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We are all very proud of our community.
The Battery Shores POA Board of Directors hopes that by summarizing
the Restrictive Covenants, we will all use it to assure our conformance to the plans for this community.
Each of our property deeds bears a reference that the property must comply with the Restrictive Covenants filed by
Coastal Contractors as the various development phases were begun. While these Restrictive Covenants define
setbacks and minimum sq footage for homes constructed on the various lots, there are common covenants that
apply to all lots. Specifically, these are:
No lot shall be subdivided and all lots constitute single-family residential building areas and shall be used for
residential purposes only.
If any detached building is erected on any residential building lots, it must be of similar design as the main
All campers and boat trailers shall be required to be parked, beside or behind all houses, or in garages at all times.
If the lot is on the marsh, the camper must be parked between the houses and the river or marsh
The exterior of all houses must e properly maintained, either by painting or staining, and all deeded lots with or
without improvements thereon, must be kept in a neat and attractive manner.
Fences, if chain link, must be brown, black or green and no fence of any type including chain link, picket or
otherwise, shall be constructed or erected in or across any front yards. (Note: Coastal Contractors stated originally
that all rear yard fences should attach to the back of the residential structure but did make exceptions as long as the meters
and turnoffs for utilities were not behind the fence)
No metal buildings, of any kind, will be permitted, storage or otherwise.
Satellite dishes are to be installed in the rear of houses only
No inoperative vehicles, such as junk cars or trucks or any similar type of junk, shall be permitted on any lot for any
period of time
If any detached building is erected on any residential building lot, it must be of similar design as the main residence
(Note: Coastal did authorize several Tiki Bars to be built in rear yards of homes who installed swimming pools).
No temporary structure shall be erected on any residential lot, except those used by the Contractor during
construction of the residence, and said temporary structure must be removed within 15 days after the completion
of the residence.
All outside mailboxes must be of the same design and color as approved by Coastal Contractors, Inc. (Note: The
standard is a USPS approved black mailbox mounted to a board attached and supported by a wooden brace, on
a post with a notched pyramid top, with a newspaper cubby below the mount board for the mailbox.) Black
house numbers (3” or 4”)
All driveways into each lot must be surfaced, either with concrete or asphalt or some other type of material
approved in writing. All driveways must connect with the street. (Note: Two lots within Battery Shores were
permitted by Coastal Contractors to use alternative materials; one could not use a permanent surface as the
driveway was an easement for the sewage pumping station for the community maintained by BJWSA)
No garbage or domestic trash shall be disposed of by burying on any lot. Trash, garbage and other waste shall be
kept in sanitary containers, and shall be emptied as needed.
There shall be no business or commercial activity conducted in, on or about any of the residential building areas
that create excessive noise, increase traffic, or that become detectable outside of the house
No trucks larger than pickups shall be permitted on any lots for any period of time
No animals shall be maintained on any residential building lots, other than cats and dogs
Please note these Covenants were defined specifically for Battery Shores Subdivision; however, there are other
restrictions set by the City of Beaufort that may be of interest to you (e.g., overnight use of campers when parked on
residential properties, noise and noxious activities, lot maintenance requirements, requirements for permits, etc.)
Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the City Ordinance to avoid fines for unlawful activities or failing to get
permits for work on your home or lot.