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University of Yaounde I
Call for Applications
Masters and PhD Programmes in Information and
Communication Technologies and Sciences (ICTS)
Admission Requirements
For Master 1 (resp. Master 2, PhD), applicants should be holders of a Bachelor of science (resp. Master 1, Master 2), in a
field relevant to the intended programme of study. This degree should be delivered by an accredited university.
Female and international (non Cameroonian) applicants are particularly encouraged.
Career Opportunities
The Masters programs prepare students to become engineers or consultants, in the field of ICTS. Graduated students
can also continue with PhD studies in order to become university lecturers or researchers.
Computer Engineering and Telecommunications with three areas:
 Software Engineering
 Management of Information Systems
 Networks and Telecommunications.
Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing with four areas:
Industrial Mathematics
Mathematical Modelling and Information Transport
Mathematical Biology
Mathematical Modelling for Economics and Finance
 Mechatronics, with one area:
 Universities : EPFL (Switzerland), Burundi, Kinshasa,  CETIC, is implemented by the Camerounian Govern-
Ndjamena, Buea, Douala, Maroua, Abomey-Calavi, Parakou, Cheikh Anta Diop.
 Research Institutions : Inria and IRD (France).
 Prestigious Engineering Schools: : Ens-Bretagne,
ENSIMAG (Grenoble), ENSPTT and ENSPT (Cameroon)
ment with the support of the World Bank, and bénéfits from a vast network of partnerships not only
with higher education institutions, but also with public
institutions and private companies.
Teaching Staff
In addition to professors and senior lecturers, students will be mentored by post-doctoral fellows and PhD students.
A series of conferences are included in the programs and will be animated by renowned ICTS experts.
Computer Engineering and Telecommunications
 Full Professors: Maurice Tchuente, Marcel Fouda, Roger Atsa (UYI), Jean-François Mehaut (Inria, Grenoble),
Hervé Martin (CNRS, Grenoble), Ange Nambila (IAI, Gabon), Claude Tangha (UPAC, Yaounde), Lionel Seinturier
(Inria, Lille), Roger Nkambou (UQAM, Canada), Benoit Combemale (IRISA, Rennes), Eric Badouel (Inria, Rennes,),
Laurent Broto (Alstom, Toulouse), Eugène Ezin (UAC, Cotonou), Jean Robert Kala (UCAC, Yaounde), Karl Jonas
(HBRS & frauhofer Fokus, Germany), Robert Nana (Brest), Emmanuel Nataf (Inria, Nancy), Vincent Dutot (ESG,
Paris), Hippolyte Muyingi (Polytechnic of Namibia), Domenico Beneventano (Univ Modena, Italia), Albert Cohen
(Inria, Nantes), Olivier Romain (ENSEA), Emmanuel Viennet (Paris 13).
 Assitant and Senior Lecturers: Georges-Edourad Kouamou, Bernabé Batchakui, Thomas Djotio, Nana Mbinkeu
(ENSP, Yaounde), François Dagorn (Irisa, Rennes), Jean-Michel Nlong II (UN), Bonde Lossan (UPAC, Nanga Eboko),
Janvier Fotsing (Brest), Ate (Camtel, Yaounde), Tchokotcheu, Janvier Noulaye (UY1).
 Professionnals : Koye Naji Kooper (BEAC, Yaounde), Paulin Choudja (Guinness, Douala), Bernard Tchuente (GUCE,
Douala), Jasmine Kwekem (Orange, Paris), Armel Passo (Orange), Lafitte Nguemegne (UATM, Cotonou, Benin),
Wangum, Robert Bikoa, Jerome Monteu NANA (SAP, Germany), Gabriel Fopa (ITGSTORE), Bell (ITS sarl), Mfondi
Roger (MCA Conseil), Ernest Mbenkum (Sumbola Inc, Toronto), Prosper Pagou (Antic), Alain Ate (Camtel), Erick
Georges Tankeou (Huawei), Armstrong Formena (Camtrack), Aline Djounewe (MTN), Mahonde Achille (Orange,
Mathematical Modelling and Scientific modelling
 Full Professors: Gabriel Nguetseng, Timoleon C. Kofane, Norbert Noutchegueme, Nicolas Andjiga, Awono Onana,
Bertrand Tchantcho, Thomas Bouetou Bouetou, Claude Marie Ngabireng, Germain Ben-Bolie (UYI), Robert Nzengwa
(UD), Berge Tsanou (UDs), Raïdandi Danwe (UM), François Tsobnang (ISMANS, France), Emmanuel Frenod (Univ.
