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Issue No. 31
APRIL 2014
Jan 2014
Editorial Board : Shri Mohan K. Sanzgiri, Dr. Smt. Asmita S. Hegde, Smt. Sharmila Telang
April 2014
in a big way during Jan 24-26 th 2014 at Swatantryaveer
Savarkar Smarak Sabhagriha , Shivaji Park , Mumbai.
All enjoyed the variety of music , cultural programs ,
recipe competition, interviews, seminars and stalls of
retail Goa theme products and delicacies.
Three Goan seniors, Dr. Premanand Ramani, Mr.
Suresh Kare and Smt. Kishori Amonakar, were felicitated
for their significant contribution to our mother state.
Seminar titled ‘Legal issues’ by Adv Mrinalini
Deshmukh was organized by AAMI GOENKAR women’s
wing detailing rights & security to women. It was well
responded by womenfolk.
Drama titled ‘Rathotsav’ was also attended &
appreciated by all.
GOA FESTIVAL is an important outreach initiative
of AAMI GOENKAR to promote Goan art & culture in
Mumbai. The response was overwhelming which was
the ultimate satisfaction to the organisors. Thanks to
all our valued sponsors and volunteers.
Aami Goenkar welcomes new members :
since December 2013
Aami Goenkar
ON SUNDAY 27TH April 2014
from 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm
Mangala Hindi School,
Opp. Bank of Maharashtra,
near Thane Railway Station, Thane (East).
• “AWARENESS of CANCER in Women”
by Dr. Anupama Borker,
Consultant Oncologist, Bombay Hospital.
• A musical program
(Marathi & Konkani songs)
by Mrs. Vandana Khandekar.
We solicit your gracious presence
Yours sincerely
CA Sanjay Hegde
Subhash Kerkar
(Hon. Secretary)
For further information contact:
Mr. Vivek Prabhudesai, mob: +91 9920516016
Patron Members:
1. Mr Pankaj Kakode, Goa
2. Mr. (Adv) Adhik Shirodkar
3. Mr. Datta Naik Goa
4. Mr. Sudin B. Naik, Goa
Life Members :
1. Mr. Vidyut W. Navelkar, Mumbai
2. Mr. Umesh G. Kerkar, Mumbai
3.Mr. Ramchandra A. Prabhudesai, Mumbai
4. Dr. Aditya R. Kamat, Mumbai
5. Mr. Santosh R. Prabhu Gaonker, Mumbai
6. Mrs. Bharati S. kamat, Mumbai
7. Mr. Gautam Bhatikar, Mumbai
8. Mr. Pranesh Dhond, Mumbai
9. Mr. Darshan V. Rao Valaulikar, Goa.
10. Dr. Nitin L. Borkar, Goa.
11. Mr. Atul P. Naik, Goa.
12. Mr. Madhav V. Talak, Goa.
13. Mr. Pravas K. Naik, Goa.
14. Mr. Ajit M. Virginkar, Goa.
15. Mr. Salil A. Kare, Goa.
16. Mr. Narayan R. Prabhu Gaonker, Goa
17. Mr. Gunaji P. Sawardekar
18. Mr. Durgaprasad D. Sukhthankar, Mumbai.
Ordinary Members: ( all from Mumbai)
1. Mr. Arvind N. Naik Desai
2. Mrs. Kanti Arvind Naik Desai
3. Mr. Vallabh Jaiwant Sukerkar
4. Mr. Arun S. Rajadhyaksha, Thane (w).
5. Mrs. Kirti Satish Bhandarkar
6. Mr. Premanand Dhond
Ordinary Membership to Life Membership
1. Mr. Uday J. Borkar
2. Mrs. Medha Arun Manerkar
April 2014
Prafulla Dahanukar
(January 1, 1934-March 1, 2014)
Prafulla Dahanukar, an incredible majestic personality
passed away on March1. 2014. She was a known name
in the field of art. She was an award winning painter and
had completed 50 years of her career
as a painter.
Born in Goa, Prafulla was raised
in Mumbai. She studied fine art at Sir
J.J.School of Art and graduated with
a gold medal in 1955. The
Government of France awarded her
a scholarship to study fine art in Paris
in 1961.
