"The New Light of Myanmar" Wednesday 25 June, 2014

New Light of Myanmar
Volume XXII, Number 65
13th Waning of Nayon 1376 ME
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Treasures from Myanmar ancient cities displayed in New York
show high culture of the Pyu era
The stone seals made of
cornelian, agate and quartz
inscribed with designs of
animals, including cow,
pig, lion, elephant and
cock and human figures
were unearthed at the sites
of Pyu cities across the
The three Pyu-era
stone seals with cow, bee
and scorpion figures can
be seen at the Asian Art
Museum of San Francisco
and two bronze Buddha
statues of the Pyu-era at
the Metropolitan Museum
in New York.
Stone seals from
the Pyu-era have so far
not been exhibited in
By Aye Min Soe
Yangon, 24 June
the designation of the
ancient city states of
the Pyu as a UNESCO
world heritage site, some
statues excavated from
Pyu are now for the first
time being exhibited at
“Lost Kingdoms: HinduBuddhist Sculpture of
Early Southeast Asia,
5th-8th Century” at the
Metropolitan Museum in
New York.
“When we talk about
Pyu, people know just
the three popular Pyu
city states of Sri Ksetra,
Beikthano and Hanlin and
the ruins there,” says U Tin
Win, an artist and an expert
for Pyu-era artifacts, but
“in fact, ancient Pyu cities
are located across the
The ornaments and
utensils made of stone,
bronze, iron, gold and
earth excavated from the
ancient cities show that the
Pyu people possessed high
professional artistic skills
that are now extinct.
“The artifacts can tell
their high-level culture,”
he said. “Just a bead of
Pyu can tell us their high
culture, high skills for arts
and engineering.”
Different designs of
cornelian, rock crystal,
agate and chalcedony
beads with white lines
were used as ornaments
and the designs are related
to Buddhism and its
“It is surprising to see
that the colour of the beads
are still bright even though
51st Gems
Myanmar has
longest maternity
leave in
Southeast Asia:
Visa-free travel will
help establishment
A Slipper We
Bronze Buddha statue from the Pyu era on display at the Metropolitan
Museum in New York.—Photo: Supplied
the beads had been buried
over 1,000 years. It shows
that the technique they
used to paint stone beads
was very high,” U Tin Win
It is found that designs
on earthen pots with
dancers, soldiers, birds
and floral designs are more
artistic than that of earthen
utensils today.
Besides, beads, stone
seals, which flourished
in Egypt and the Roman
Empire, were also used
in the Pyu era and after
the Pyu era, the culture of
stone seals and coins have
been extinct, according to
the artifacts discovered in
the ancient cities.
Some experts have
assumed that there must
be relations between Pyu
and Egypt, Europe and
India as they found that
some Roman head figures
and faces are inscribed on
Pyu-era stone seals.
A bronze jar which is over six inches in height
with Roman head shows that there might have
been relations between the Pyu and the Roman
empire over 1,000 years ago.—Photo:Supplied
Earthquake News
Beads unearthed from the Pyu city states show high-level technique and skills for creating arts over 1,000 years ago in Myanmar.
Photo: Supplied
(Issued at 15:00 hours
M.S.T on 24-6-2014)
A slight earthquake
of magnitude 3.9 on
the Richter Scale with
of Bawlake, about 180
miles north east of
Kaba-Aye seismological
observatory was recorded
at 14 hrs 12 min 04
sec M.S.T on 24th June
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Myanmar has longest maternity leave in
Southeast Asia: Parliament
Nay Pyi Taw, 24 June
—Myanmar is a country
where women working
for the government are
entitled to a six-month
maternity leave, the longest in Southeast Asia,
with additional two weeks
for those giving birth to
twins as the government
increased the previous
period of three months,
a high-ranking official
said in his respond to a
query raised at a session
of the Lower House on
Tuesday here, sources
Husbands are also entitled to a two-week paid
leave to help look after
newborns if they are government employees, with
the official noting that
paternal leave is granted
only in two countries in
Southeast Asia—Myanmar and Singapore.
Meanwhile, in the
Upper House, the question was raised on how to
train high school teachers
to become senior assistant
teachers in the basic education sector.
Regarding the query,
the deputy minister for
Education explained that
around 4,500 high school
teachers annually graduate, adding that the number of teachers appointed
is proportional to the total
number of students. The
ratio of teachers to students currently stands at
1:23, he noted.
H.E. Mr Hany Riad
Moawad, Ambassador
at the Egyptian
Embassy in Myanmar,
welcomes Dr Sai
Kyaw Ohn, Deputy
Minister for Hotels
and Tourism on 20
June, at the ceremony
to mark the Egpytian
18th day session of the 10th Upper House
in progress.—mna
Ho Chi Minh City Trade and
Services Expo 2014 will be
held at Tatmadaw Hall
Yangon, 24 June—
Ho Chi Minh City Trade
and Services Expo 2014
including a forum on
Vietnam-Myanmar Business Matching will be
held at Tatmadaw Hall
here from 26 to 30 June
and organized by Investment and Trade Promotion Centre of Ho Chi
Minh City (ITPC) Vietnam.
Activities of ITPC
include providing information on market, sectors
and products of exporters,
importers and investors.
Training courses for
businessmen on corporate management will be
conducted, and advice
given to entrepreneurs on
investment promotiont,
among other activities.
Thant Zin Win
National Day
on 23 July.—mna
Capital market likely to be introduced
in Myanmar
Nay Pyi Taw, 24 June
—The Myanmar Ministry
of Finance has joined the
Financial Services Agency (FSA) and the Japan
International Cooperation
Agency (JICA) in a bid to
shape a capital market in
the country.
Deputy Minister Dr
Maung Maung Thein told
a meeting at his office here
on Tuesday that the development of capital markets
depends on the Yangon
stock exchange, which
is expected to come into
practice in 2015.
Dr Maung Maung
Thein stressed that stock
markets can create capital
needed to start a business,
thereby contributing to
economic growth.
He continued to say
that the Securities Exchange Law was passed
last year and plans are under way to enact related
rules and regulations.
Mr Tatsushi Terada,
Secretary-General Financial Services
Agency, pledged Japan
will share its experience
on stock exchange with
Myanmar so that the country can boost its economy
through capital markets.
South Dagon Township municipal committee
trying to prevent floods in residential areas by
using machinery to clear already affected places
on 23 June. Heavy rains in Yangon have caused
floods, and debris blocked the flow of water
mostly in suburban areas.
Myint Than (Oxygen)
Agricultural Department in Lewe Township, Nay
Pyi Taw, organised the demonstration of modern
paddy plantation methods on 22 June. A total of
60,000 acres is expected to be put under paddy,
with high yield paddy seeds distributed to farmers.
Ko Pauk (022)
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Myanmar launches 51st Gems Emporium
President U Thein Sein
felicitates Slovenian
Nay Pyi Taw, 25 June—U Thein Sein, President of
the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, has sent a message of felicitations to His Excellency Mr. Borut Pahor,
President of the Republic of Slovenia, on the occasion
of the National Day of the Republic of Slovenia, which
falls on 25 June 2014.
Similarly, the President has sent a message of felicitations to Her Excellency Ms. Alenka Bratusek, Prime
Minister of the Republic of Slovenia.—MNA
FM sends felicitations to
Nay Pyi Taw, 25 June—U Wunna Maung Lwin
Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, has sent a message of felicitations to
His Excellency Mr. Karl Viktor Erjavec, Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, on the occasion of the National Day
of the Republic of Slovenia, which falls on 25 June
Vice President Dr Sai Mauk Kham views a jade displayed at the gems emporium.—mna
Nay Pyi Taw, 24
June— The 51st Myanmar
Gems Emporium was held
here on Monday, displaying 7,454 lots of jades, 436
lots of gems and 342 lots of
Vice President Dr Sai
Mauk Kham viewed the
emporium which will be
held till 6 July at the Mani
Yadana Jade Hall in the
On the first day of
event, Thet Naing Aung
Company handed over a
raw ruby of 4.63 kilogram
in weight which was extracted by a joint-venture
in which the government is
During the forum, private gems companies will
sell 7,000 lots of jades from
28 June to 3 July through
open tender system, and
300 lots of jades from 4 to
6 July through a competitive system.
Among them, a total
of 69 jade lots will be sold
at the floor prices from one
million euro to 60 million
Moreover, 271 lots of
gems will be sold on 27
June through open tender
system, and that of 165
through competitive sys-
tem with the floor prices
ranges from 40 thousand
euro to one million euro.
The 204 lots of stateowned pearls and that of
138 lots from private sector
will be sold for three days
from 25 June through open
tender system and competitive system.
Myanmar has held
87 gems emporiums since
A Delegation from the Office of the Civil Service
Commission (OCSC) Thailand, paid a Study Visit to
Union Civil Service Board
A Thai delegation with Myanmar officials gather for a group photo.—mna
Nay Pyi Taw, 24
June—Under the program
for strengthening and leveraging ASEAN Civil Service Connecting amongst
ASEAN Member States, a
delegation led by Mr. Phanu
Sungkhavon, Director of the
Information and Communi-
cation Technology Center
and Acting Senior Advisor
from Thailand, paid a study
visit to the Union Civil Service Board (UCSB) this
morning and afternoon.
The delegation was
welcomed by U Wai Myint, Director General of the
Civil Service Selection and
Training Department, U
Kyaw Soe, Acting Director
General of Civil Service
Affairs Department and responsible officials from the
Union Civil Service Board.
During the meeting,
the UCSB officials openly
discussed about Myanmar
Government Executive Officials Management Training Course and Senior-level Officials Management
Training Course. Furthermore, the UCSB and OCSC
officials frankly exchanged
views on matters concerned
with accelerating actions
for progress through enhancing inclusive coordination between Myanmar
and Thailand Civil Service
Organizations and strengthening ASEAN Civil Service
Community that will benefit
all ASEAN Member States
in the field of human resource management and human resource development,
later posed for documentary
The delegation comprises (11) Senior and Middle level Officials from
OCSC and Chulalongkorn
University of Thailand.
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Election Commission
Nay Pyi Taw
Notification (No.22/2014)
12 Waning of Nayon, 1376 ME
(24 June, 2014)
Number of Myanmar Commission of
Region Hluttaw representative of
Armed Forces changed
The Union Election Commission has changed the
number of the Myanmar Commission under point 4 of
the Notification (No. 20/2014) dated on 20th June, 2014
with the title of ‘Six region/state Hluttaw representatives
of Armed forces substituted’.
(4) From MC 35132
To MC 27769
Captain Khin Maung Win Captain Khin Maung
By Order,
(Tin Tun)
Union Election Commission
Railway Families’ generosity for Home
for the Aged: Family members of Myanma
Railways under the Ministry of Rail Transportation
donated K 420,000 to Ywahtaung Home for the aged
on 21 June. Cash for the home were handed over by
Minister of Rail Transportation and his wife to the Head
of Diesel Engine Shed. The home was established on 9
April 1996 with seven grandpas and seven grandmas.
