PMS‐Z5 Extremely handy and advanced stamper, able to develop maximum marking force in its category. The evolution in industrial marking We have combined modern technologies of visualization and communication to achieve a higher level of interaction between our equipment and the user. Industrial marking operation becomes more intuitive, efficient and easy, thanks to the new high‐resolution touchscreen display, the new software, the use of local area networks (Ethernet), removable media and wireless Bluetooth communication, all combined to an electronics with modern and fast processors.
Simet S.r.l. Via Corno di Cavento, 12 20148 MILANO (ITALY) Tel. +39 02 4046009 Fax +39 02 4078147 [email protected] The new PMS‐Z5 is a portable marker, compact, autonomous, modern, highly flexible and with a high marking quality. • Compact and easy of use
• High strength marking (up to 500 kg per stroke) • Large marking area (110 x 30 mm) • Wide range of standard functions • Aluminum frame with hardened and caged balls • Marking on flat or curved surfaces of any material: metal , plastic, wood ..... • It works with or without PC • Large touch screen graphic color display 7 " • Simple interface for variable data management Touchscreen Bluetooth Panel
• Graphical preview of the marking • Logos management (PLT and DXF) • Software for creating and editing marking files from PC (off‐line) • Transfer programs via Ethernet or USB • Linear and circular texts , date, time, counts, serial numbers, logos, drawings • Vector and True Type Fonts • Default marking parameters for simple and intuitive regulations (depth, speed, ... ) • Three modes of processing: synchronous dots, asynchronous and continuous frequency • 2D Data Matrix codes with complete algorithm (ECC200) with square matrices or rectangular format with selectable dots per cell : 1x1 , 2x2 , 3x3, (NASA specifications) • Real‐time diagnosis of the marker *
Specifications PMS‐Z5 Marking area 110 x 30 mm Resolution 0,025 mm per step Weight 3,65 Kg Power Supply 90‐264 Vac (50/60Hz) 40W Pneumatic Supply 6 Bar Max (5NL/1') Interface Ethernet, USB, Serial RS232/485, digital I/O Marking speed Up to 4 Cps Dot density 0,1÷2 mm Memory on board Micro SD from 4GB Marking force Electronically controlled Languages * Optional column for Portable/Bench configuration IT‐EN‐DE Specifications subject to change without notice
Simet S.r.l. Via Corno di Cavento, 12 20148 MILANO (ITALY) Tel. +39 02 4046009 Fax + 39 02 4078147 [email protected]