After her graduation, Prafulla won
a Silver Medal for her painting in the
Annual Exhibition of the Bombay Art
Society. From 1956, she began her
solo exhibitions regularly. After her
50 years in career, Jehangir Art Gallery honoured her by
sponsoring the Retrospective show of her paintings thro’
the five decades. She participated in many international
exhibitions in England, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany,
Australia, Japan, Portugal, Iceland and France. Barclays
Bank in 2008, sponsored her exhibition in Dubai which
was inaugurated by the famous painter M.F.Hussain. Her
paintings are in the collection of National Art Gallery of
Modern Art and Lalit Kala Academy in New Delhi, Central
Museum in Nagpur, Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai
and many other institutions in India and overseas. She
called her paintings “Eternal Space” as she believed that
the space was unending and could not be destroyed.
Prafulla used her artistic talent in creating murals in
ceramic, wood and glass. These murals are displayed on
many buildings in Mumbai, Pilani,
Kolkata and Muscat (Oman).
Prafulla Dahanukar served the
cause of art and painting for all her
life. She was a committee member
of the Lalit Kala Academy in New
Delhi, Bombay Art Society, Trustee
of Jehangir Art Gallery for 40 years,
Kala Academy, Goa, The Artists’
Centre and she was the President of
Art Society of India.
Besides paintings, Prafulla had
keen interest in music. She was one
of the founder members of Sangeet
Kala Kendra with Late Shri Aditya Birla. She was a
committee member of Music Forum, a trustee of Indian
National Theatre and Vice President of Bade Ghulam Ali
Khan Yaadgar Sabha. She was also a main trustee of an
orphanage called “Bal Anandgram” in Lonavala for the
last 30 years.
We, at Aami Goenkar are so blessed to have known
her and had her as a Patron Member. She was the first
recipient of Aami Goenkar’s “Lifetime Acheivement Award”
last year. She was a source of great support and
inspiration to us. Her demise is a great loss to Aami
¡`m{ÀÒZm ^m{i{ (11 _{ , 1914 - 5 Am∞∞JÒQ>,
2001) `mßZm †_amR>r aßJ^y_rdarb [ohÎ`m ÒÃr
H$bmH$ma d Jmo`H$m ÂhUyZ ‡og’r o_imbr. 2014
gmbr Jm{Ï`mV O›_b{Î`m ¡`m{ÀÒZmVmB© [ydm©l_r¿`m
XwJm© H{$i{H$ma hm{À`m†. emÛr` gßJrVmM{ oejU K{D$Z
d`m¿`m 13 Ï`m dfu À`mßZr [ohbm H$m`©H´$_ gmXa
gßJrV oXΩXe©H$ lr. H{$edamd dm_Z ^m{i{
`mß¿`mer À`mßMm oddmh Pmbm . H{$edamdmßZr 1933
gmbr "ZmQÁ_›dßVa' hr ZmQ>H$ H$ß[Zr H$mT>br. "AmßY˘`mßMr emim' h{
`m H$ß[ZrM{ [ohb{ ZmQ>H$ hm{V{. ¡`m{ÀÒZm ^m{i{ d [Ÿm]mB© dV©H$ `m Xm{Z
Ûr H$bmH$mamßZm À`mV ^yo_H$m o_imÎ`m AmoU _ohbmßZm aßJ_ßMmda
‡d{e o_imbm. `m H$ß[Zr¿`m BVa ZmQ>H$mß_‹`{hr ¡`m{ÀÒZmVmB©Zr ^yo_H$m
H{$Î`m. 1935 _‹`{ ZmQÁ_›dßVa H$ß[Zr ]ßX
[S>Î`mda 1941 _‹`{ ¡`m{ÀÒZmVmB©Zr _m{. J.
amßJU{H$amß¿`m "ZmQÁoZH{$VZ' `m H$ß[ZrV ‡d{e H{$bm.
`m H$ß[ZrV\}$ 1942 _‹`{ Amb{b{ , ¡`m{ÀÒZmVmB©Mr
‡_wI ^yo_H$m Agb{b{ "H$wbdYy' h{ ZmQ>H$ Iy[
JmOb{. gßJrV aßJ^y_rda _mZmM{† ÒWmZ o_idyZ
1960 _‹`{ †¡`m{ÀÒZmVmB© oZd•Œm PmÎ`m. À`mß¿`m
H$›`m dßXZm ImßS{>H$a `mßZrhr gßJrVmV Zmd H$_mdb{.†
¡`m{ÀÒZmVmB™Zm 1976 gmbr "gßJrV ZmQ>H$
AH$mX_r' [waÒH$ma d 1980 gmbr odÓUyXmg ^md{ [waÒH$ma o_imbm.