Currently it acommodates 50 aged people —
­ 19 grandpas
and 31 grandmas.—nlm
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Talks on
traffic rules
Myingyan, 24 June—
Officials of the Myanmar
Police Force, Road Administration Department,
Law Office in Myingyan
gave talks on crime, traffic rules, and the dangers
of narcotic drugs to school
children in Basic Education High School No.1
on Monday. The officials
talked about crimes and
Nay Pyi Taw
penalties, how to follow
traffic rules, prevention
Trees for generations
to come
of human trafficking,
drug addiction and its bad
Min Naing (Myingyan)
Nay Pyi Taw honours
outstanding students
Nay Pyi Taw, 24
June—Nay Pyi Taw Council member U Than Htay
honoured students of Pobbathiri Township who
passed the matriculation ex-
amination in the 2013-2014
academic year with flying
colours on Monday. Altogether 45 outstanding students were honoured at the
ceremony.—Shwe Kokko
News sites
Pyinmana, 24 June
—With the motto “Grow,
Nurture and Preserve”,
members of Nay Pyi Taw
Women’s Affairs Committee planted trees together
with school children in the
compound of No.3 Basic
Education High School in
Dekkina District on Tuesday. The tree planting ceremony was held to mark
Myanmar Women’s Day.
Various species of 200
saplings were planted by
women and school children.
Myo Zeyar
Nature Foundation’s gettogether on 29 June in Yangon
Yangon, 24 June—The
Nature Foundation of Universities Hiking & Mountaineering Association will
hold its 19th anniversary
get-together at Royal Rose
Garden in Shwegondaing in
Yangon on 29 June.
The mountaineers will
recount their experiences
of scaling mountains in-
cluding a mountain in China, Phangran Razi snowcapped mountain in Kachin
State and Kennedy peak in
Chin State. The foundation
will honour its members
who have engaged in philanthropic tasks, and explain
future plans. All old and
new members are invited to
join the meeting.—NlM
Myanmar, Vietnam to discuss
trade promotion
Yangon, 24 June—
The Republic of the Union
of Myanmar Federation of
Chambers of Commerce and
Industry and the Vietnam Investment and Trade Promotion Centre of Ho Chi Minh
City People’s Committee
will jointly organize an Investment Trade and Tourism
Promotion Conference at
UMFCCI Officer Tower in
Yangon on 26 June.
Myanmar will explain
its economic development to
the Vietnamese delegation
and both sides will discuss
matters on mutual cooperation and investment.
Magnificent boat of Dakyun
Village: Once famous for its unrivalled quality,
a boat named Sein Mann Nyunt now rests under a
monastery in Dakyun village in Myingyan Township, in central Myanmar. The boat was built in
1951 with 76.5 feet in length and was rowed with 37
oars, said helmsman U Tun San. Now, it just serves
as a decorated float in the Ayeyawady River during
ceremonies. —U Zaw Min Naing (Myingyan)
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Opponents of Thai military regime launch campaign
for democracy
Bangkok, 24 June —
Opponents of Thailand’s
junta launched a campaign
on Tuesday to restore democracy and “oppose the
military dictatorship and
its aristocratic network”,
the first sign of organized
resistance to the army since
it seized power last month.
Ruangsuwan, chairman of the Puea
Thai Party that led the
government ousted by the
military, said in an open
letter to fellow Thais that
the military council had no
He cast doubt on its
promise to transfer power
back to civilian authorities
at some point.
The military’s aim, he
said, was to create “a new
puppet structure whose
sole purpose will be to
re-entrench anti-democratic
elements into Thailand’s
body politic and to sabotage
the development of Thai
“Any such structure
will need to be removed
before a more democratic
and civilised society can be
built,” he added.
His movement, the letter said, sought “to oppose
the military dictatorship
Soldiers patrol around the Royal Thai Army Headquarters as members of the Radio
and Satellite Broadcasters gather in Bangkok on 18 June, 2014.— Reuters
and its aristocratic network
and establish the people’s
complete and unchallenged
sovereignty”. The military
staged a bloodless coup
after months of street protests had undermined the
government of Yingluck
The protesters wanted
to kick out Yingluck and
change the electoral system to stop her influential
brother, ex-premier Thak-
sin Shinawatra, from ever
controlling the government
Yingluck was removed
by the Constitutional Court
for abuse of power on 7
May, leaving a rump cabinet that was then ousted in
the coup on 22 May.
Thailand has been in
crisis for almost a decade
because of a power struggle between Thaksin and
the royalist establishment
backed by the army and the
middle class in Bangkok.
Thaksin, a billionaire
former telecoms tycoon, is
adored by the poor in the
rural north and northeast,
because of policies such
as cheap healthcare and
village development that
raised their living standards
when he was in office from
He was toppled in a
coup in 2006 and has cho-
sen to live in exile since
2008 rather than serve jail
time for an abuse of power conviction, but parties
led by or loyal to him have
won every election since
The junta moved
quickly to neutralize resistance inside Thailand after
its coup in May, briefly
detaining hundreds of politicians and members of
the pro-Thaksin “red shirt”
movement and warning
them not to work against
the military government.
It was unclear how
Jarupong’s movement, the
Organization of Free Thais
for Human Rights and Democracy, would oppose the
junta and his letter did not
reveal where it was based.
a former spokesman for
Thaksin, told Reuters from
on 5 June that a movement
was being formed outside
Thailand to lead a campaign of civil disobedience.
Cambodia’s long-serving
prime minister, Hun Sen,
is close to Thaksin, but his
government has said it will
not allow a Thai resistance
movement to base itself in
the country. — Reuters
for South
Korea prime
Seoul, 24 June — The
second nominee for South
Korea’s prime minister withdrew his name on Tuesday
over controversial comments
he made about the country’s
troubled past with Japan in
the latest political setback for
President Park Geun-hye.
The decision by Moon
Chang-keuk, a former journalist, to pull out follows
the withdrawal of a former
Supreme Court justice last
month over questions about
the ethics of earning a large
income after leaving public
“I wanted to help President Park Geun-hye. I have
decided that I would be helping President Park by withdrawing at this time,” Moon
told a news conference.
Moon, a devout Christian,
had come under criticism
after comments he made at
a church gathering that it had
been God’s will for Korea to
suffer under Japan’s colonial
rule in the early 20th century.
India to open civilian nuclear programme to greater scrutiny
New Delhi, 24 June
— India said on Monday
it was ratifying an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency
(IAEA) to expand oversight of its civilian nuclear programme, in a move
aimed at unblocking a major nuclear partnership with
the United States.
The ratification sends
a strong signal that Prime
Minister Narendra Modi,
elected by a landslide last
month, wants to bolster
strategic and trade ties with
the United States when he
meets President Barack
Obama in Washington in
“I can confirm that we
are ratifying the Additional
Protocol to the IAEA Safeguards Agreement,” said
Syed Akbaruddin, spokesman for the Ministry of
External Affairs.
The move signals India’s commitment “to the
responsible use of nuclear power”, Akbaruddin
added, confirming earlier
domestic reports. No comment was available from
the IAEA. Yet critics say
the pact fails to address
concerns that India could
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (C) speaks with the media as he arrives to attend
his first Parliament session in New Delhi on 4 June, 2014. — Reuters
as a result get its foot in the
door of a club of countries
that trade in nuclear materials, without first signing a
treaty that seeks to curb the
spread of nuclear weapons.
There would be “no
gain for non-proliferation”
said Tariq Rauf, a former
senior IAEA official now at
the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
India, which first tested a nuclear weapon in
1974, is not a party to the
Treaty. That means its military
nuclear programme is not
subject to inspections by
the IAEA, the United Nations nuclear watchdog.
Both India and Pakistan tested nuclear weapons
in 1998, setting off an arms
race between neighbours
that have fought three wars
since independence. That
in turn has raised tensions
with Asian superpower
China, Pakistan’s patron.
In a report last week,
a defence research group
said one Indian enrichment
facility was undergoing an
expansion and could be capable of producing a large
surplus of weapons-grade
uranium from mid-2015.
The plant would be
able to produce an estimated 160 kg of weapons grade
uranium a year — enough
for five atom bombs — in
excess of the needs of India’s planned fleet of nuclear-powered submarines,
IHS Jane’s said.
Indian officials have
shown displeasure over the
report, with a newspaper
quoting one saying it was
“mischievously” timed to
influence a meeting this
week of the 48-member
Nuclear Suppliers Group
(NSG) in the Argentinian
capital Buenos Aires.
Following the US-India nuclear deal, the IAEA
in 2009 approved the Additional Protocol, intended to
clear the way for the NSG
to grant India a waiver to
trade with other countries
in the civilian nuclear field.
Ratification is a key
step towards separating India’s civilian and military
nuclear operations, and
could help unlock tens of
billions of dollars in USled investment in new nuclear generation capacity.
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Tokyo, 24 June — Philippine President Benigno
Aquino on Tuesday backed
Japanese Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe’s initiative in
changing the government’s
interpretation of the Constitution to allow Japan to exercise the right to collective
self-defence, or defending
an ally under armed attack.
“We believe that nations of goodwill can only
benefit if the Japanese
government is empowered
to assist others, and is allowed...to come to the aide
of those in need, especially in the area of collective
self-defence,” Aquino told
a joint news conference
with Abe after a summit in
Tokyo where they agreed
to cooperate in advancing
the rule of law in ensuring
regional security.
Aquino made the comment as the two countries
have promoted security tieups in the face of Beijing’s
muscle-flexing to press its
territorial claims in the East
and South China seas.
Aquino said Manila
does “not view with alarm
any proposal to revise the
Japanese Constitution if the
groups using
Internet to
recruit, plan
Beijing, 24 June —
Terrorist groups are using
the Internet to recruit people, raise funds and plan
attacks in China, the State
Internet Information Office
(SIIO) said here on Tuesday. Calling audio and video materials that promote
terrorism a “cancer” of the
Internet, SIIO spokesman
Jiang Jun told reporters at
a Press conference that terrorist forces have “turned
the Internet into a principal
tool for their operations.”
He said the groups
have sought to “spread terrorism and violent beliefs
and teach terrorist skills
online,” adding that such
actions must be struck
down decisively.
China launched a
campaign on Friday to rid
the Internet of audio and
video materials that promote terrorism and violence. The move is aimed
at safeguarding social stability in northwest China’s
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and longterm peace, according to
the SIIO.—Xinhua
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Philippine President Benigno Aquino meet in Tokyo
on 24 June, 2014.—Kyodo News
Japanese people so desire,
especially if this enhances
Japan’s ability to address
its international obligations
and bring us closer to the attainment of our shared goals
of peace, stability and mutu-
al prosperity.”
In the summit, Aquino
thanked Abe for supporting
Manila’s efforts to pursue
a peaceful solution to territorial disputes it has with
China and its smaller neigh-
bours in the South China
Sea, according to a senior
Japanese official.
