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MARCH 2014
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High Climber
Robert Bedford, EVP, Sales and Marketing, MediScripts
PMD Refresh Names
Neil Gottlieb, 3FX, SVP, Strategy &
Business Development
Dawn Wilson, Acceleron Pharma,
Sr. Director, Clinical Ops. & Data
Kevin Christal, Actelion
Pharmaceuticals US, Marketing
Director, Prostacyclin Franchise
Steve Stadell, Action Labs,
Dawn Lipman, Active Mind Fuel,
Creative Director
Sachiyo Minegishi, Aegerion
Pharmaceuticals, US Marketing
Paul Schneider, Aegerion
Pharmaceuticals, VP, Patient &
Market Access
Jim Massa, Akorn, Regional Sales
Director, West
Wendy Perrow, Alba Therapeutics
Corporation, Chief Executive
David Beshel, Alkermes, Assoc.
Director, Vivitrol Marketing
MediScripts is traditionally known for its promotional efforts on the doctor's
prescription pad—a valuable piece of real estate. But as the prefix "e-" continues
to pervade both our personal and professional lives, pen and paper is slowly giving
way to e-prescribing—and with it comes a new host of challenges.
For Robert Bedford, MediScripts's newly appointed EVP, sales and marketing,
commercializing these new offerings will be his chief role.
But it was the balance of the core business and prospective offerings at
MediScripts that initially attracted him to the organization, "Their core business—
advertising prescription pads—that's a high return on investment business, but you
have to look downstream," he explains. "That was important to me to have both
ends of the spectrum covered. Although, on the horizon, these digital solutions will
be directed toward e-prescribing."
While matching money with innovation is no small task, Bedford hopes to address
those obstacles by adding on "more digitally focused capabilities," to what he says
is an already "very professional team."
In many ways for Bedford, it's always been about the people. One of the formative
moments in his career, he recalls, was the completion (and networking
Damon Harrell, Alkermes, Sr.
Director, New Product Planning &
Janine Barker Shea, Alkermes,
Director, Payer Marketing
Aubyn Kirby, Alkermes, Digital &
Consumer Marketing
Sun Park, AmerisourceBergen
Corporation, SVP, Business
Maggie O. Connors, Arnold NYC,
SVP/Director, New Business
opportunities therein) of St. Joe's Pharmaceutical Marketing MBA program, "It was
a tremendous opportunity to understand the cultures at different pharma
companies, everyone there was employed at one manufacturer or another."
That postgraduate program would leave a lasting impact on Bedford, and he still
serves it in an advisory capacity.
As for his new colleagues, Bedford hopes to extend the promise of positive
thinking. "I think that keeping a optimistic attitude, especially as your organization
is morphing and developing," is paramount, he says. "That's another reason this
role was attractive to me, so I could have a part in refining its culture. Attitude is
infectious, whether positive or negative."
To "refine" that culture, Bedford says his focus will be on "trying to be a leader,
rather than boss. That means saying 'we' not 'I' and finding creative ways to solve
problems." -Kevin McCaffrey
Michael McCullar, Astex
Pharmaceuticals, SVP, Business
Catarina Bergman, AstraZeneca,
Global Head, Price & Market
MicroMass Communications
John Hamilton, VP, Client Service Director
Heather Moore, AstraZeneca
Canada, VP, Sales
Diane Sullivan, AstraZeneca US,
VP, Managed Markets
Amy Hall, AstraZeneca US, Sr.
Brand Director, Oncology
Brik V. Eyre, Baxter International,
CVP/President, Renal
Oksana Komarova, Big Arrow
Group, New Business
Mary Ruth Brehmer, Boehringer
Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Sr.
Prod. Mgr., Respiratory Mktg.
John Garizio, Boehringer
Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Sr.
Assoc. Director, Regional
Outsourcing Compliance & Quality
Winifred Tracey, Boehringer
Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals,
Assoc. Director, Integrated Digital
Media, Oncology Business Unit
Krishna Sudheendra, Cardiac
Science Corporation, Chief
Executive Officer
Derek Miller, Celator
Pharmaceuticals, Chief Business
What was your biggest break?
After graduating from college, I loaded up my futon and took a road trip to
Washington, D.C. I was only planning on staying a few days, but ended up getting
a job in healthcare communications which started my career. My first job was
recruiting patients into clinical trials - not an easy task! But I enjoyed the
challenge, and I got to travel all over the world and work with some amazing
What's the best and/or worst part of your job?
The best part of my job is working in a positive, entrepreneurial environment.
Who is the person you admire most in your area of work?
In my early career, I really admired Seth Godin, a relationship marketing guru who
has written a few books, including Permission Marketing. He really shaped my
view of how to build relationships and create loyal customers.
Now that I've been at MicroMass for four years, I am an ever greater admirer of