1984 gmbr Pmb{Î`m AoIb ^maVr` ZmQÁ gß_{bZmM{ A‹`j[X
¡`m{ÀÒZmVmB©Zr ^yfodb{. À`mßZm bVm _ßJ{eH$a [waÒH$ma 1995 gmbr
_hmamÔ≠>mV\}$ d 1999 gmbr Jm{Ï`mV\}$ X{ `mV Ambm.†
Change of e mail ID - Please note that e mail ID of ‘Aami Goenkar’ is changed to
[email protected] / [email protected]
April 2014
Profile of A Genius
Bhaskaracharya was born
in Shaliwahan shake 1036
(1114 AD) at Vijjalvid, a place
near Chalisgaon, amidst
Maheshwar was an expert in
religious matters and an
ingenious thinker. He was the
‘Guru’ of Bhaskara. It is
amazing to know how
Bhaskara received. In his own
words he has written- ‘I have
studied eight books of
Grammar, six books of
Medicine, six books of Logic,
five books of Mathematics, five
books of Dramatics, four Vedas
and two books of ‘Mimansa
At the age of 36 (1150 AD)
he wrote the treatise
‘Siddhantshiromani’. Besides that he wrote ‘Karankutuhal’,
‘Srvatobhadrayantra’, ‘Vasishithatulya’ and ‘Vivahapatal’.
‘Siddhantshiromani’ has four sub books- ‘Lilawati’,
‘Beejaganita’, ‘Ganitodhyaya’ and ‘Goladhyaya’, first two
being on Mathematics and last two on Astronomy. They
are written in Sanskrit and together have about 1500
Sanskrit stanzas. Bhaskara has not given direct proofs of
any theorem. They are included in the problem. Even the
answers are not stated. All the books are in the poetic
form wherein numbers are converted into words. If the
words representing the numbers are not known, it is
difficult to understand the book.
‘Lilawati’ and ‘Beejaganita’ were used as standard text
books of Mathematics for next 600 years. ‘Lilawati’ was
translated in many other languages. In 1612 it was
translated into Persian. British scholar Thomas Colebrook
translated it in English in 1817. To make Mathematics
interesting, Bhaskara has used animals, birds, different
professionals in the form of stories. He named all the
numbers in the multiples of 10 from one to Parardha (1017).
(In English, the numbers are named only in multiples of
thousand, million, billion, trillion etc.) Bhaskara gave proof
of Pythagoras theorem in two different ways. For drawing
regular polygon of any number of sides, Bhaskara’s
method is the best method. He defined infinity very nicely.
He arrived at the idea of calculus.
For understanding ‘Ganitodhyaya’ and ‘Goladhyaya’,
basic knowledge of astronomy
Bhaskara’s era neither the
laws of gravity nor the idea of
elliptical orbits of planets were
known. But Bhaskara has
correctly stated that on the
geographical poles there are
six months of day and night
and on the moon there are
fifteen days of day and night.
The speed of motion and the
period of revolution of the
planets calculated by him are
accurate. He gave the simple
method to calculate the
circumference of the earth. For
calculation of the eclipse,
instantaneous speed of sun
and moon needs to be
calculated. Bhaskara used
calculus like equation for the
same. He knew the method of parallax to find distance of
sun and moon from the earth. His calculations are found
to be accurate.
The golden era of Indian Mathematics and Astronomy
started with Aryabhatt in the year 500 AD and ended with
Bhaskaracharya in the year 1200 AD. In the twelfth
century the rest of the world was far behind in the field of
knowledge. Indian decimal system reached Europe up to
Spain. But it was banned in many countries and came in
general use only 400 years later. Bhaskaracharya was
perhaps the topmost scientist of his age. He died in 1193.
After Bhaskaracharya, India was thrown in the age of
intellectual darkness. Religious fanatic aggressors
destroyed the famous Nalanda University. The university
library was burning for many months. Even other
universities were destroyed. There was not a single
university left in India for next 600 years. Ultimately, in
1857 the British restarted the tradition of University
education in India by establishing three universities, at
Mumbai, Calcutta and Madras.
In 1971, late Prof. N. H. Phadake translated ‘Lilawati’
in Marathi and named it ‘Lilawati Punardarshan’. We were
fortunate to have Bhaskaracharya , a talented
mathematician and astronomer born in our country. But
even after independence his work was not given due
credit. The year 2014, is the 900th birth year of
Bhaskaracharya. Our salute to this icon!!
