EPO-TEK® Epoxies for Haptic Applications

EPO-TEK® Epoxies for Haptic Applications
Specialty Epoxy Adhesives For Diverse Haptic Applications
Haptic Display
Front End Assembly
EPO-TEK® 301-2, 301-2 FL and OG142-87 deliver low Water
Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) and excellent clarity for
glass-to-glass lamination.
EPO-TEK® OG116-31, OG159-2 and B9021-14
provide gasket sealing; along with OG116-31and OG142 for
plug sealing when creating the liquid crystal (LCD) display.
Back End Fabrication
EPO-TEK® EJ2189-LV and H20E provide electrical conductivity for
the Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) connections. EJ2189-LV allows for a
low stress, RT cure; H20E offers a faster heat cure.
Piezo Actuators
Piezo Layers / Stack Assembly
Our low viscosity adhesives are able to provide a ruggedized
composite; capable of handling both high frequency and high strain
vibration. EPO-TEK® 301-2, 353ND and 377 deliver excellent wetting
and flowability in the lamination of PZT ferroelectric layers.
Piezo Electrode Bonding
Our two component, electrically conductive adhesives offer excellent
vibration resistance and long-term reliability. EPO-TEK® E4110-PFC,
EJ2189-LV, H20E, H20E-FC and H20E-PFC provide an electrical
pathway from the PZT electrode to the PCB pad, converting an electrical
impulse to a mechanical movement.
Specialty adhesive formulation is our strength. Let us assist you in finding
the best adhesive solution for your unique haptic design challenges.
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