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Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles
Fall 2014 Essay Contest
“What I Want Most That
Money Can’t Buy”
The Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles (ECCLA), with the
support of USC Government & Civic Engagement, invites you to submit
essays on the above theme.
Winners selected in two categories: 6th-8th grade / 9th-12th grade
All contestants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Entries will not be returned.
CASH AWARDS for each category will be given as follows:
1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $50
3rd Place - $25
Entrant is in the 6th-12th grade enrolled in an
ECCLA target school, located in the area bound by
Olympic, Slauson, Crenshaw, and Alameda Blvds.
Entrant is the sole author of essay. Quoted
materials must be indicated with quotation marks.
Essay is not a first draft, and has been edited with
a teacher if possible.
Essay is a personal narrative, describing the
student’s response to the theme with specific
Judging rubric attached to essay submission.
Essay must be submitted by Monday, October 27,
 Essay is from 1-3 pages in length, in standard 5-7
paragraph essay form.
Essay is typed or generated by computer, doublespaced, on 8 ½" by 11" white paper. (Essays from
6th- 8th graders may be typed as above, or legibly
hand-printed, using black or blue ink, on 8½ ” by
11” white, lined paper.)
Entry includes a completed cover sheet with
student’s name, grade, teacher and school.
The student’s name, grade, teacher and school
appear at the top of each page of the essay.
Essay has been proofread for correct grammar
and punctuation.
Essays must be delivered or mailed to:
2801 S. Hoover Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Email submissions to:
[email protected]
Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles
Internet Publishing Guidelines
Guiding Principles
 Educational Value - All published material must have educational value and/or support the organization’s guidelines,
goals and policies.
 Publishing Agreement - Student work may not be published on a web site unless both the student and the parent(s) or
guardian(s) have signed the Internet Publishing Agreement.
 Protect Privacy - At no time shall any student's personal information (home address, e-mail address, or phone number)
appear on ECCLA published materials. All contact information will identify a webmaster or content sponsor.
 Student Safety - To assure student safety, student's picture and name shall not appear on the same page. A stranger
should never be able to connect a student's name with a face.
 Copyright Laws - Adhere to all copyright laws. Work must be original and the property of the student submitting it.
Page Guidelines
 Copyright Notice - Each page shall contain a copyright notice which reserves the publisher's right.
 Update Information - Each page should contain the date the page was last updated.
Sample Footer containing disclaimer (via link), contact information (e-mail link), copyright notice and update
Information located at bottom of this page.
Principios de guía
 Valor educativo - todo el material publicado debe tener valor educativo y/o apoyar las pautas, las metas y las normas
de la organización.
 Acuerdo de publica - el trabajo del estudiante no se puede publicar en un red de Internet a menos que el estudiante y
el padre o el guarda hayan firmado el acuerdo que publica.
 Proteja la aislamiento - en ninguna hora la información personal de cualquier estudiante (dirección casera, dirección
del E-mail, o número de teléfono) aparecen en los materiales publicados por ECCLA. Toda la información del contacto
identificará a un webmaster o a patrocinador del contento.
 Seguro Estudiantil – Para asegurar seguridad del estudiante, el foto del estudiante y su nombre no aparecerán en la
misma página. ¿Un extranjero debe nunca poder conectar el nombre de un estudiante con una cara
 Los leyes de propriedad literaria - adhiera a todos los leyes de propriedad literaria. El trabajo debe ser original y la
propriedad del estudiante que la somete.
Normas de la página
 Aviso de propriedad literaria - cada página debe contiene un aviso de propriedad literaria que reserve la derecha del
 Información de la actualización - Cada pie de la página de internet contendrá una denegación (vía acoplamiento), la
información del contacto (acoplamiento del E-mail), el aviso de propriedad literaria y la información de la actualización.
Un ejemplo que se fijará en cada Web page está situado en el fondo de esta página.
Please direct questions, comments or concerns regarding this contest or this release form to:
Dirija por favor cualquier pregunta, comenta o las preocupaciones con respecto esta competencia o a esta forma del
Alison Chang
Scholarships & Essay Contests Coordinator
Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles
2801 S. Hoover Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
213-743-4516 | [email protected]
Maintained according to ECCLA Internet Publishing Guidelines
2007 Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles - All rights reserved.
Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles
Fall 2014 Essay Contest
“What I Want Most That
Money Can’t Buy”
Participant Cover Page (Required)
Deadline: Monday, October 27, 2014
Essays may be sent via email to [email protected], only if accompanied by this form.
Required forms may be downloaded at
Thank you for participating in this contest! We wish you the best of luck.
If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact:
Alison Chang
Scholarships & Essay Contests Coordinator
Education Consortium of Central Los Angeles
2801 S. Hoover Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
213-743-4516 | [email protected]
Name of Student _______________________________________________Grade____________
Print the name you want to appear on your Certificate of Appreciation.
Student Signature _______________________________________________ Date____________
By signing above, I affirm that the essay I am submitting is my original work.
Student Email Address ___________________________________________________________
Name of Teacher ________________________________________________________________
Name of School _________________________________________________________________
ECCLA Essay Contest Scoring Rubric
This tool is designed to help readers score an essay. Read the essay, assign a value 1-4 for each of the four qualities listed below. Final
scores will be multiplied as indicated in the "Score" column.
Response to
Exemplary 4
Presents a clearly focused main idea
that addresses the topic
Very Good 3
Uses the writing
topic to establish a
main idea
Satisfactory 2
Addresses the topic,
though focus may
Establishes a clear and logical
organization including introduction
and closing paragraphs, has many
relevant details with minimum of 5 and
maximum of 7 paragraphs
Uses an identifiable
organizational plan
and includes some
relevant details
Shows some
Needs to organize
evidence of an
ideas and include
organizational plan
details or examples
but includes only 1 or
2 details
Writing expresses personality, and
sounds like a real person wrote it;
shows how writer thinks and feels;
sounds like it was written to be read
Writing voice is
engaging most of
the time
Writing is bland or
mechanical, sounds
like author has not
found a way to say
Marginal 1
Attempts to address
topic but without
establishing a focus
There are no hints of
the author's voice
Consistently uses correct spelling,
grammar and punctuation
Generally uses
correct spelling,
grammar and
Inconsistently uses
correct spelling,
grammar and
Limited use of
correct spelling,
grammar and
These are the criteria that the judging committee will use to select winners, though scores from the judging will be kept confidential.