April 2014
Anuradha Prabhudesai, the founder of ‘Lakshya
foundation’ was a middle class banker from Mumbai
suburbs. Back in August 2004, she was in Ladakh on a
holiday with her husband and friends. They were ambling
along the roads of Drass, drinking in the friendliness of
the locals and the soldiers in a war-ravaged town. While
traveling in that region, she spotted a caption that read, ‘I
only regret that I have but one life to lay down for the
country.’ She was totally moved by those words and that
was a turning point of her life. When they reached the
government rest house in Drass, she asked the Khansama
of the rest house, “What happened here in 1999?” who,
in turn, unassumingly asked her “Don’t you have any idea?
Thousands laid down their lives in this terrain.” That was
her moment of introspection. She pondered about her
comfortable life back in Mumbai, the brief news about
Kargil (in 1999) and the pseudo patriotism she wore in
her heart.
Moved by this, she, along with her friend Vikram Joshi,
took an oath at “Vijay Stambh” (odO` ÒVß^)(War Memorial
in Drass) to bring to light the sacrifices made by our
soldiers. They determined to visit Kargil and bring civilians
along with them to show them the difficult terrain and the
battlefield of Kargil War where our soldiers fought
Back from the trip, Anuradha wrote several letters to
the army officials seeking permission to visit them during
“Raksha Bandhan” (ajm ]ßYZ) in 2005. After some initial
resistance, Colonel Jha finally conceded. The mission was
possible but the trail ahead tough. Driving through rough
roads from Manali to Sarchu and finally into Leh, it all
seemed worth it when, after tying rakhis and distributing
homemade food, the soldiers expressed, ""AmO Om{ fl`ma X{V{
hm{ amIr H{$ OarE, Am{ hm{gbm X{Vm h° bT>Z{ H{$ obE.'' The bond
strengthened when she returned in 2006 with a group of
36 girls and continued to visit the soldiers every year
‘Lakshya Foundation’ was formed
on 4th October 2009 to bridge the
gap between the armed forces and
the civilians. It tries to create an
emotional bond with the soldiers and
their family members. Lakshya
Foundation spreads the saga of
sacrifice of the young soldiers.
Anuradha has visited Kargil 12
times in last ten years. So far she
has visited Ladakh with 450 civilians
giving them first hand experience of
army life. She has delivered lectures
and arranged get- togethers of
wives of army personnel and war
widows. She is available to the
soldiers and their families on phone throughout the year.
A midnight call from a soldier posted in difficult terrain or
his worrying mother/wife is not uncommon for Anuradha.
Her work has been cherished by the army.She has
access to all the regiments in the Kargil region. On 26th
July 2011, she received a memento from Lt. Gn.
Dastane for boosting the morale of the soldiers and
bridging the gap between civilians and soldiers. In
January, 2014, she was invited by Rotary Club of Mapusa
to deliver a lecture in ‘Arpan’ series.
Sharing several anecdotes of soldier’ lives who stay
put at an altitude of 18,000 ft. in bone-chilling conditions,
Anuradha urges that if one finds a soldier, give him
respect and love.
She decided to quit her job in January 2012 as she
wanted to dedicate herself to the mission of ‘Lakshya
Foundation’. She believes her mission will be
accomplished only when every Indian dedicates at least
five years of his life to the country. For Anuradha,it would
mean a truly patriotic India.
We, Indians must indeed be thankful to someone as
iconic as Anuradha Prabhudesai who has walked amidst
us and chosen a different path.
We salute and acknowledge her and all the soldiers.
""O` ohßX!''
Jeet Sawardekar, son of
Manorama and Mayur
Sawardekar studying in Std VI
Hiranandani Foundation
School Thane.
Jeet appeared for the
Competitive All Maharastra
Teachers Association” titled
held in the year 2013 -14
In this Exam, 42700 candidates appeared for the
written test comprising of Science subjects. In this test
3340 students were shortlisted on percentile basis i.e
Top 7% of the students appeared.
Further practicals were conducted and out of the
above successful candidates 192 were selected on
aggregate marks of the both tests.
The above students were selected for project on
environment preservation , subject of their own self and
viva to be presented before a panel of science teachers
at Social Service League high School Matunga.
In the Final Selection 19 students were awarded the
Gold Medal , 85 were awarded the Silver Medal and
the rest were awarded the Bronze medal.