The leaders reaffirmed
cooperation in ensuring
maritime security through
measures such as Japan’s
provision of patrol boats to
the Philippines, the official
Last week, Philippine
Foreign Secretary Albert
del Rosario said Manila
plans to ask the UN arbitral
tribunal to issue a speedy
ruling on the Philippines’
dispute with China over exploiting waters in the South
China Sea after Beijing
refused to take part in the
proceedings. Del Rosario
said Manila hopes to get the
ruling by next year.
Abe and Aquino underscored the importance
of observing the rule of law
as the regional situation
“has become increasingly
severe,” apparently taking aim at China’s military
buildup and increased assertiveness in the South and
East China seas.
Abe said Japan will
continue to assist the development of urban infrastructure in the Philippines.
The two leaders agreed
to promote cooperation in
disaster relief, with Aquino
thanking Japan for its assistance — including the dispatch of Self-Defence Force
personnel in an unprecedented scale — to help Manila cope with damage from
a powerful typhoon last fall.
It was the fourth summit between Abe and Aquino in a year.
Kyodo News
Afghan forces kill 22 militants in operations
Kabul, 24 June — The
Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs on Tuesday said
that the country’s security
forces had killed 22 Taleban militants during operations since early Monday.
“Over the past 24
hours, Afghan army, police
and intelligence agency
carried out several cleanup
operations in Nangarhar,
Laghman, Sari Pul, Kandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan,
Logar, Herat, Badghis and
Helmand provinces. They
battled the militants, killing 22 armed militants,
wounding 12 and arresting
five other militants,” the
ministry said in a statement.
The security forces also found and seized
weapons, the statement
said, without saying if
there were any casualties
on the side of security forces.
The Taleban-led vio-
lence continues in Afghanistan. Security forces have
press on to clear the militants in restive provinces.
The Taleban responds
by bombing and armed attacks.
On Monday, about 18
civilians were injured by
gunshots in an armed en-
gagement between Taleban and the security forces
in a local bazaar in eastern
Nangarhar Province.
The Taleban insurgent group, which has been
waging an insurgency of
more than one decade, has
yet to make comments.
Podgorica, 24 June
— Just hours after being identified by Serbian
Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic as Serbia’s
biggest drug dealer, Dragoslav Kosmajac, 61,
crossed into Montenegro
at the Rance border crossing in the night between
Friday and Saturday after
leaving Serbia at the Jabuka crossing, the Podgorica Vijesti daily reports.
According to reports
in some Montenegrin media, he has been located in
Herceg Novi.
Vijesti’s sources say
that Kosmajac owns a lux-
urious villa in Risan’s Strp
district that, as some say,
has been a gathering place
over the past years for
many people with criminal records in Serbia and
A source in the
said that no international
has been issued against
“No arrest warrant
has been issued by the
Interpol office in Serbia
or any other country, and
he entered Montenegrin
territory in a completely
legal manner. Had a local arrest warrant been
issued against him in Serbia, officers at the border
crossing there would have
reacted,” the source said.
The source could neither confirm, nor refute
the allegations that Kosmajac entered Montenegrin territory with a Slovakian passport.
“Just like any other
tourist who crossed the
border that night, he had
documentation that was
completely in order,” the
source said.
The 2001 white paper
of the Serbian Ministry of
Interior identified Kosmajac as one of the major
narcotics traders.
Serbian media have
reported that he has also
been named by protected
witnesses and defendants
in the Zemun clan trials
as the person from whom
members of the criminal
clan obtained drugs.
He is alleged to have
ties with international narcotics smugglers, and has
channels for smuggling
cocaine from Turkey,
Bulgaria and Macedonia
to Western Europe via
Montenegro and Serbia.
There have also been
media reports about Kosmajac’s ties with the Pljevlja-born drug lord Darko
Saric but, despite the information the police have
on him, he has never been
arrested due to a lack of
evidence, Vijesti reported.
Commenting on media allegations that Kosmajac has left Serbia,
Serbian Interior Minister
Nebojsa Stefanovic said
on Sunday that “the police
know who is where.”
Kosmajac in Montenegro as tourist
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Obama presses Putin on Ukraine,
warns of further ‘costs’
Washington, 24 June
— President Barack Obama urged Russian President
Vladimir Putin on Monday
to support peace in Ukraine
and said Moscow would
face further sanctions if it
did not take steps to reduce
tensions in the country,
the White House said on
Monday. “The president
spoke to President Putin
and once again urged him
to support peace instead of
allowing the provision of
arms and materiel across
the border and continuing
support for militants and
separatists who are further
destabilizing the situation
in Ukraine,” White House
spokesman Josh Earnest
told reporters.
“Russia will face additional costs if we do not see
concrete actions to de-escalate the situation,” he said of
Obama’s message to Putin.
The two leaders spoke in a
call earlier on Monday.
Putin and Obama discussed proposals for peace
in Ukraine, after Ukraine’s
leader announced a ceasefire in military operations
in the east, the Kremlin
said in a statement. “They
discussed ... the implementation of the peace plan
proposed by (Ukrainian)
President Petro Poroshenko,”
US President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the White House Summit on
Working Families at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, on 23 June, 2014.
the Kremlin said. “Putin flow of weapons and ma- his peace plan, including the
stressed that priority must teriel across its border into disarmament of all illegally
be given to halting military Ukraine,” the statement armed groups, release of
operations and to the start of said. “The president em- hostages, and de-occupation
direct negotiations between phasized that words must of government buildings,
the opposing sides.”
be accompanied by actions the White House said in a
The White House said and that the United States statement.
in a follow-up statement remains prepared to impose
underthat Obama welcomed Po- additional sanctions should scored to Biden the imporroshenko’s peace plan and circumstances warrant, in tance of Ukraine having full
pressed Putin for Russia coordination with our allies control over its border to
to work toward imple- and partners.”
prevent the inflow of armed
menting it. “The president
US Vice President Joe militants and weapons,
called upon President Pu- Biden told Poroshenko in a which continue to cross into
tin to press the separatists phone call on Monday that Ukraine from Russia, the
to recognize and abide by the United States would White House said.
the ceasefire and to halt the continue to strongly support
Peru’s President Humala
reshuffles cabinet as
popularity sinks
Peru’s President Ollanta
Lima, 24 June — Peru’s President Ollanta
Humala replaced his foreign affairs, interior and
transportation ministers on
Monday in a surprise cabinet shake-up as his popularity sinks to new lows.
Humala swore in
Gonzalo Gutierrez, Peru’s
ambassador to top trade
partner China, as his new
foreign affairs minister.
Daniel Urresti, currently
the czar in charge of preventing illegal mining, will
become the sixth interior
Jose Gallardo, an
economist on the board of
the central bank, became
Humala’s new transportation and communications
Humala, a former
left-leaning military officer
who turned to the right
after being elected to the
country’s top job in July
2011, did not say why he
made the replacements.
Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal
remained in power despite
speculation he might step
down after Humala proposed weakening some of
his ministry’s functions in
an economic reform package delivered to Congress.
Humala has reshuffled
his cabinet several times in
his nearly three-year administration, as disappointment with unfulfilled electoral promises, concerns
about crime and corruption
and relatively sluggish economic growth over the past
year have deflated his popularity.—Reuters
Ukrainian insurgents
agree to ceasefire
Kiev, 24 June — Anti-government insurgents in
eastern Ukraine agreed on
Monday to observe a ceasefire declared by Ukrainian
President Petro Poroshenko, former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma said.
The ceasefire came
after talks in the eastern
city of Donetsk attended
by Kuchma, officials from
the Organization for Security and Cooperation in
Europe (OSCE), the Russian ambassador and representatives from the restive
Donetsk and Lugansk regions, local media reported.
The insurgents in
Donetsk and Lugansk regions agreed to halt fire till
on 27 June, the deadline of
a week-long truce declared
earlier by Poroshenko.
If both sides observe
the ceasefire, “then a normal peace process could
start,” Kuchma told reporters after Monday’s talks.
of the talks, Poroshenko’s
deputy chief of staff, Valeryi Chalyi, agreed they
were a “move in the right
Russian Ambassador
to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov also voiced hope
that the self-proclaimed
“Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Lugansk People’s
Republic” would be willing
to continue negotiations so
as to achieve a lasting truce
and peace, and the launch
of an inclusive negotiation
Poroshenko on Friday
unveiled a plan offering
unilateral ceasefire, power decentralization in the
country through constitutional reform, early parliamentary elections and local
elections in the crisis-hit
It also includes a provision to enhance the status
of the Russian language
across the country and provides security guarantees to
all Ukrainians regardless of
political belief.
Under the initiative, a
10-km buffer zone on the
Ukraine-Russia border and
a special corridor are to be
created to allow insurgents
to leave crisis-hit areas
The armed activists in
the two regions, who demanded more autonomy
and closer ties with Russia,
in April seized administrative buildings and unilaterally declared people’s
Israel says Assad forces behind Golan attack
that killed boy
Jerusalem, 24 June
— Israeli Foreign Minister
Avigdor Lieberman said
on Tuesday forces loyal
to Syrian President Bashar
al-Assad were responsible
for an attack on Sunday that
killed an Israeli boy on the
occupied Golan Heights.
An anti-tank missile
fired from Syria across
the frontier fence killed
Mohammed Qaraqara, 13,
drawing Israeli tank fire
and air strikes on Syrian
army positions, which a
monitoring group said had
killed 10 Syrian soldiers.
“We got all the analysis, all the intelligence and
it was clear it was Syrian
authorities, Assad’s forces, who fired on the Israeli
boy ... and they must pay
the price,” Lieberman told
Israel Radio. “I hope Damascus got the message,”
he said.
It was the first time
an Israeli official had said
who perpetrated the attack,
which Israel had earlier described as intentional and
the most serious on the
frontier since the start of
An Israeli soldier carries a tank shell near Alonei Habashan on the
Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, close to the ceasefire line between
Israel and Syria on 22 June, 2014.—Reuters
the three-year-old Syrian others. We cannot just ly hit the Golan, including
gloss over an Israeli citi- what Israel has said were
The Syrian army has zen, a boy, being murdered deliberate attacks on its
a presence on the Golan in cold blood with no one troops.
Heights but many areas being held responsible,”
Israel captured the
are controlled by rebels, Lieberman said.
western part of the plateau
including militant groups
The Syrian conflict has from Syria in a 1967 war
hostile to the Jewish state.
spilled over into bordering and annexed it in a move
“I think Israel respond- countries and escalated re- that is not recognized intered exactly as we should gional tensions. Shelling nationally.
have, in this case and all from Syria has occasionalReuters
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Visa-free travel will help
establishment of ASEAN
By Aung Khin
yanmar has signed bilateral agreements on visa-free travel with Brunei,
Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines and
Vietnam. Thailand has agreed to sign this
scheme, but it was postponed after the Kingdom’s former prime minister cancelled her trip
to Myanmar last November due to political turmoil in her country.
Negotiations are now underway with Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, with the scheme
believed to help implement the ASEAN Com-
munity by 2015.
