Focus Curriculum for the Month of October - PS 226 Nadia J. Pagan

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Focus Curriculum for the
Month of October
Grade 2: In chapter 2, we will
learn about place value in numbers
up to 1,000. We will also compare
numbers to see if they are equal to,
greater than, or less than.
Aprenderé sobre el valor
posicional de los números hasta
1,000. También aprenderé a
comparar estos números.
Grade 4: In chapter 2, we will
learn how to multiply 1-digit
numbers. We will then explore
strategies for multiplying 2-, 3-, and
4-digit numbers by the numbers 2-9.
Aprenderemos a multiplicar
números enteros de un dígito.
Investigaremos estrategias para
multiplicar números de 2, 3, y
4 dígitos por números del 2 al 9.
ESL Support: In Chapter 2, we
will emphasize vocabulary
Grade 2: Compare, Greater then,
Less than, Equal to, Hundreds,
Grade 4: Distributive Property,
Partial Product
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