OTA Platform Administration

Fundamentals & Technologies
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Understanding Machine to Machine Ecosystem
Benefit from field experience and new solutions to deploy new M2M services
Wireless technologies when combined with advanced devices &
services provide access to innovative applications that help
people’s life. This is what we call today Machine to Machine (M2M)
M2M Ecosystem is quite complex, it requires getting reliable
devices (Wireless Modules and (U)SIM Cards) but also
understanding real needs around the applications in order to adapt
existing solution for different players.
During this training you will get all you need to fully understand the
M2M Ecosystem, starting from real use cases and then going from
Wireless Modules to Cards & Services. Be ready to lead M2M
business in your company.
At the end of the training you will
Who should attend?
Understand M2M Market
Understand M2M Use Cases
Understand M2M Challenges
Understand Module requirements for
M2M applications
> Understand SIM Requirements for M2M
> Understand Services associated to
deploying M2M applications
M2M Managers
VAS managers
SIM Managers
Handset Managers
Any person interested in M2M
> Basic understanding of GSM/UMTS
radio networks
> SIM,STK & OTA Basic course
This course is held in English
Key topics
> Use Cases
> Players & Roles
> MIM (Machine Identification Module)
> Modules
> M2M Services
> Best Practices
Course Schedule
Introduction to M2M
What is M2M?
Architecture of a M2M solution
MIM role
Module role
Application role
M2M Use Cases
M2M Verticals
Automotive Use Case: Business Case and challenges
Metering Use Case: Business Case and challenges
Health Care Use Case: Business Case and challenges
Tracking & Tracing Use Case: Business Case and challenges
Payment Use Case: Business Case and challenges
Market Overview
 M2M Market Verticals & forecast
 Main players & roles
 Business models
MIM Advanced
From SIM to MIM. A ruggedized solution.
Standards / New form factors
Plug in & soldered MIM
Extended Life Mechanism
Best Practices choosing MIM based on your application
Personalization process
Module Advanced
 Module Capabilities
 Standards / Interfaces
 Standards compliance vs M2M requirements
Deployment, Operation & Support of M2M solutions
Auditing your devices
Monitoring, fault prevention & Diagnostic Capacity
Fraud Prevention
OTA Platform and Call Barring
Fleet Monitoring
Alert management
Managing your devices parameters
Managing provisioning
Subscription Management
 Market drivers
 Standards status
 Subscription Management solution architecture
Summary of Day 1 & 2 – Q&A
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