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Wednesday, November 5, 2014
LR2 Refinery project achieves
significant safety milestone
R2 Refinery Project has accomplished a major milestone in the construction
phase by achieving 5mn manhours without a lost time injury
A celebration to mark the occasion was held in this connection.
LR2 Refinery Project is part of
Qatar’s National Vision 2030 for
ensuring efficient energy supplies for the country and meeting the most stringent environmental specifications.
The project will contribute
to maximise the opportunities from the development of
the North Field to produce high
quality refined products from
condensate. It will also have
significant integration with existing facilities such as Laffan
Refinery 1 (LR1), tank farm and
LR2 Refinery will effectively
double the condensate refining
capacity of the existing operating LR1 to a total of 300,000
barrels per day (bpd), solidifying
Qatar’s unique position as the
largest condensate processor in
the world.
Qatargas CEO Sheikh Khalid
bin Khalifa al-Thani said, “Safety is a core value for Qatargas
and a key part of our mission.
This achievement is yet more
evidence of our strong and continuous commitment to ensure
the safety of our most important
asset, our people. Our incident
and injury-free culture is woven into everything we do and as
we continue our journey as the
world’s premier LNG company,
we will set ever higher safety
standards and strive to reach
new milestones.
“I wish to express my thanks
and congratulations to all Laffan Refinery 2 employees and
contractors for their support in
reaching this important milestone.” he added.
Salman Ashkanani, chief operating officer (Refinery Ventures) said, “This milestone
Qatargas Refinery Ventures chief operating officer Salman
Ashkanani delivers a keynote speech.
Qatargas underscores
Laffan refinery’s role
in diversification
The LR2 Refinery project site at Ras Laffan. The refinery will effectively double the condensate refining capacity of the existing operating LR1
to a total of 300,000 barrels per day.
was achieved not only by the
implementation of the Qatargas Incident and Injury Free
Programme (IIF) and vigorous
Heat Stress Programme, but
also by the hard work, integration, dedication and continuous focus on total safety by
CCJV (Chiyoda and CTCI Corporation Joint Venture), Consolidated Contractors Group
(main general subcontractor)
and the LR2 Project Management Team. I look forward
to maintaining this excellent
standard through to the completion of the project”.
acting project manager said,
“This achievement we have
celebrated on LR2 Project is a
major safety milestone and it
is clearly based on the commitment towards safety that I
have seen within the teams. The
safety philosophy in the project
is multi-faceted. We take a
standards-based approach. The
Project Management Team supports and provides oversight to
the contractor’s safety teams
but we are also supported by
Qatargas Safety, Environment
and Quality Department. We
have benefited a great deal from
various safety campaigns which
have included the fundamental “Qatargas Ten Life Saving
LR2 is a joint venture between
Qatar Petroleum, Total, Idemitsu, Cosmo, Marubeni and Mitsui. LR2, like the existing LR1
Refinery, will be operated by Qatargas Operating Company.
The construction works are
scheduled to be completed on
the first half of 2016 and the expected start-up date is set for
the third quarter of 2016.
The LR2 Refinery Project is
led by a Qatargas Project Management Team (PMT) with CCJV
being the Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction and
Commissioning (EPSCC) contractor.
CCJV is a robust joint venture
between CHIYODA and CTCI
QDB trains bankers to strengthen SME lending in Qatar
Contractors Groups is the main
general subcontractor.
The Qatargas PMT together
with the EPSCC main general contractors and Consolidated Contractors Groups have
adopted an integrated approach
to safety that involves working
closely with the workforce in a
collaborative manner to ensure
the health and safety of all employees.
Having commenced construction activities in November 2013,
the current activities on site,
with a multi-cultured workforce
of approximately 3,500 workers,
are mainly civil engineering and
the early stages of steel structure
and piping works.
An official of Qatargas has
underscored the importance
of the Laffan Refinery and its
contribution to diversifying the
country’s energy mix during
the 18th Annual Condesate
and Naphtha Forum held on
November 3 and 4 in Doha.
“The Laffan Refinery is of
strategic importance as it
will contribute to diversifying
Qatar’s energy mix and further
strengthens the capacity
to respond to the country’s
changing needs and future
challenges,” said Qatargas CEO
Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa al-Thani.
Held under the patronage of
HE the Minister of Energy and
Industry Dr Mohamed bin Saleh
al-Sada, the forum provides
a platform for discussion of
the latest developments and
dissemination of key market
trends, opportunities, and
challenges of the industry.
Qatargas, which was the Gold
Sponsor for the event, joined
other national oil companies,
oil majors, leading consultants,
refiners, traders, and feedstock
players from more than 45
countries during the forum.
Al-Thani said the Laffan Refinery
“is yet another step in realising
the Qatar National Vision 2030
through achieving sustainable
development by ensuring the
optimisation of Qatar’s natural
He added, “The successful
delivery and efficient operation
of Laffan Refinery 1 and a host
of other major projects has
proved that Qatargas has the
infrastructure, leadership, and
expertise to lead the world in
projects of this kind.”
In a keynote speech entitled
“Laffan Refinery – Driving
Sustainability Through
Diversification,” Qatargas
Refinery Ventures chief
operating officer Salman
Ashkanani said the Laffan
Refinery 1 and Laffan Refinery
2 project, which is the second
condensate refinery being
built in Qatar, will double the
current condensate refining
capacity to 300,000bpd,
confirming its position as the
largest condensate refinery in
the world.
Laffan Refinery was designed
to meet the most stringent
environmental standards and
all of its refined products are
treated to obtain ultra-low
sulfur content to achieve the
highest quality in the market.