The ASEAN region has a population of about
500 million, a total area of 4.5 million square
kilometers, a combined gross domestic product
of US$737 billion, and a total trade of US$ 720
According to The Impact of Visa Facilitation
in ASEAN Member States, the report prepared
by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO),
the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)
and Tourism Economics in January 2014, visa
facilitation can generate between 6 to 10 million
additional international tourist arrivals for ASEAN Members States by 2016. These extra arrivals would bring in between US$7 and U$12 billion in additional international tourism receipts
and create from 333,000 to 654,000 new jobs by
Moreover, visa-free travel scheme should be
implemented without hesitation to boost multilateral relationships among the ASEAN member
countries, and to establish the ASEAN Economic
Community, a European Union-style open trad-
A Slipper We Lost
Maung Phyo (WYU)
evening, last year, I was
awaiting the bus at Pan So
Dan bus-stop in front of
ToKyo Donuts. Not long
afterwards, a bus No (243)
pulled up and I got on. I
thought I would find many
vacant seats as the busstop is not far away from
its terminus. I came to
know I was wrong when I
saw it was almost packed. I
took a seat beside a girl. Of
course, she was seated beside the window. In Yangon, the first ones to get on
are very likely to seat
themselves beside the window. However, a few exceptions come up when the
window is out of order, or
the seat is dirty or the one
who got on first is about to
get off or the late-comer
requesting the place nearest to the window over his
or her bus-sickness or habit of chewing betel or the
place is seared by the hot
beams of the Sun.
Of course, I took a
glance at her. She was just
a plain face not a striking
beauty. She appeared a
hawker on the way home
selling petty items roundabout the downtown cinemas. Our seat was on the
right side of the bus and so
she was sitting on my right.
Therefore, I only could see
her left side. She held a
plastic bag in her left hand.
Inside it were some
one-thousand notes and a
few changes. I was such a
sharp-eye before and was
doubled by my profession.
Yes, I was a teacher. Just a
sweeping look is always
enough whenever I enter
my classroom. Teachers’
eyes proved to be as sharp
as those of the detectives.
I am in the habit of
closing my eyes or reading
downcast whenever I am
aboard. However, that day,
I brought with me one of
my favorite books and was
reading it. A few moments
later, she made some
moves and I turned to her.
She was trying to unfold a
bind of rubber band at the
neck of a Burmese traditional snack. Strangely
enough, she was trying to
bite open the rubber band.
Why don’t you use your
right hand, yours are just
awkward moves, I thought.
But, another relieving
thought came. Maybe she
was holding her purse in
her right hand. She looked
starving, insatiably emptying the snack.
The bus was approaching Hlaing Thar
Yar, a small township in
the outskirts of Yangon.
She started to move. Perhaps she was about to get
off. I happened to ask her.
Yes she answered. Her
destination was next bus
stop. The bus rolled towards her bus stop with a
loud creaky brake. I shrank
to make room for her. But,
it looked something came
up against her. She was
bending over and feeling
under the seat. And she
turned to ask me if I found
one of her slippers. Negative was my answer. Her
enquiry flew about our
seat. “No” was repeated in
the air. She looked she
gave up on her hope for her
missing slipper. She shouldered past me. Only then
did I notice that she was
without her right hand. Her
right hand was lost as from
the elbow. I should have
noticed it earlier. Maybe
because of her long-sleeve
shirts or maybe she was
sitting side by side with
me. I was ignorant of the
fact. She got off with an
only slipper on. Our car
just started to roll off when
I saw her throw away her
remaining slipper.
looked serene and assured.
It started to bucket down
instantly when our bus
took off. The jerk shook
the bus all over and something slid into my view
from the front seat. Yes, it
was the slipper she claimed
to lose.
Those sitting around
us did not bother to feel it
with their foot. I also had
the heart to sit still. In fact,
we are always found to be
reluctant to help the needy
out. She looked a daily wager, a type from hand to
mouth. That means she
might think twice or thrice
before deciding to buy a
new pair of slippers. If she
had a family to look after
(probably she did), her
family daily needs must
simply be her first priority.
In fact, not only in Hlaing
Thar Yar but also in many
places of outskirts Yangon, there remain so many
who have to search dustbins and heaps of rubbishes for discarded slippers
and who have to beg other
peoples for used garments.
At my street, Than Lane,
great shouts ‘’Rubbish
Time” echoed by dirty and
miserable barrow kids of
school-age in and out of alleys are day-to-day scenes.
Sometimes, they are with
adults but for the most
part, alone. If asked, one
would come to know that
they are bread-winners.
Most of Myanmars
had said that there appeared a downright change
in recent years. However,
they are silenced by recent
civil war refugees from
Kachin and Shan, victims
of natural disaster like
scarcity of clean water in
Middle Myanmar and
those homeless resulted
from communal clashes.
On social networks like
Facebook, one would
come across many a begging-for-help photo uploaded so often. At such
time, many would pop up
flying lip-services but the
number of actual helping
hands is the opposite.
Sometimes I catch myself
rendering lip-services even
in the cases that I am able.
Just have a train ride. Look
at the passengers. Many
would try to occupy the
place as wide as they can.
ing market.
Despite the income gap and human development index, agreements on this programme
should not be delayed to help regional development as the establishment of AEC and Visa-free
travel scheme has a mutually supportive relationship.
Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and the
Philippines have signed the ‘Statement of Intent
on Smart Visa’ in June 2013 with the objective
of eliminating barriers on movement of tourists.
ASEAN member countries should adopt
visa policies on grounds of appropriateness and
mutual respect. Criteria should be balanced
without different treatments. Delaying obstacles should be removed with bilateral negotiations.
Write for us
We appreciate your feedback and contributions.
If you have any comments or would like to submit
editorials, analyses or reports please email wallace.
[email protected] with your name and title.
As a result, 8-seat bench
would hardly hold five
passengers. Their skins are
thick enough to bear scornful looks from the
up-standers nearby. They
would lean against each
other, cross their legs, sit
sidewise, smoke like chimneys, chew betel shooting
spots of saliva inadvertently on other’s cloth and
worst, and leave their rubbishes behind. There are so
many stories to tell when it
comes to behaviors, ethics
and mindset.
In brief, what I want to
touch on here is that we are
very reluctant to understand other’s feelings and
help them out especially
when they are in need. To
offer a seat shrinking oneself a little bit and to help
hold bags of others who
have to stand often look so
hard, I question myself.
When we have to stand on
a bus, we would dart out to
the one who seems to get
off soon, stand close to
him or her blocking other’s
way, sometimes cajole
others into offering a seat
giving reasons like ‘’I am
dizzy” or “I am chewing
betel”. Some people tend
to beg seat carrying their
kids who can stand very
well. When all of these
cases are brought into public, all would agree these
should not be so. But,
practicality is quite different from reality.
Most of us are Buddhists and know that the
summary of Buddhist
Teachings is: to do good
deeds, to avoid evils and to
purify one’s mind. The
Buddha said those who
abide by the said teachings
are his followers regardless of their religions. All
of these are for Peace. In
fact, we all are just victims
of the Age. That means we
are fellow-sufferers. We
should help each other out
from difficulty. Such
thoughts pop up due to the
said girl’s missing slipper.
It is simply because I feel
like we all lost one of our
slippers, not hers only.
Since then, whenever I see
slippers, it reminds me not
to let the same thing happen again, not to be reluctant to help the needy. And
I sincerely wish others feel
the same.
Yangon Gold Price
Buying K674,300 per tical: Selling K675,300
Mandalay Gold Price
Buying K674,300 per tical: Selling K675,300
USDBuying K972 - Selling K978
SGDBuying K776 - Selling K784
Euro Buying K1315- Selling K1328
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Minister calls for job creation in China-backed
copper mine area
Nay Pyi Taw, 24
June— Union Minister U
Hla Tun at the Ministry
of the President Office on
Monday urged responsible persons to create job
opportunities for locals in
the area of the Latpadaungtaung copper mine project
site in Monywa in northwest Myanmar's Sagaing
The union minister
said the coordination meeting of the Working Committee for implementation
on the suggestions of the
Investigation Commission
formed to settle protest
against the project of Myanmar Wanbao Mining
Copper Mine Limited.
He said, “The mining
project has not reached its
production period. The momentum of the construction
period must be maintained.
Mere compensation is not
enough for the locals who
lost their lands. The local
farmers must be supported
with long term livelihoods
to develop their socio-economic lifes.”
He also said that the
responsible persons must
persuade the residents to
calm down their resentment against the mining
project, and to prioritize
their needs.
A systematic mine closure plan must be drawn
for the development of this
area, the minister said.
U Hla Tun said the
government is using state
budget, in addition to corporate social responsibilities (CSR) funds of business companies, for the
development programmes
in that area.
The company promised 2 percent of profits
toward CRS funds once
the mine is in operation,
which analysts commented is a “conspicuous and
unusually generous social
investment” for a Chinese
formed a probe panel for
the project after environmental concerns by local
communities to shut down
the project.
The final report of the
panel to the president was
submitted in March 2013,
suggesting that the project
should go on for the economic benefit of the nation
and the people as the best
The construction work
on the Latpadaungtaung
copper mine project resumed last October under a
revised contract signed last
July by the state-owned
Union Minister U Hla Tun addresses a
meeting on creating job opportunities in local
Chinese copper mines.—mna
Myanmar Mining Enterprise, Myanmar Economic
Holding Ltd and China's
Wanbao Mining Ltd.
The Wanbao Mining Ltd., a subsidiary of
state-owned Chinese arms
manufacturer China North
Industries Corp., has promised more than $1 million a
year in social investments
in villages around the mining site.
Parliament yet to meet motion target, OMI’s second report says
By Ye Myint
Yangon, 24 June—
Parliament’s average motion submission rate per
day merely neared one
during its first regular sessions despite four motions
per session-day allowed
by the Parliamentary rules
and regulations, noted a report by the Open Myanmar
Initiative, a Yangon-based
parliamentary monitoring
The group headquartered at No. 82 on Insein
Road, Hline Township,
Yangon, released its Parliamentary
Report No. 2 on Tuesday
with a press conference attended by local journalists
and observers. The report
focuses on motions submitted at the parliament.
During the press conference, an OMI’s technical team launched a
Myanmar MPs mobile
public awareness on the
parliament and relationship between the constituencies and parliamentarians through email and
U Ko Ko Gyi who pioneered the Open Myanmar
Initiative takes a floor at the press conference on
the release of OMI’s second report on Parliament.
Photo: Ye Myint
The report said 286
Lower House representatives and 108 Upper
House representatives did
not submit a single motion during six regular
sessions. It also revealed
only two Defence Services
Personnel Representative
from the Lower House and
the Upper House submitted one motion each, with
19 others from both houses participating in discussions.
Despite its presence in
only three sessions of the
parliament, the National
League for Democracy
had five out of eight motions approved at the Lower House, standing second
after Union Solidarity and
Development Party that
had 47 motions approved
at the same house.