Bretagne Sud, France), Wilfrid Gangbo (Gatech, USA), Abdelghani Bellouquid (ENSA Marrakech, Maroc), Innocent
Kamwa (Hydroquebec et Univ. Laval, Canada), Mamadou Sango (Univ. Pretoria, South Africa), M. Taki (Univ. Lille 1,
France), Tchofo Dinda (Univ. Bourgogne, France), K. Porsezian (Pondicherry, India), A. B. Mouboussi (Univ. Nasuku,
Gabon), C. E. Noureddine (Univ. Moulay Ismail, Maroc), Alberto Rosso (CNRS, France), Samuel Bowong, Louis-Aimes
Fono (UD), Pierre Ngnepieba (FAMU, USA), Roger B. Sidje (Univ. Alabama, USA), Mohamadou Alidou (UM), Jean
Lubuma (Univ Pretoria).
 Assistant and Senior Lecturers: Jules Djoko Kamdem (Univ. Pretoria, South Africa); Joseph Tadjuidje (Univ.
Kaiserlenten, Germany); Judith Torimiro, Jean-Jules Tewa, Etienne Takou, Ibrahim Moukouop, Jacques Tagoudjeu
(UYI); Jean Louis Woukeng (UDs), Seraphin Ngongo (Univ. Paris 1, France), Joseph Mvogo Ngono, Jean Chills Amba,
Moussa Fali (UD), Nkem Nkhumbah (UMICH, USA), Leila Bagny (CIRAD et IRAD), Yves Dumont (AMAP, Montpellier)
 Professionnals: Ebenezer Kunatse (Continental Regensburg, Germany), Hubert Tchatat (ARMP), Elangui (OMPI),
Josué Tegang (IRAD), Dieudonné Ekouta (PI Engineering), Samuel Njoh Nseke (General des Travaux), Mariette
Bissene (Technipôle, ENSP).
Embedded Electronic Systems.
Masters is a four semesters program
 In each area the first semester is a common core syllabus.
 At the end of the second semester, there is a mandatory
internship of 2 months
 Semester 3 is devoted to specialised courses
 Semester 4 is devoted to mandatory internships of 6
 Masters thesis public defence is mandatory
PhD is a 3 years program within a research team associated to CETIC.
School fees are set to 1 000 000 XAF annually, payable in two
installments. No student who satisfies the academic requirements
for his/her admission will be excluded for financial reasons. To
this effect, CETIC offers various solutions, including financial aid,
loans and scholarships for students.
 Application form, to be either filled online or downloaded at: http://
 A cover letter
 A research progress report (for PhD students)
 A copy of the birth certificate
 Transcripts of university studies
 A description (5 to 6 lines maximum per course) for courses
mentioned in the transcripts.
 Certified copies of Baccalaureat/GCE A-level and university
certificates /degrees (.PDF or .JPEG files)
 Three referee reports
 Recent ID photo
 A copy of national ID or passport
Practical Information
 Deadline for submission of applications : 5 September 2014.
 Applications should be sent by email to [email protected]
 Contact: Tel: (237) 99 65 12 80 / 22 69 88 85
Mme Marie-Noëlle Anaba
 Interview of shortlisted Candidates : 15 to 16 September 2014
 Publication of admission results : 19 September 2014
 Starting date: 27 October 2014
 Full Professors: Emmanuel Simeu (UJF, Grenoble), Pierre Ele, Alain Tiedeu (UYI), Jean Mbihi (UD), Blaise Nsom
Eyenga(UBO, France), Hilaire Fotsing (UDS), Lucien Meva’a (UYI), René Wamkeue (UQAT Canada), Yves Perriard
(EPFL, Lausanne), Henry Happy (IEMN, France), Martin Kom (UYI), Alexis Kuitche (UN), Innocent Kamwa (HydroQuébec, Canada).
 Assistant and Senior Lecturers: Jean Kamdem, André Talla, Olivier Videme, Raïssa Onanena (UYI), Pierre
Tsafack (UB), Djallo Haman, André Youmsi (UN), Moise Djoko Kouam (ECAM, France), Timothée Kombe, Aurelien
Yeremou (UD), Blaise Mtopi (UDS).
 Professionnals Mbinkar (UYI), Germain-Blaise Ndzie (UD), Kayibanda (UYI), Martial Adiang (Transports JAVOUREZ,
Douala), Denis Akam (CAMTEL), Pierre Topi (Mégatec, Yaoundé), Léon Roland Elongue Akame (National
Instruments), Kenfack Wamba (Camtel).
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