The production of refined
products from condensate
provides an opportunity for
Qatar as the largest liquefied
natural gas (LNG) and
condensate producer in the
world to become a leading
producer of cleaner fuels and
firmly position the country
as the largest condensate
processor in the world.
Held annually since 1996 in
Asia, Middle East, and Australia,
the Condensate and Naphtha
Forum is the only one of its kind
and was held again in Qatar
this year.
Al khaliji extends financing
for Al Rayyan Road
construction project
To enhance lending to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and support sustainable private sector growth in Qatar, Qatar
Development Bank (QDB) recently concluded its annual training workshop for managers and credit officers at partner banks of its Al
Dhameen indirect lending programme. The workshop, held on October 26 and 27, supports 14 Islamic and conventional commercial
banks in the Al Dhameen network to grow financing opportunities for SMEs in Qatar. The training was attended by customer relationship
managers in order to help improve their skills in the field of credit and project evaluation. QDB CEO Abdulaziz bin Nasser al-Khalifa
said, “This annual training shows our efforts to support and strengthen Al Dhameen by working with our partners, helping relationship
managers and credit officers and provide the right resources to SMEs and entrepreneurs in Qatar.” He added, “We know that financial
institutions and banks in Qatar have a key role to play in promoting SMEs and private sector growth and we are proud to be partners, not
competitors, with them in that mission.” Al-Khalifa noted that banks are “generally very cautious” when dealing with SMEs due to higher
perceived risks. “But QDB seeks to educate and inform our partners by clarifying the level of profitability and providing insight into the
unique needs of SMEs,” he said. Picture shows one of the participants receiving a certificate after the annual training programme.
Boeing to display CST-100 Spacecraft in Abu Dhabi
oeing’s Crew Space Transportation
spacecraft yesterday made
its international debut in Abu
Dhabi at an Innovation Summit
organised by The Atlantic and
underwritten by Boeing.
Accompanying the full-scale
CST-100 mock-up, was Chris
Ferguson, Boeing’s Commercial
Crew director and former NASA
Space Shuttle Commander, who
discussed the next-generation of
human space flight.
In keeping with its continued
efforts to develop science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in the
UAE, ADEC will be exhibiting the
CST-100 mock-up at the Mubarak bin Mohamed School on
November 9 and 10.
The CST-100 will launch its first “uncrewed” flight in early 2017 and
its first crewed flight to the ISS later that year.
“We are at an inflection point
in the space business. The trend
is for commercial companies, like
Boeing, to manage cargo and crew
transportation to low-Earth orbit
destinations, while NASA focuses on longer-range exploration
missions like sending humans
to Mars,” said Ferguson. “It’s extremely important to have venues
like the Innovation Summit where
leaders in multiple industries can
share how big ideas are revolutionising global industries.”
In September, Boeing was
awarded a $4.2bn contract from
NASA to build the next generation of human spacecraft. Boeing’s CST-100 is designed to
transport up to seven passengers
or a mix of crew and cargo to lowEarth orbit destinations such as
the International Space Station
(ISS) and the planned Bigelow
station. The CST-100 will launch
its first “uncrewed” flight in early
2017 and its first crewed flight to
the ISS later that year.
Ferguson holds an essential role
in Boeing’s human spaceflight
programme, having oversight for
crew interface in the design of the
CST-100 system. He also plays a
key leadership role in the development and testing of system concepts and key technologies for the
spacecraft and integrated launch
and ground systems.
l Khalij Commercial Bank
(al khaliji) has extended
financing facility for a
QR1bn contract awarded to a
joint venture between Boom
Construction Company and
Six Construct Qatar for the
Al Rayyan Road construction
The contract involves the
construction and development
of Al Rayyan Road (Project 7)
stretching from West of New
Rayyan roundabout to East
of Bani Hajer roundabout,
together with the construction and upgrade of associated
side roads and service roads.
al khaliji’s financing facilities
will help meet the bonding and
funding requirement for this
The project is one of the recently awarded projects by
Public Works Authority (Ashghal) under the Expressway
Programme and the roads and
infrastructure projects in the
Local Areas Programme. It is a
significant infrastructure plan
being carried out in Doha, which
will connect the south of Doha
with the north, and the east
with the west.
al khaliji Group chief executive officer Fahad al-Khalifa said, “We are proud of our
contribution to Qatar’s infrastructure development. Being involved in this key project,
enhancing the country’s future
transportation landscape with
the collaboration of well-known
local and international contractors, comes as part of al khaliji’s
innovative mid-term strategy.
“We will continue to broaden
our future projects focusing on
infrastructure financing leading
up to the 2022 World Cup and
the 2030 National Vision”.
al khaliji has long been involved in supporting projects
that would help develop the
infrastructure of the country.
Financing such projects was
made possible by the fact that
contracting is a key focus area
The al khaliji headquarters at West Bay. Upgraded to an ‘A‘ credit
rating by Fitch in 2014, al khaliji has access to international financial
in the bank’s mid-term strategy. As part of this, a dedicated
contracting team specifically
caters to the needs of large local and international contractors operating in Qatar, working
across diverse business sectors
that include, but not limited to,
infrastructure and other mega
Recently upgraded to an ‘A‘
credit rating by international
rating firm Fitch in 2014, al khaliji has access to international
financial markets; to provide
long-term financing solutions
to support large-scale Government infrastructure development projects.
This coupled with al khaliji’s
know-how and understanding of the requirements of its
preferred clients, through its
select group of banking professionals, ensures that al khaliji is
well-placed to harness the tremendous potential of the Qatari
economy in the coming years.