According to the
OMI’s recently-released
report, Chin national representatives with a low
percentage of presence in
for only five per cent, had
made 22 proposals in the
Upper House, accounting
for 14.8 per cent of total
motion submission percentage.
On the Parliament’s
cooperation in the realization of OMI Parliament
monitoring programme,
U Ko Ko Gyi, one of 88
Generation Peace and
Open Society leaders,
who also pioneered the
OMI, told The New Light
of Myanmar that more
cooperation in the technical field could turn the
next reports into ones with
qualitative-based approach
as the previous reports
were based on quantitative-based approach and
recounted how the Parliament welcomed OMI activities.
Following the release
of OMI’s first report on
parliament focusing on
questions in February,
meagre participation of
Defence Services Personnel
in question and answer
sessions was found in the
headlines of local media.
Open Myanmar Initiative is a non-profit organization with the vision
of promoting the right of
information and education—a prerequisite to get
each and every citizen involved in Myanmar's transition towards the future
where peace prevails and
democracy prospers.
Weather forecast
for 25th June, 2014
(Issued at 2:00 p.m on
Tuesday 24th June, 2014)
Outlook for subsequent
two days
Continuation of increase of rain in the Costal areas.
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
health & Business
New York, 24 June —
After an emergency-room
visit for chest pain, people who follow-up with a
doctor are less likely than
those who don’t do so to
have a heart attack or die in
the next year, Canadian researchers say.
Based on more than
200,000 patients at low risk
for heart attack who were
seen in an Ontario ER for
chest pain, the study team
found that almost 30 percent never went for any kind
of follow-up. But those who
did tended to fare better.
“Patients often mistake
being discharged from the
emergency department for
having a clean bill of health,
but this is not necessarily
true” said the study’s senior author, Dr Dennis Ko, a
cardiologist at the University of Toronto’s Sunnybrook
Health Sciences Centre.
Doctors use follow-up
appointments as an oppor-
tunity to pin down the cause
of an individual’s chest
pain, which can be hard to
do, Ko said, especially for
patients without heart attack
risk factors like diabetes or
high blood pressure.
After running more
tests, the primary care doctor can refer the patient to
a cardiologist or another
specialist. Indeed, patients
in the study who saw their
primary care doctor and a
cardiologist, or just a cardiologist, were the least likely
to die or have a heart attack
within a year of their ER
“We were surprised
that there really was a benefit to getting follow-up in
this group because these
patients did not have a lot
of risk factors for heart
disease,” Ko told Reuters
Chest Pain is one of the
main symptoms of a heart
attack, and according to
the US Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention,
more than 5 million Americans visit an emergency
room complaining of chest
pain each year.
state that after discharge,
even patients with no apparent heart attack should be
sent for a follow-up exam
to investigate the chest pain.
In a past study, Ko’s
team had shown that people at high risk for heart
disease did better if they
followed-up an ER visit,
although many of those
Indonesia sees chance to rump up
automotive industry in
ASEAN market
Jakarta, 24 June —
The Indonesian government expected automotive
industry to develop faster
when the ASEAN economic community kicks off next
year, a minister said here on
Minister MS Hidayat disclosed that the competitiveness of the country’s automotive industry has been on
the rise as huge investment
flew in the last two years.
The minister promised
that the government would
keep supporting the efforts
to raise competitiveness.
“The ASEAN economic community will be
an opportunity for domes-
tic automotive industry to
develop,” Minister Hidayat
said at Industry Ministry.
The minister disclosed
that the capacity of the
country’s automotive industry has risen recently
due to rapid investment in
the sector.
“The capacity of Indonesia’s automotive factory
has hiked to 2 million annually following the huge
investment flows in the last
two years,” Hidayat said.
The biggest economy
in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, manufactured 1.2
million cars last year, according to the data from
His upbeat over the
industry’s progress in the
years to come was also
caused by the presence of
over 1,500 factories producing components for
supporting the automotive
“For this year, the export of the car is projected
to rise to 200,000 units,” he
So far, Indonesia’s automotive industry ranks the
second, after Thailand, in
the region.
Nevertheless, having
political stability and sound
macro- economic condition, Indonesia has been
expected to be production
base by several foreign car
makers. — Xinhua
Sydney , 24 June —
Asian shares clinched slender gains on Tuesday as improved manufacturing data
from China, Japan and the
United States augured well
for global growth, despite
a disappointing result from
the euro zone.
Though moves were
modest as markets slipped
into something of a summer
lull, MSCI’s broadest index
of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan managed to gain
0.3 percent.
Japan’s Nikkei lagged
by losing 0.36 percent, but
South Korea outperformed
with a rise of almost 1 percent, led by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Hyundai
Motor Co.
“Market heavyweights
closely follow global economic recovery, and the
manufacturing surveys in
the US and China have provided positive signals,” said
Hyundai Securities market
analyst Bae Sung-young.
The performance of manufacturing surveys (PMI)
tend to be reliable, and
timely, leading indicators of
output trends and are close-
ly watched by economists.
So there was relief that
readings from the United
States, China and Japan all
rose strongly in the month.
The US PMI was a particularly pleasant surprise as it
climbed to a four-year peak
of 57.5.
That helped offset an
unexpected dip in Markit’s
euro zone PMI to 52.8 in
June from May’s 53.5.
David Hensley, an
economist at JPMorgan,
said the PMI’s taken as a
whole pointed to a quickening in global industrial out-
patients didn’t seek further
treatment either.
To see whether follow-ups make a difference
for low-risk patients, Ko
and his colleagues analyzed
medical records for 216,527
patients who were discharged after having their
chest pains assessed at an
Ontario emergency department between April 2004
and March 2010.
The patients were all
over age 50 and considered
at low risk for heart disease
because they did not have
diabetes or any known heart
risk factors. People with
other serious illnesses, such
as cancer, were excluded
from the analysis. The researchers looked at whether
patients saw a primary care
doctor or specialist within
30 days of their ER visit and
tracked whether they died
or had a heart attack in the
12 months after that.
During the first month,
29 percent of patients - almost 70,000 people - did
not see any kind of doctor.
Sixty percent saw at least
their primary care doctor, 8
percent saw both a primary
care doctor and a cardiologist and 4 percent of patients
saw only a cardiologist.
Compared to patients
who got no follow-up, those
who saw both a primary care
physician and a cardiologist
had a 19 percent lower risk
of heart attack or death in
the next year. For those who
saw just a cardiologist, the
risk was 13 percent lower,
the study team reports in the
American Heart Journal.
Seeing just a primary
care doctor was not linked
to reduced risk compared to
not seeing any doctor. Still,
the authors emphasize that
primary care typically plays
an important “gatekeeper”
role in referring patients to
the right specialists.
Why so many patients
never followed up their ER
visit with any kind of doctor
is unclear from the data the
researchers had. But further
studies should look at who
would most benefit from
follow-up attention and
how to make sure they get
it, the authors write.
“I think one of the most
striking findings is that in
a system where all medical
costs are paid, 29 percent of
patients did not follow up
with any doctor after having
chest pain,” Umesh Khot
told Reuters Health.
New Zealand, Singapore in joint
funding of healthy food studies
June — New Zealand and
Singapore are to jointly
invest in a series of collaborative research projects on the development
of food products with
proven health benefits,
New Zealand Science and
Health Minister Steven
Joyce said on Monday.
The New Zealand
government would be an
equal partner in an investment of about 3.5 million
NZ dollars (3.06 million
US dollars) over two
years in five projects to
develop innovation in the
food science and technology industry, Joyce said
in a statement.
The projects include
studies on digestive mi-
crobes and other agents
that could improve the
health of children, pregnant women and Asian
“Our small size means
we contribute a very small
proportion of the world’s
research and development
activity. Therefore, sharing knowledge and working collaboratively with
countries such as Singapore is a very important
part of developing our
own innovations,” Joyce
Asian shares creep higher, encouraged by global data
A pedestrian is reflected on an electronic board showing the graph of the recent fluctuations of the Tokyo
Stock Exchange Stock Price Index (TOPIX), outside a
brokerage in Tokyo on 2 June, 2014. — Reuters
put, perhaps to as much as
a 5 percent annualized pace.
“Emerging Asia lies at
the center of global manufacturing, so any acceleration in global activity normally would be confirmed
there,” he added.
“The continued recovery in China’s manufacturing PMI is a positive sign,
both outright and because
China’s survey typically
is aligned with the broader
EM complex. The trend in
official data for EM Asia ex
China remains murky, however.”—Reuters
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Science & Technology
May global temperature reaches record high: NOAA
Washington, 24 June
— Last month was the hottest May since record keeping began in 1880, the US
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
(NOAA) said on Monday.
The combined average temperature over global
land and ocean surfaces was
15.54 degrees Celsius 0.74
degrees Celsius higher than
the 20th century average, the
NOAA said.
“This surpassed the previous record high anomaly
of 0.72 degrees Celsius set in
2010,” the NOAA said in its
monthly state of the climate
“Four of the five warmest Mays on record have occurred in the past five years:
2010 (second warmest),
2012 (third warmest), 2013
(fifth warmest), and 2014
(warmest).” Currently, 1998
has the fourth warmest May
on record. According to the
NOAA, the majority of the
world experienced warmer-than-average
temperatures in May, with record
warmth across eastern Kazakhstan, parts of Indonesia,
and central and northwestern
Australia. Scattered sections
across every major ocean basin were also record warm, it
said. Additionally, on May
2014 marked the 39th consecutive May and 351st consecutive month with a global
temperature above the 20th
century average.
Apple suppliers to start making New Zealand 3D scanner
gives new insight
larger iPhones next month
New York, 24 June —
Apple Inc’s suppliers will
begin producing larger versions of the iPhone in China next month, Bloomberg
reported citing sources.
Apple is ramping up
production of iPhones with
4.7 and 5.5-inch screen siz-
es, which may be shipped
to retailers around September, the report said.
Apple launches new
versions of the smartphone
line that drives half its
business around the fall of
every year.
The industry has spec-
The Apple logo is pictured at a retail store in the
Marina neighbourhood in San Francisco, California
on 23 April , 2014.
into health
Google’s Nest
opens doors
to third-party
San Francisco, 24
June — Nest, the Google Inc-owned maker of
smart thermostats and
other home automation
products, will allow other
companies to create apps
that communicate with its
devices. The programme
marks the first time Nest
has allowed third-party companies to access
its gadgets, potentially
opening the door to the
rich selection of apps and
services that have made
More than 5,000 developers have already expressed
interest in developing apps
for Nest products, according to the company.
Nest said that it was
working with companies
maker Whirlpool Corp
and automatic garage door
opener company Chamberlain. Closing a garage
door for instance, can
alert the Nest Thermostat
that the user is away from
home and to turn off the
heat. LED light bulbs from
Lifx can be set to flash red
if a Nest smoke detector
senses smoke in the house.
Nest for $3.2 billion in
January, underscoring the
Web search company’s
efforts to extend its reach
into a broad field of Internet-connected devices.
