes in the solids vessel
Solids pump
when the solids are discharged in a
Alan-Bradley control possible instead
closed system
of Siemens
Spray nozzles in the hood and solids
cyclone are additionally activated for CIP
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