092614 - PRT Press Release - Partnership for Resource Trade

September 26, 2014
On the occasion of the signing of the Canada – European Union (EU)
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, the Partnership for Resource
Trade reaffirms its strong support for the economic partnership between Canada
and the 28 members states of the EU.
Jean Charest, chair of the Partnership, joins industry leaders in welcoming
Canada’s signing of the agreement.
“The history of Canada since pre-confederation is a history of a great trading
nation. Trade agreements like this one are important in setting the stage for our
country’s growth, as were the Canada – US Free Trade Agreement and the Auto
Pact in their time,” said Jean Charest who was a member of the Mulroney
government that brought about the Canada – US Free Trade Agreement and has
been one of the earliest proponents of the Canada-EU Agreement.
“There are those who argue that inward looking protectionism is a path to
prosperity. But again and again, we see evidence that trade liberalization is a
sure way to achieve our goals, both economic and social.
“Thirty years from now, our children and grand children will thank us for the
foresight and courage of implementing Agreements like these,” said Martha Hall
Findlay, Chair of the Partnership’s Advisory Council. The former MP and Liberal
leadership candidate has written and spoken extensively on economic and trade
The Partnership for Resource Trade strongly supports strengthening
relationships between trading nations to the benefit of all Canadians, and
applauds the governments involved in the Canada – EU CETA for successfully
concluding this comprehensive agreement.
The Partnership for Resource Trade seeks to engage Canadians in an important
national discussion about the key role that natural resources play in the success
of our country (www.powerofcanada.ca).
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