Europeans health must be put back in the right hands - Beuc

Europeans’ health must be put back in the right hands
Drug regulation, medical device approval and supervision of The European Medicines
Agency looks likely to be reappointed to the European Commission’ health policy makers.
Incoming Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is said to have reversed his
decision and moved such dossiers from Enterprise and Industry sections following
pressure from the European Parliament and health campaigners including BEUC.
Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC, commented:
“If confirmed, it means our efforts have borne fruit. Law making when it comes to
pharma issues in Europe must be put in the right hands. After all, consumers’ health is a
right, not a commodity.
“Moving oversight of drugs and medical devices to Industry departments would convey
the message that the Commission puts profits before patients. But the early opportunity
is there to show the Juncker Commission will be responsive and pragmatic.”
Read BEUC’s letter sent to Juncker with 27 other NGOs.
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