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Newsletter of the Piano Technicians Guild, San Francisco Chapter
Calendar of Events
January Chapter Meeting
Business Meeting
Tuesday, February 3
7:00 PM
Location: Ris Piano
424 A Irwin St.
San Rafael, CA 94901
Zhiwei Huang RPT and Larry Lobel RPT
have presented this popular class at many
regional and international conventions, also
in piano factories in China.
When a customer asks you to quiet down a
loud or uneven-sounding piano, needles and
lacquer should be “weapons of last choice.”
Other voicing techniques will be
demonstrated that can eliminate the need for
jabbing and juicing. If you do have to
needle, “Angel Shots” are easy, fast,
effective and long-lasting; this will also be
shown. Learn to focus tone, reduce false
beats, and make a spinet sound like a grand!
February 2015
President's Message
No President's Message this month.
Chapter Meeting Minutes
John Swensen, Chapter Secretary
Chapter Meeting
The meeting started at 7:15 at Callahan Piano
Service in Alameda. Minutes for the November
meeting were approved by voice vote. The
business meeting adjourned at 7:45.
Old Business
Margie Williams has agreed to serve as
caretaker for the office of Treasurer, vacated
by Israel upon his retirement. John Swensen
agreed to take over management of the
Yahoo! Account from Israel, and will coordinate
with Israel about the transition.
New Business
A nominating committee for next year's officers
has been formed: Margie Williams will chair
the committee, assisted by Larry Lobel and
Douglas Braak. Thank you, Margie, Larry, and
Zhiwei Huang will be teaching a voicing class
sometime next month; details to be sent by
email when they are available.
SF PTG Newsletter
David Abdalian shared his observations
about cordless screwdrivers. Cheap cordless
screwdrivers are slow to operate, slow to
charge, and are a waste of time. He has had
very good luck with the Milwaukee models,
as the battery that can be charged while the
tool is used with a second battery, and the
tool can be stored straight, taking up little
Israel Stein will be retiring and leaving us
soon. The chapter presented a certificate of
appreciation for all of his years of service,
help, and support. A gift of custom-made,
Steinway placements was also presented,
and then we were treated to ice cream
(Kosher) after the business meeting.
Treasurer's Report
Treasurer reported a balance of $15433.07.
The treasurer's report was approved by voice
Secretary's Report
Technical Presentations
We were treated to three technical
Margie Williams showed how she applies
keytops with water-cleanup contact cement
(3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive: 30-NF,
Neutral; this is available from if you
have trouble finding other than green contact
cement locally).
Larry Lobel showed how he uses the
anodized aluminum capstans from WNG to
reduce touch weight, and then how to cut
balance rail felts to reduce the action ratio.
He, also, showed a more involved method
that involves a wooden shim behind the
balance rail pins; this is a neater
modification, but required re-leveling the
keyboard. Larry lubricates the seven points in
the action to achieve a silky feel to the action.
F 2015 SF PTG Newsletter
RPT Exam Pre-screening
Any associate getting ready to take an RPT
exam (technical or tuning) is strongly
encouraged to get "pre-screened.” This is an
opportunity to have an experienced
RPT assess your skill and make a
recommendation regarding your chances of
success. You can make arrangements with
any RPT who is willing to pre-screen you,
who you feel comfortable working with and
who is familiar with the current version of the
exam for which you are preparing.
PTG Code of Ethics
In order to promote the highest
standards of professional conduct of
Piano Technicians Guild members, and to
foster a relationship of trust between
PTG members and their clients, this Code
of Ethics constitutes the standards for
which each member will be held
accountable, and to which each member
agrees upon joining PTG.
1.I will act honorably and in a
professional manner.
2.I will uphold the principles of
honesty and integrity for which the
Piano Technicians Guild stands.
3.I will represent my education,
training, experience and area of
expertise honestly and accurately.
4.I will uphold the Mission, Objectives
and Principles of the Piano Technicians
6.I will strive to upgrade my
professional skills and I will encourage
and help others to do the same.
7.I will use the name and trademarks of
the Piano Technicians Guild properly and
will encourage others to do the same.
8.I will promote good will towards my
profession and towards the music industry.
9.I will engage only in business
practices that are in accord with the
antitrust guidelines as set forth by the
Piano Technicians Guild.
Chapter Library
The San Francisco PTG Chapter's Library
contains many books, manuals, tapes,
videos and other materials useful to both
experienced piano technicians and those
learning the trade. A list of library contents
can be found on the chapter website at
Only chapter members may borrow library
materials. To arrange for a loan, contact
Israel Stein at 510-558-0777 or
<[email protected]>. Materials can be
picked up from or returned to Israel by prior
arrangement only at Israel's home in Albany,
at San Francisco State University or at
chapter meetings.
5.I will render the best possible
service, under the circumstances, always
keeping the best interests of my client
in mind.
F 2015 SF PTG Newsletter
Chapter Officers
David Abdalian, RPT
[email protected]
Vice President
Louis del Bene, RPT
[email protected]
Treasurer & Librarian
Israel Stein, RPT
[email protected]
John Swensen, Associate
[email protected]
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F 2015 SF PTG Newsletter
Classified Ads
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Piedmont Piano Company
Jim Callahan, RPT, owner
For over 33 years offering the finest new and
used pianos. Authorized dealer for new
Yamaha, Mason & Hamlin, Bluthner,
Bechstein, and Fazioli pianos. Fine used
pianos from the world's great makers,
specializing in vintage Steinways. We stock
the largest selection of used grand pianos in
Northern California.
As many SF chapter members know, we
have worked for years with PTG members
and their customers to provide the finest
instruments at the most reasonable prices.
Located at 1728 San Pablo Ave. in Oakland
For more information please visit our website or e mail:
[email protected]
A recording from Shawn Skylark: "Still Life 10 Pieces For Solo Piano". This is a
collection of original piano pieces, which are
released on CD. (available at CD Baby,
iTunes, and
It was recorded on a Bösendorfer 225.
Bösendorfer informed Shawn that they have
added it to their online Music Library which is
part of their web site at
F 2015 SF PTG Newsletter
ISBN: 826816121025
J.S Bach The Well-Tempered Clavier 48
Preludes and Fugues played in Thomas
Young's Well-Temperament of 1799 by Frank
For the first time the Well-Tempered Clavier
can be heard in the explicitly-stated, 18th
Century well temperament that allows the
characteristic of each major and minor key to
emerge as intended during the time of the
composer. A subtle but certain difference is
apparent when this music is played in this
authentic tuning. This four-CD set contains
more than four hours of music with liner
notes on the history and development of
tuning keyboard instruments by Owen
orgensen with French, Spanish and German
language texts.
This production, more than two years in the
making, was expertly recorded using a
Boesendorfer 225 concert piano.
* Reviewer from England author: Nigel Taylor
I have to say that I am delighted with musical
experience of listening to the W.T.C. played
in Thomas Young's temperament. Thank you
for such an excellent recording. The differing
key characters are obvious, and the W.T.C.
sounds so much more musical and
expressive than when all the keys sound the
same! Nigel Taylor
Piano Technicians Guild – SF Chapter
c/o John Swensen
7565 Peppertree Road
Dublin, CA 94568
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F 2015 SF PTG Newsletter