Board of Directors Job Description

Board of Directors Job Description
The PIP Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of the organization. Board Members make the
policies that ensure that PIP is run effectively, legally, and ethically. These policies are the directives for
our Executive Director, who is responsible for implementing them and for managing the organization
and its staff. The Board is also responsible for setting long range goals for PIP's growth and development
and for securing adequate funds to run the programs and making certain the money is spent
Board Member Duties
Be a PIP Ambassador
Be well informed about PIP's mission, services, policies, and programs to be able to fulfill the
role as PIP ambassador.
Help recruit and/or provide information about possible board candidates who can contribute to
the work of the Board and of PIP.
Inform others about PIP and serve as an ambassador of PIP.
PIP Financial Stewardship
Make a significant effort to assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities.
Understand our budget and take an active role in reviewing, approving and monitoring the
budget (revenue and expense side) to meet it. Participate in board giving and stewardship.
Be willing and able to learn how to actively contribute to PIP's fundraising efforts.
Attend a staff led orientation within the first month of office.
PIP Monthly Board Meetings
Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.
Adhere to the board’s ground rules.
Be willing and normally able to:
o Attend all board meetings, plus special events such as the annual Fall Fundraiser event.
o Serve on one Board committee, and carry out related responsibilities.
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Board members should have the following experience and characteristics:
A passion for and commitment to PIP mission and goals.
Ability to work in a team.
Experience in relevant areas, such as program development, fund development, finance,
marketing, communications, human resources, IT, or law. Prior Board experience is useful but
not required.
Time Commitment:
The length of a PIP Board members’ term is two calendar years, with the option to renew membership
in one-year increments at the discretion of the board development committee and board. Board
members should be prepared to invest approximately ten to fifteen hours per month, usually distributed
as follows:
3 hours for the regular monthly Board meeting and preparation
5-6 hours for committee work (per committee)
2-4 hours for special requests and fundraising
Contributing time and/or financial resources to annual Fall Fundraiser, and attending it
Some months may require more or less time, depending on the committee, the time of year, and the
particular events or projects.
Financial Obligations:
To demonstrate your commitment to our mission and to reach our fund-raising goal, board members
must commit to making a personally meaningful, sustaining annual financial contribution to PIP
themselves. A "give-or-get" goal is set at $500 for each board member. Board giving is distinct and in
addition to attending special events, buying tickets or otherwise participating in our organization's
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