11/04/14 SMS PTO Meeting Minutes Meeting Called By: President

11/04/14 SMS PTO Meeting Minutes
Meeting Called By:
Type of Meeting:
Note Taker:
President Shanette Gibbs
Regular month meeting
Brianne Mullally
Elaine Wells, Michelle Boyd, Shanette Gibbs, Cathleen Rosario, Jane Hartsock,
LaQuita Cassell
1. Call to Order
2. Prayer & Scripture
3. Old Business
a. Monster Mash – Financials are in process of being finalized, and Shanette will email the
report. It was a fun event with a lot of good compliments. Laser tag was a great addition. We are
currently looking for new Chairs.
b. Move-A-Thon- The entire committee is returning next year. The money made is around $15K
after expenses. Next year, hope to get on the Pledgestar site sooner and send the email out
earlier. Next year’s kick off meeting will be at the end of March.
c. Auction – In touch with We Do Auctions, and waiting for the web link. Met with Sweet and
Savory, and have a proposal in the works. They had great ideas for the Around the World theme,
as far as food and set up in the gym. Christine sent over solicitation information, and Jane will
send out the letter/message/email to students about donor solicitations via backpack mail.
d. Parent teacher conference meals- Went well, and ended up with more than enough food.
e. 2014-2015 Budget- It’s approved.
4. New Business
a. December and January PTO meetings- December meeting is December 2nd, at Jane Hartsock’s
house. January PTO meeting is with the school commission.
5. Reports
a. Principal’s Report –St. Monica is nominating Father Todd as a Distinguished Pastor of
Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Report card standard-base rollout is in process. The preschool
3s and 4s teachers are working to create a document for parents to understand the
standards. Last Friday was the first time the newsletter was sent through Constant Contact.
The school is working on a recycling and gardening project.
b. President’s Report– Thank you to everyone! Want to add to the agenda to talk about
changing some of the bylaws as far as how long terms can last on the PTO board. We need a
teacher to join the PTO meetings, as a teacher liason.
c. Treasurer’s Report– Last year PTO got charged for ipads, we are going to get $8,000 back.
d. Parent Teacher Liaison Report – The liason position in the classroom needs to be required to
attend PTO meetings, and they should have a better understanding of what they should do.
e. Public Relations Report – Continue to send all social media updates to JoLynn.
f. Gifts and Grants Report – need to communicate to teachers this is here.
i. Request for funding for musical instruments - Mr. Moore has submitted an approval,
and we have approved his entire proposal.
6. Upcoming Events
a. December- PTO Board Meeting – December 2
b. January – PTO Board meeting- January 12
i. Joint meeting with the School Commission
ii. Teacher Appreciation – Most of the budget is for food ($1200). Need to pick a theme
and send invitation to the staff.
c. Tailgate Trivia- The date is Jan 31st, the last Saturday of January, and before the Superbowl.
BYOB, invitation to go out soon.
7. For the Good of the Order
8. Adjournment