Nest on Friday announced plans to acquire
Dropcam, a video-monitoring home security product.
Nest suffered a public
relations black eye in April
when it halted sales of its
smoke alarms because of
a defect that could cause
users to turn the alarm off
unintentionally.— Reuters
ulated for some time now
that Apple intends to design and sell a device with
a larger screen, to fend
off Samsung phones with
much bigger displays that
have proven popular in
Asia and elsewhere.
Hon Hai Precision
Industry will recruit over
100,000 people in mainland China to produce the
newest iPhone from Apple,
Taiwan’s Economic Daily
News reported on Monday,
in what the report called the
firm’s largest single hiring
spree in China.
Pegatron Corp will also
expand its workforce in
one mainland factory by 30
percent, in response to expected high demand for the
new iPhone.
Apple was not immediately available for comment outside regular US
business hours. —Reuters
Wellington, 24 June — New Zealand scientists have
claimed a world first in developing a 3D scanner that
could revolutionize treatment of diseases by showing a
detailed view of the inside of the body.
The University of Canterbury’s MARS-Bioimaging
scanner was capable of examining molecular structures
and tissues, as well as diagnosing common illnesses such
as the build-up of plaque in heart disease, and cartilage
and arthritis, said associate Professor Anthony Butler.
It also enabled drug delivery systems that allowed researchers to follow drugs in the body to help fight cancer
and joint diseases.
“We have been the first in the world to explore the
scanner and its applications. While others theorize about
scanner uses we can actually test them,” Butler said in a
statement on Monday.
Researchers expected to be safely scanning large animals such as sheep in about three years and to undertake
human clinical trials in five years.
“We face a number of technical challenges such as
the quality of sensor materials and coping with the high
power of the x-ray tubes used for human scanning,” said
Butler. “On the clinical side we know there is likely to
be benefit for monitoring drug delivery agents and joint
implant imaging.
The purpose of a human scanner for clinical trials
is to evaluate how this new information translates to improved human diagnosis and management.”
maintenance period for the
Eastern Test Range, which
supports launches from
Cape Canaveral Air Force
Station, the earliest SpaceX
expects to be able to fly is
the first week of July.
“We ... will work with
the Range to confirm the
next available launch opportunities,” the company,
which is owned by technology entrepreneur Elon
Musk, said.
A launch attempt on
Friday was called off by a
potential technical problem with the rocket’s upper-stage engine. No other
File picture of a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a small science satellite for Canada is seen
as it is launched from a newly refurbished launch pad in
Vandenberg Air Force Station.—Reuters
information about the issue ly was cleared in time for a nixed by poor weather at
was provided by SpaceX, second launch attempt on the launch site.
though the glitch apparent- Saturday. That attempt was
SpaceX puts Falcon 9 rocket launch on hold until July
(Florida), 24 June — Bedeviled by a spate of technical problems, Space
Exploration Technologies
on Monday said it will suspend launch attempts of its
next Falcon 9 rocket until
early July.
The privately owned
company, also known as
SpaceX, has been trying
since Friday to launch a
Falcon 9 rocket from Cape
Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on a satellite-delivery mission for
Orbcomm Inc, which provides machine-to-machine
data and messaging services worldwide.
SpaceX had slated its
fourth launch attempt for
“SpaceX is taking a
closer look at a potential
issue identified while conducting pre-flight checkouts during (Sunday’s)
countdown,” the company
said in statement posted on
its website on Monday.
“SpaceX will stand
down on Tuesday while our
engineering teams evaluate
further,” it said.
Taking into account
a previously scheduled
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Kerry says US support to Iraq will be
“intense and sustained”
Baghdad, 24 June —
Secretary of State John
Kerry said on Monday that
US support for Iraqi security forces will be “intense
and sustained” to help
them combat an Islamist
insurgency that has swept
through the country’s north
and west.
Kerry said that during
talks he had with Prime
Minister Nuri al-Maliki in
Baghdad on Wednesday,
the Iraqi leader reaffirmed
his commitment to a 1st
July date for forming a new
Obama offered up to 300
American advisers to help
coordinate the fight. But he
held off granting a request
for air strikes from Maliki’s Shi’ite Muslim-led
government and renewed a
US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Iraq’s
Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari (not pictured) in
Baghdad on 23 June, 2014.—Reuters
call for Maliki to do more
to overcome sectarian divisions that have alienated
the Sunni Muslim minority.
“The key today was
to get from each of the
government leaders a clarity with respect to the road
forward in terms of government formation,” Kerry said. “Indeed, Prime
Minister Maliki firmly and
on multiple occasions affirmed his commitment to
1st July (to form the new
Kerry said Obama will
not wait before he acts to
provide advisers and support for Iraq’s military.
“The support will be intense and sustained and
if Iraq’s leaders take the
necessary steps to bring the
country together, it will be
“It will allow Iraqi
security forces to confront
ISIL more effectively and
in a way that respects Iraq’s
sovereignty while also respecting America’s and the
region’s vital interests,” he
said, referring to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant insurgents who have
spearheaded the Sunni revolt.—Reuters
US ship to start loading Syrian
chemical agents next week
Washington, 24 June
— An American cargo
ship converted into a mobile chemical weapons destroyer is expected to take
charge of some of Syria’s
most dangerous materials
next week, a US defence official said. Syria on Monday
handed over the remaining
8 percent of a total 1,300
tonnes that Syria declared
to the Organization for the
Prohibition of Chemical
Weapons (OPCW).
The handover had
faced repeated delays, leaving the Cape Ray docked
in southern Spain awaiting
a green light to proceed.
Its mission now is to transform toxic agents into a
much less poisonous soup
of chemicals, ready for disposal back on land.
The Cape Ray’s crew
were given word on Monday that they needed to be
ready to depart Spain in the
coming days for southern
Italy’s Gioia Tauro port,
where they will meet with a
Danish ship carrying Syrian
chemical agents, the US defense official said, speaking
on condition of anonymity.
The cargo will then be
transferred from the Danish ship to the Cape Ray in
a pier-side operation next
week. The Cape Ray is expected to leave sometime
later next week for international waters of the Mediterranean, the official said.
Once there, the Cape
Ray will need weeks of
round-the-clock processing
to neutralize the chemical
agents. Syria agreed last
September to destroy its entire chemical weapons program under a deal that averted US military strikes after
hundreds of people were
killed in a sarin gas attack in
the outskirts of the capital,
Sunni tribesmen seize Iraqi border crossing with Jordan
Amman, 24 June —
Sunni tribesmen took control of a border crossing between Iraq and Jordan after
Iraq’s army pulled out of
the area following clashes
with rebels, Iraqi and Jordanian intelligence sources
said on Monday.
It was not immediately
clear if the tribesmen’s seizure of the Turaibil crossing, the only legal crossing
point between Iraq and
Jordan, late on Sunday was
part of the broader advance
by Sunni militants led by
the Islamic State in Iraq
and the Levant (ISIL).
The militants earlier
overran posts further north
along Iraq’s border with
Syria, pursuing their goal
of forming a “caliphate”
straddling both countries
that has raised alarm across
the Middle East and in the
The withdrawal of the
Iraqi army from the Turaibil border crossing left it
with no presence along
the entire western frontier,
which includes some of the
Middle East’s most important trade routes.
Jordanian army sources said their troops had
been on a state of alert
along the 180-km (112mile) border with Iraq for
several days to ward off
“any potential or perceived
security threats”.
Army units in the desert town of Ruwaished
near the Iraqi-Jordanian
border crossing and in
other army camps in the
area were put on a heightened state of alert, an army
source said later on Mon-
Hospital attack leaves
one dead,
another injured
Harbin, 24 June —A
man stabbed a woman to
death and injured another on Tuesday morning
in a hospital in Jiamusi
City, northeast China’s
Heilongjiang Province.
The man has been
caught by police.
The attack happened
in Jiamusi Maternal and
Child Health Hospital and
was out of personal revenge, Jiamusi municipal
government said.
The suspect is alleged to have been angered after the mother of
his 15-year-old pregnant
girlfriend took her to the
hospital for an abortion.
The two had a brawl,
resulting in the girl’s
mother being stabbed to
death by the man. A nurse
was severely injured in
the attack.
Police are investigating.
A Jordanian trailer carrying a military tank drives along a road in
Ruweished, near Jordan’s eastern border with Iraq, east of Amman
on 23 June, 2014.—Reuters
day. Witnesses saw dozens
of armoured vehicles and
scores of tanks on the highway heading to the Iraqi
border crossing in what a
Jordanian official said were
reinforcements “that were
sent in the last 24 hours in
view of the latest developments”.
Minister of State for
Media and Communication
told Reuters “the authorities were continuing to beef
up defences as a preventive
step in view of the security situation which Iraq is
passing through.”
Truck drivers who
crossed the border into Jordan said Sunni tribesmen
were now manning checkpoints along large stretches
of the Baghdad-to-Amman
World Bank report calls for smart policy
to combat climate change
Washington, 24 June
— Government policies
that improve energy efficiency, waste management
and public transport could
increase global economic
output by trillions of US
dollars a year, a World Bank
report showed on Monday.
The “Adding up the
Benefits” report, which
focuses on Brazil, China,
India, Mexico, the United
States and the European
Union, found that government policies stimulating a
shift to clean transport and
improved energy efficiency in factories, buildings
and appliances could increase global GDP growth
by about 1.8-26 trillion US
dollars a year by 2030.
“The report’s findings
show clearly that the right
policy choices can deliver significant benefits to
lives, jobs, crops, energy ,
and GDP, as well as emissions reductions to combat
climate change,” said Jim
Yong Kim, President of the
World Bank.
The policies could
avert approximately 94,000
premature deaths from
pollution-related diseases
a year in 2030 as well as
prevent the production of
greenhouse gas emissions
roughly equivalent to taking
2 billion cars off the road.
If fully implemented,
the set of regulatory, tax
and other policy actions
outlined in the report could
account for 30 percent of
the total emissions reduction needed in 2030 to limit
global warming to 2 degrees
The report advised
India to built new bus rapid transit lanes, Mexico to
equip 90 percent of its pig
and dairy farms with biogas
and solar energy systems,
and China to deploy 70 million clean cookstoves.
The report was released in advance of the
UN Secretary General’s
Climate Summit in September when heads of state
and government will meet
in New York to discuss actions of combating climate
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Advertisement & general
For Rent - Pearl Condo
myanma oil and gas enterprise
(invitation for open tender)
following respective items in United States Dollars.
Tender No
Just renovated Imm available.
Blk B, High Flr, Nice Views, 3 Bd Rm,
Fully Airconds.
Fully or Partially furnish.
