Red Planet FAQ.docx - Amazon Web Services

September 2014
What is Red Planet?
Red Planet is a new B2B business that provides companies with a unique opportunity to
leverage years of knowledge and customer insights from Qantas Loyalty. These insights can be
used in conjunction with digital media to plan more targeted campaigns that drive effectiveness
and efficiencies in media spend.
Who are Red Planet's customers?
Currently Red Planet is working with the Qantas Group (Qantas Airways and Qantas Loyalty) as
well as a number of key partners to deliver more relevant advertising to users. Already we are
seeing very strong results for our clients. We will be looking to expand out the number of
partners that we work with over the coming months.
Why is Qantas Loyalty launching Red Planet?
Qantas Loyalty is continually looking for opportunities to expand and diversify the business. In
the past 12 months we’ve launched Qantas Cash, Aquire, Qantas Golf Club and Online Mall.
The launch of Red Planet is based on recognising the value of a personalised customer
How will the data on existing members of Qantas Frequent Flyer and Aquire be used by
Red Planet?
No member data is shared or sold to third parties. The data is being used to deliver more
relevant communications to consumers by bringing together online and offline data. Consumers
are already exposed to numerous messages, and Red Planet is able to leverage the insight
capabilities of Qantas Loyalty to create more relevant and engaging digital marketing
Who can I contact and where can I go for more information on Red Planet?
For more information or to connect with the Red Planet team, visit
What’s the significance of the name, Red Planet?
The name Red Planet is derived from the core business acronym being MARS - Marketing,
Analytics and Research Services. We felt it was a contemporary name that reflected the nature
of the business and would appeal to partners and new clients. The Red also connects the brand
with the Qantas masterbrand.
How can QFF members be certain their data is safe/won’t be sold?
Member data will at no point be shared with third parties. This means all data remains
confidential to both the member and Qantas Loyalty at all times.
Can QFF members opt out of their data being part of this process?
Yes. Members are able to opt out if they do not wish to participate via
Exactly what data does QFF provide to partners?
At no time is personal information shared with partners but instead they’re provided with a
selection of anonymous traits that cover a spectrum of user behaviours. This information allows
partners to choose segments and traits that are relevant to their marketing objectives. Red
Planet then is able to initiate the marketing communications on behalf of its partners.
Will Qantas and Qantas Loyalty be using this to inform its own ad spend, if it doesn’t
Yes, Qantas and Qantas Loyalty are both currently using the services with the view to move
more of the Qantas Group spend to Red Planet.