Jeet won the Silver Medal which was presented by
Dr Amol Dighe , the renowned Scientist working in TIFR
who was the Chief guest at the function.
‘Aami Goenkar’ wishes him a bright career ahead.
April 2014
Ladies’ wing of ‘Aami Goenkar’
‘Aami Goenkar’ inaugurated its ‘Ladies’ wing’ during
Goa festival. Considering the current social issues
related to women, a session on ‘Women Related Laws’
by renowned lawyer Adv. Mrinalini Deshmukh was held
at Madam Cama Hall, Savarkar Smarak, Dadar. It was
well attended by our members as well as nonmembers.
Adv. Deshmukh made it quite interesting by sharing her
experiences and making it an interactive session.
Second programme of the Ladies’ wing was planned
on the occasion of International Women’s Day. While
Try If You Can
My Secret Word
One of the words listed below is my secret word.
With this list in front of you, if I were to tell you any one
letter of my secret word, then you would be able to tell
me the number of vowels in my secret word.
Which word is my secret word?
------------------ A N S W E R
My Secret Word
From the ‘clue’ : If you were told any one of the letters
in MOD, then you would not be able to determine
whether the number of vowels in my secret word is one
or two. So none of the letters in MOD is in my secret
word. Then my secret word cannot be AIM, DUE, MOD,
or OAT. So my secret word is TIE.
caring for the family, ladies sometimes tend to ignore
their own health. So in this health awareness
programme, Dr. Anupama Borkar, Consultant
Oncologist, Bombay Hospital spoke on various cancers
affecting women. It was a very informative
session covering all aspects from prevention to
treatment of cancers. CDs demonstrating methods of
self examination and thereby early detection of cancer,
were distributed to all.
Women’s issues whether health related or legal, do
not remain restricted to women. The entire family gets
affected. This was reflected by good representation of
men in both the programmes.
April 2014
Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar received the second
highest civilian award, Padma Vibhushan in Jan. 2014.
He was former Director General of council of scientific &
industrial research which is a chain of 38 publicly funded
industrial research & development institution in India. He
was born on 1st January 1943 in Goa.He completed his
Chemical Engineering in 1966 & there after PhD from
mumbai university. He also received honorary doctorate
from various other universities like Salford university (
U.K.) in 1993,university of Kanpur in 1995, university of
rurki in 1997, university of Delhi in 1998. He worked with
National Chemical Lab in Pune.He was the Director NCL,
Pune ((1989 to 1995). He was awarded padmashri in 1991
& also padmabhushan in 2000.
Gail Nicole Da Silva from Goa selected as the
second runner up of Miss India 2014
Wendell Rodricks is a prominent
fashion designer from Goa. In Jan. 2014,
Government of India conferred upon him
its fourth-highest civilian award the Padma
ShrI. He has been listed among one of
India’s top ten designers. His work has
involved a wide range of fashion-from
lecturing on world costume history to
fashion journalism and styling for
international advertising campaigns.
Rodricks was the first Indian designer to be invited to
IGEDO (the world’s largest garment fair) and the first Indian
designer to open the Dubai Fashion Week.
Rodricks lives in Colvale village of North Goa and since
1993 he has gained the reputation for sending out creative
collections for each fashion season. He has argued that it
is a remarkable feat for a designer who despite living in a
small village can still manage to direct the fashion trend
for the country.
Dinesh Trikannad, from Madgaon is in bauxite Mining
& Export for last 30 years, he is in bauxite business
from 1987. He started working at kolhapur Udgiri mines
and started supplying low grade Bauxite to cement
companies & High grade to Alam Companies. In 1995,
he started supplying metal grade bauxite to Hindalco
Industrie, Belgaum plant. In 2001, Russian buyers
requested him to do one trial shipment from Ratnagiri
Jaigad port. He successfully completed shipment. In
2004, Japanese companies approached him for bauxite.
There was no looking back. By 2012-2013 he became
leading Exporter of Bauxite. He only concentrated on
export to commemorate his success. On International
customs day i.e. on 28th of Jan he was awarded
creditable performance in Bauxite Export by Pune
Custom’, Central Excise & Service Taxdivision. The
Trophy was given by Shri. Sanjeev Behari (Chief
Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise & Service
Tax Pune zone) and Shri. Vasa Seshagiri Rao
(Commissioner of Customs).
Dinesh Trikannad is a life member of ‘Aami Goenkar’.
April 2014
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