Owner 09 5025 333 / 09 5140657
(1) IFB -055(14-15)
Assorted Sizes of Rotary Slips (14) Items US$
(2) IFB -056(14-15)
Spares for Rotary Tong (BJ Type
“B” & “C”) (14) Items
(3) IFB -057(14-15)
Spares for Kobelco Excavator Mark V
(11) Items
(4) IFB -058(14-15)
Spares for P & H Crawler Crane (20) Items
(5) IFB -059(14-15)
Spares for Kenworth Oil Field Truck (15) Items
(6) IFB -060(14-15)
Spares for Sumitomo Crane (5) Items
(7) IFB -061(14-15)
Spares for Nissan PE-6 Diesel Engine (13) Item
(8) IFB -062(14-15)
Spares for Mitsubishi 8D C8 Engine (19) Items
(9) IFB -063(14-15)
Spares for Kobelco Excavator Mark VI
(16) Items
(10) IFB -064(14-15)
Tong Dies (2) Items
(11) IFB -065(14-15)
Electrical Spares for D3T2 SR I Rig
(13) Items
(12) IFB -066(14-15)
CNG Compressor Driven By Electric
Motor with Complete Package (1) Lot
Tender Closing Date & Time - 23-7-2014, 16:30 Hr.
Tender Document shall be available during office hours commencing from 25thJune, 2014 at the
Finance Department, Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise, No (44) Complex, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.
Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
Ph: +95 67 - 411097/411206
Claims Day Notice
MV panja bhum voy No (020)
Consignees of cargo carried on MV panja bhum
VOY NO (020) are hereby notified that the vessel
will be arriving on 25.6.2014 and cargo will be discharged into the premises of a.w.p.t where it will
lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject
to the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8
am to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day
now declared as the third day after final discharge of
cargo from the Vessel.
No claims against this vessel will be admitted
after the Claims Day.
Shipping Agency Department
Myanma Port Authority
Agent for: M/s wan hai lines pte ltd
Phone No: 2301185
Claims Day Notice
MV yangon star voy No (7j009r)
Consignees of cargo carried on MV yangon
star VOY NO (7J009R) are hereby notified that the
vessel will be arriving on 25.6.2014 and cargo will be
discharged into the premises of m.i.p where it will
lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject
to the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8
am to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day
now declared as the third day after final discharge of
cargo from the Vessel.
No claims against this vessel will be admitted
after the Claims Day.
Shipping Agency Department
Myanma Port Authority
Agent for: M/s cma cgm line
Phone No: 2301185
Indian man gets 5 months in jail for charge related to riot in Singapore
Singapore, 24 June—
An Indian man has been
jailed for five months, making him the first of 25 men
who claimed trial for charges related to their roles in
a rare riot in Singapore in
December last year, local
media reported on Tuesday.
Mahalingam Thavamani, 27, was found guilty
of an amended charge of
obstructing a public servant
Girls learn self defence
skills at Krav Maga
Club in New Delhi,
capital of India, on 22
June, 2014. As crimes
against women happens from time to time
in India, martial arts
clubs became popular
among girls in cities.
They came to learn self
defence skills in order
to better protect themselves.—Xinhua
when the latter was endeavoring to disperse an unlawful assembly on the evening
of 8 December last year, the
Straits Times said.
charged with rioting.
The man was also the
first to be convicted of obstructing a public servant in
relation to the rare riot that
broke out among some 300
foreign workers following
a fatal accident that killed
an Indian worker in Little
India, a neighbourhood in
Singapore known for its
distinctive Indian culture
and shops.
The riot in Little India left 39 officers injured
and 25 emergency vehicles
District Judge Salina
Ishak on Monday accepted
the testimony of prosecu-
tors that Thavamani had refused to leave a road in the
Little India area, and had
insisted on moving into a
restricted area in the same
road even though he had
been told to leave.
The court had heard
during the trial held over
April and last month that
the accused’s voice grew
louder as he spoke to the
police officer.—Xinhua
1. Open Tender is invited for the Myanma Petrochemical
Enterprise, the Ministry of Energy for the supply of
Mixed LPG (1,800 MT ± 5%).
2. Tender Closing Date : 3 - 7 - 2014 at (12:00) noon.
3. Tender Opening Date : 3 - 7 - 2014 at (13:00) hrs .
4. Delivery Time
: Within July 2014
5. Tender Documents and details information are available
at the Department of Finance, Myanma Petrochemical
Enterprise, Nay Pyi Taw, during office hours commencing 25-6-2014 on payment of the Myanmar Kyat One
Hundred Thousand (Kyat 100,000) per set.
6. Only bid from tenderer who has purchased tender document officially from Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise
will be accepted for evaluation.
Managing Director
Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise
Extension of the Invitation for Letter
of Expression of Interest (LEOI)
Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) is inviting
interested foreign companies to submit Expression of
Interest for Joint Venture project in Myanmar Onshore
Drilling Operations, Joint Venture/Alliance in Seismic
Acquisition Services and Onshore Pipeline Construction and Maintenance Services from 2.06.2014 to
7.06.2014 in Kyemon, Myanma Alinn and the New
Light of Myanmar newspapers, with the submission
deadline by 30th June 2014.
Now, by the requests, MOGE hereby announces
that the submission deadline for LEOI for all three
projects is extended up to 31st July, 2014.
For inquries to place an
advertisement in the NLM,
Please email
[email protected]
Senior jailed for vandalism of
bus stops in Singapore
Singapore, 24 June —
A 71-year-old man were
sentenced to four weeks in
jail for vandalism at several bus stops and on a transformer box in support of
a controversial blogger in
Singapore, local newspaper
reported on Tuesday.
Loh Thiam Hock admitted to five counts of
committing mischief, of
which one caused losses
of 500 Singapore dollars
(about 400 US dollars) or
more. He was given two
weeks’ jail on Monday for
each charge, and three of
the jail terms will run concurrently, the Today news-
paper reported.
The court heard that
Loh defaced several bus
stop advertisement boards
and a transformer box, using a permanent marker to
scrawl on four bus stops
along several streets in the
downtown area.
One of the phrases he
painted reads “We support
CPF Blogger, Return our
CPF Money,” in apparent
reference to a blogger who
has published a blogpost alleging Prime Minister Lee
Hsien Loong has misappropriated funds contributed to the Central Provident
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
Maleficent becomes Angelina Jolie’s
highest grossing film
Los Angeles, 24 June — The Disney fairytale Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie, has crossed the USD
500 million mark at the box office, making it the
highest grossing film of her career.
Jolie’s previous career best earning was in
Mr & Mrs Smith in which she starred with
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt. The 2005 film minted USD 478.2
in a still from
million at the box office, according to the
Hollywood Reporter.
Maleficent, which saw Jolie playing the role
of vengeful fairy, has enjoyed impressive staying
power. The film continues to earn money in its fourth
weekend. — PTI
The Eagles know why the fans turn up — to hear the oldies
London, 24 June —
When veteran California
rock band the Eagles hit
the stage in London at the
weekend, there was no
pretence about why people
had come to see them or
what the band was expected to do.
It was a case of play
the songs we know, dudes,
and please don’t change
So a lively run-through
of “Hotel California”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Take it
Easy”, “Witchy Woman”,
“Life In The
Fast Lane”,
It To
The Limit” and more than
three hours of other Eagles
standards went down a
storm with a packed crowd
at the cavernous O2 Arena.
Which is exactly what
the band—founded in 1971
and still playing, give or
take a 14-year split-up - intended.
“We know why our audience comes,” co-founder
Don Henley told Reuters.
“We are not up there to
indulge our musical interests. We are most interested in making the listener
Indeed, the Eagles’ current world
tour is called “History of the Eagles”
and is a rare beast
in that it is the
concert of the
DVD rather
than the other
way round.
‘Idol’ judges Lopez, Urban
and Connick to return for
next season
Judges Harry Connick, Jr (L), Jennifer Lopez and
Keith Urban react during the American Idol XIII 2014
Finale in Los Angeles, California on 21 May, 2014.
Los Angeles, 24 June — The high-profile judges of
Fox’s reality singing competition “American Idol,” Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr, will all
return for the show’s 14th season along with host Ryan
Seacrest, the network said on Monday.
Pop singer Lopez will take the seat for the fourth time
while country music star Urban will reprise his for the
third, and jazz crooner Connick will enter his second season on the judges panel.
Seacrest has hosted the show since its premiere in
2002, and has become one of the highest-profile US television hosts. The new season of “Idol” will begin the
audition process in New Orleans on Wednesday and is
scheduled to premiere early 2015.
“American Idol” was once a ratings juggernaut for
Twenty-First Century Fox Inc’s Fox Broadcasting, drawing more than 30 million viewers at its peak and propelling the careers of its talent, such as winner Kelly Clarkson
and finalist Jennifer Hudson, and its high-profile judges.
But the show’s most recent season concluded last
month with 10.6 million viewers, the lowest number in
its 13-year history. “Idol” will be scaled back for its next
season from about 50 hours to 37 hours. —Reuters
Madhuri Dixit:
I am a strict mother
Madhuri Dixit
Mumbai, 24 June —
Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit, a mother to
two sons — Arin and
Raayan — is strict
when it comes to their
healthcare. She says that
she never lets them go to
bed without brushing their
teeth no matter how tired
they are.
“There is one thing
that I am really strict about
my kids and that is (making
sure that they are) brushing
teeth twice a day. No matter how tired they are or
how late they are arriving
after attending birthday
parties, I make sure
that they brush their
teeth,” Madhuri told
IANS over phone
from Mumbai.
“I think that is very
important. Brushing teeth
for two minutes every
morning and night is very
important,” said the actress, who is the face of oral
care brand Oral B.
Madhuri, who married Sriram Nene, a doctor,
in 1999, also says that “a
family is very important
in Indian culture” and it is
necessary to have a healthy
“A healthy smile
shows a happy family because they all represent
health when they smile
healthy. So I think it is very
important for a family to
establish a good smile,”
said Madhuri, who was recently shooting for a new
Oral B toothpaste ad campaign.
After having started
her acting career with the
1984 film Abodh, Madhuri
went on to cement her space
in Hindi movies with entertainers like Tezaab, Ram
Lakhan, Tridev, Parinda,
Dil, Sailaab, Khalnayak,
Hum Aapke Hain Koun
and Dil To Pagal Hai.
If acting came naturally to her, her fluid
dancing skills, grace and
charming smile made her
a favourite among the
best of banners, actors
and filmmakers. The actress believes that a “smile
says a thousand words
and when you smile, the
world smiles with you.”
“I think smile sends
a very positive message
so it important to take
care of it. When you have
good teeth, you don’t hesitate to smile and it also
gives you confidence. So
when you are confident,
it changes your life as
well,” she said, stressing on the importance of
brushing right twice, and
visiting the dentist every
six months.—PTI
New Light of Myanmar
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
India may extend price caps to more drugs
Mumbai, 24 June — The health ministry has formed a committee that is meeting for the first time on Tuesday to consider
raising the number of drugs deemed essential
and subject to price caps, people directly involved in the process said.
The panel will consider adding more
drugs to the list of essential medicines, all
of which would then come under price caps,
one of the people said, a move to make them
affordable for the 70 percent of people living
on less than $2 a day.
The move, if implemented, will draw
the ire of global drugmakers like Pfizer Inc
(PFE.N), GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK.L) and
Abbott Laboratories (ABT.N), all of which
have a large presence in India’s $15 billion
pharmaceutical industry.
The global drugmakers have already
been hit by wide-ranging government-imposed price reductions and a legal system
with a history of disallowing patent protection in recent years in an emerging market
that is a vital growth driver for the firms.
Bringing more drugs under price controls would dash hopes for an easing of the
populist drug policies of the previous government under new, business-friendly Prime
Minister Narendra Modi, industry analysts
said. New Delhi last year raised the number
Medical illustration : Pills of all kinds, shapes and colours,
March 2003. — Reuters
of drugs that are subject to price controls to 348 from 74 earlier.
Health Minister Harsh Vardhan and Secretary for the Ministry of
Health and Family Welfare Lov Verma did not respond to mails for
comment. All the sources declined to be named because the details of
the plan are not public.
Friend of Boston bomb suspect rejects plea
deal, lawyer says
Boston, 24 June — A
friend of Boston Marathon
bombing suspect Dzhokhar
Tsarnaev is confident he
will beat charges he hampered the investigation into
the blasts, one of his attorneys said on Monday citing
a “lack of evidence” in the
Myers said his client, Azamat Tazhayakov, had rejected a deal with prosecutors for a reduced sentence
and believes the government’s case is “beatable.”
“He knows he isn’t
guilty. He’s confident,”
Myers told reporters outside the federal courthouse
in Boston. “I think everybody will be shocked, even
just the average juror in
Boston will be shocked at
the lack of evidence in this
Tazhayakov, 20, is
one of three of Tsarnaev’s
college friends accused of
hampering the investigation by removing a laptop
and backpack containing
empty fireworks casings
from Tsarnaev’s dormitory room at the University
of Massachusetts at Dartmouth three days after the
Seattle, 24 June —
US women’s football star
Hope Solo pleaded not
guilty on Monday to domestic violence charges
stemming from a weekend
altercation with her sister
and a nephew and was ordered released from jail on
her own recognizance.
Solo, 32, was arrested
shortly after midnight on
Saturday by police officers
who responded to an emergency 911 call at her house
in the Seattle suburb of
Kirkland and heard a disturbance from the street,
police said.
Entering a not guilty
plea on her behalf in Kirkland Municipal Court, defence lawyer Todd Maybrown said Solo was the
actual victim in the incident. “She was hit over the
head with a broom handle,”
Maybrown told the judge.
The judge ruled there
was probable cause for the
case to proceed.
He ordered Solo, a
goalkeeper for the US
women’s football team,
released from custody but
granted prosecution motions seeking court orders
barring her from drinking alcohol or having any
contact with her sister or
nephew while the case was
Solo, who is charged
with two counts of domestic violence in the fourth
degree, said little during
the proceedings except to
state her name for the record.
Police said that during
the incident she appeared
to be upset and intoxicat-
Three people were
killed and 264 injured in
the bombing at the finish
line of the historic race on
15 April, 2013.
Tazhayakov and Dias
Kadyrbayev, a Kazakh
exchange student, were
charged with obstruction
of justice and could face up
to 25 years in prison if convicted. The third friend, Robel Phillipos of Cambridge,
Massachusetts, faces up to
16 years if convicted of the
less serious charge of lying
to investigators.
A fourth man, 23-year-
old Kyrgyzstan national
Khairullozhon Matanov,
has separately been accused of lying to investigators and was denied bail on
Monday at another hearing.
Tazhayakov were first
questioned by investigators
four days after the bombing, when heavily armed
law enforcement agents arrived at their New Bedford,
Massachusetts, apartment.
The next day, they were
arrested on charges of violating the terms of their
student visas.
attracts 1.9
mln foreign
tourists in 5
months, up
6 pct
Phnom Penh, 24 June
— Cambodia has received
some 1.9 million foreign
visitors in the first five
months of 2014, a 6 percent rise compared to the
same period last year, a
tourism official said Tuesday. “Vietnam, China and
South Korea are the largest
sources of tourists to Cambodia,” Kong Sopheareak,
chief of the Tourism Ministry’s Statistics and Planning Department, told
Xinhua. He said during
the January-May period
this year, Cambodia drew
some 340,000 Vietnamese
tourists, up 1 percent compared to the same period
last year, around 240,000
Chinese, up 19 percent,
and roughly 220,000 South
Koreans, up 3 percent.
“We see a remarkable rise
in Chinese tourists to Cambodia from year to year
thanks to more direct flight
connection between the
two countries and Cambodia’s attractive tourism
sites,”he said. “In addition,
close ties between the two
governments have encouraged more Chinese investors and businessmen
to come to Cambodia for
business opportunities.”
The Southeast Asian
nation is famous for two
cultural sites in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
(25-6-2014, Wednesday)
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US football star Hope Solo pleads not guilty to assault
US women’s football star Hope Solo
ed, while her adult sister Times reported.
and Tampa Bay Buccaand her 17-year-old nephHer husband, Jerramy neers, attended the hearing,
ew had visible injuries. Stevens, who played nine and the couple stared at
Solo was hosting a party seasons for the National one another silently from
at her home when the dis- Football League as a mem- across the courtroom.
pute took place, the Seattle ber of the Seattle Seahawks
Representatives from
US Soccer and Solo’s
professional Seattle team,
Reign FC, said they were
aware of Solo’s arrest but
declined to comment further over the weekend. Stevens declined to speak with
the media afterward.
Stevens was himself
arrested on suspicion of
domestic violence against
Solo hours before their
wedding in November
2012, but he was released
because of insufficient evidence, and charges were
never brought, according to
media reports.
Solo has appeared as
a contestant on ABC television’s popular “Dancing
with the Stars” and has
played on two women’s
football teams that won
Olympic gold medals.
New Light of Myanmar
London, 24 June — World No1 Rafael Nadal will
begin his Wimbledon campaign against Slovakian Martin
Klizan on Centre Court on Tuesday hoping to ease the
painful memories of his past two years in southwest London.
After a second-round defeat to Lukas Rosol in 2012,
Nadalwas dumped out by Belgian Steve Darcis in his first
match last year, but the two-time former champion, who
has lost three of his past four matches on grass, is confident history will not repeat itself once again.
“I am going to try to play with the best attitude that
Ihave,” the Spaniard said.
“I am practising that way, very positive every moment, playing my best in every moment, working in the
things that I really believe that I need to work to play well
here. I am feeling better this year than last couple years,
Nadal follows German Sabine Lisicki on Centre
Court after last year’s women’s singles runner-up was
given the honour of opening proceedings on what is traditionally known as ladies day, in the absence of the now
retired 2013 champion Marion Bartoli.—Reuters
2014 FIFA World Cup Groupstage Standing
P W D L F A +/-Pts
Group A
321072 57
321041 37
310266 03
Group B
3 79
320153 26
Group C
220051 46
2)Côte d'Ivoire
210133 03
Group D
220041 36
1)Costa Rica
210122 03
Group E
220082 66
210133 03
Group F
220031 26
211010 14
4) Bosnia and Herzegovina200213-20
Group G
211062 44
211043 14
Group H
220031 26
210154 13
4)Korea Republic
24 June — Veteran striker David Villa helped to
fire Spain to a comfortable
3-0 win over Australia on
Monday to ensure that the
deposed champions left
Brazil on a winning note
after a miserable World
Cup. Both teams were already out of the tournament
after defeats to the Dutch
and Chile in group B but
Villa and Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta, who won
his 100th cap, at least had
something to celebrate.
Spain’s record scorer,
Villa put Spain 1-0 ahead
with his 59th goal in 97
internationals. He flicked
home in the 36th minute
with a clever backheel after a fine pass from Iniesta
had sent defender Juanfran clear. Fellow striker
Fernando Torres finished
neatly in the 69th minute
when he found space in
the penalty box. Substitute
Juan Mata rolled a third
goal between the legs of
goalkeeper Mat Ryan in the
82nd minute as Australia ran
out of steam.“In my opinion we played with dignity,
we fought, we worked well
apart from the first 15 minutes of the first half,” Spanish coach Vicente Del Bosque said.“The rest of the
game we controlled well.”
The goals silenced
Brazilians fans in the
crowd in Curitiba who had
jeered Spain and wanted to
see Australia cause them
Spain’s David Villa (R) scores past Australia’s Mathew Ryan (C) during their 2014
World Cup Group B soccer match at the Baixada arena in Curitiba
on 23 June, 2014. —Reuters
more pain. The damage
had been done for the Spain
when they lost 5-1 to the
Dutch and 2-0 to Chile in
their first two games, ending the reign of a team who
have dominated European and world soccer since
2008.“This time it was our
turn to lose and I think we
go out with our heads held
high,” Del Bosque added,
saying he will make a decision on his future once he
gets home.
Del Bosque made seven changes to his starting
line-up to ensure as many
as his squad as possible
saw some action in Brazil.
US vs Portugal
match attracts
record American
June — A record American viewers watched the
World Cup group match
between the United States
and Portugal, cable sports
network ESPN said on
Monday. The Group G
second round match, ended 2-2 on Sunday, drew
18.2 million viewers to
become “the most-viewed
soccer match in the United States ever” — and the
biggest event on ESPN
that wasn’t professional or
college American football.
The previous record
came from the 1999 Women’s World Cup final between the United States and
China that attracted nearly
18 million Americans to
sit in front of their TV sets,
ESPN said.—Xinhua
Villa, who is heading for
the MLS next year via a
stint at Melbourne City, got
the chance to make what
was probably a farewell
“If it were up to me,
I would play all my life
for Spain. It’s more likely
it will end here but we’ll
see,” man of the match Villa told a news conference.
For Australia, the defeat
was chastening after they
had run the Dutch close
in a 3-2 defeat last week.
They leave the World Cup
with no points, their worst
showing at the tournament.
Australia coach Ange Pos-
tecoglou said his team had
faded after performing well
in the first 10 to 15 minutes.
“We lost our discipline
and our decision making
wasn’t great. We gave the
ball away far too cheaply which we haven’t been
doing in this tournament,”
he said.Spanish goalkeeper
Pepe Reina, who replaced
captain Iker Casillas, had a
quiet afternoon, with Australia missing suspended
leading scorer Tim Cahill
up front.“Ultimately we’ve
come here and lost all three
games so we haven’t got
the results we wanted,” said
World Cup 2014 Brazil
22:30 MST (25.6.2014)
22:30 MST (25.6.2014)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
02:30 MST (26.6.2014)
02:30 MST (26.6.2014)
World Cup 2014 Results
Match 33
Match 34
Match 35
Match 36
Croatia 2-0Chile
1-3 Mexico
New Light of Myanmar
Rafael Nadal of Spain
Spain restore pride by
outclassing Australia
[email protected]
Nadal determined to make
his mark in Wimbledon
first round
Wednesday, 25 June, 2014
R/489 Printed and published by the New Light of Myanmar press in Nay Pyi Taw,
the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of Information.
13th Waning of Nayon 1376 ME