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69th Annual
Greetings Brothers,
2014 is Your year…We are once again energized to
accomplish great things over
the next 12 months and it will
happen for each one of us if we
remain committed. Thank you
for entrusting me to lead for a
second term as your Basileus.
Last year you all played a vital
outstanding year of programs,
This is your
Chapter, and through your
active participation we will
continue to thrive in the
Charlotte community, the District and the Fraternity.
Together we can and will leverage the collective voice of
Omegas in the Charlotte area!
Spartanburg, SC
April 24-27, 2014
Moving forward in 2014 you will see consistent
communication, innovative programs, celebration of our
history and opportunities for us to strengthen our bond
as Brothers! We are committed to you, our brothers and
only ask that you meet us half way with your feedback,
involvement, and enthusiasm. Remember, 2014 is Your
Fraternally yours
Joachim Rogers,
For more info:
February 2014
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Charlotte’s Omegas chip in,
memorably, to Empty Stocking Fund
Welcome to Omega Psi Phi !!
.By Helen Schwab Charlotte Observer
December 7, 2013
1. Jerry Reid
2. Titus Thorn
3. Rodney Monroe
4. Marsalis James
5. Antonio Meeks
6. Shawn Friday
The brothers of Omega Psi Phi waded deep into
December crowds and returned to their fraternity house
victorious, bearing Magna Rip Claws and Mongooses,
Thunder Tumblers and Bey Warriors Shogun Steel
Octagon Battle Sets. Amid all those gray and red and
black bikes and skates and cars, piled near the house’s
leather couches and a big-screen showing NFL
highlights, sat one very pink Nerf Rebelle: a crossbow
designed specifically for girls.
A gender-specific crossbow? “I know. It’s crazy, right?
What will they think of next?” laughed brother Michael
wanted it, and the
Charlotte’s Pi Phi
graduate chapter
like to get kids
what they want.
“She’s going to
have a good
Christmas,” said
mission? Fulfill the dreams of 100 Charlotte kids,
through the Salvation Army’s Christmas Bureau. That
program provides struggling parents with gifts for their
children, paid for in part with money donated to the
Observer’s Empty Stocking Fund. The fraternity
comprises about 250 members, all college graduates,
working in an array of fields but all committed to service
and social responsibility.
Dino Miller has organized the chapter’s Angel Tree drive
since 2001, he said, when they took on about 20 kids to
buy for. That number began to grow, eventually hitting
50 by 2009. As the national fraternity – which counts
Mayor Pat Cannon and Police Chief Rodney Monroe
among its members locally – neared its centennial in
2011, Miller approached the membership at the
November 2010 chapter meeting. We should double it to
100, he said, to celebrate our 100 years.
7. Devon Weddington
8. Charles Donaldson
9. Eric Coe
10. Wayne Lear
11. Lamont Franklin
12. Harry Colon
13. Corris Davis
14. Cyril Daniel
15. Danny Hall
16. Christopher Stowe
17. David Burch
18. Mark Sherrill
February 2014
Page 2
Daunting, particularly when you realize Shogun Steel
Sets go for 40 or
Claws for $50 or
games such as
Madden 25 climb
from there.
But “the brothers
are very willing to
goals,” said Miller.
essentially), said the group particularly likes knowing
gifts go to children who live near their north Charlotte
fraternity house: “A lot of the toys stay right in that area.”
“I got the Madden 25,” said John Montgomery, a 30-year
fraternity member. He practically had to: “That’s the
hottest game out there.” Plus, it’s easier to find than,
say, a Flutterbye Flying Fairy Doll in the requested pink
color. Which some brother, bless his heart, tracked
down. It’s conceivable, admitted Miller’s wife, LaTonja,
that a wife aided in the search. It happens.
“If you get your name on the list early, you can get a
boy,” revealed Preston Pendergrass, who just finds them
a lot easier to shop for. “I got clothes and an art set, a
nice one” for the boy he got this year, he said. “I used to
do some drawing, so that helped.”
Once the brothers
had gotten their gifts
supplementing with
purchases (“Look!
has a carrying case
then bagging and
tagging and loading them into four SUVs, a little pickup
and two cars – a cadre of the men caravaned to the
south Charlotte Christmas Bureau. They waited a few
minutes in the cold to meet bureau coordinator Lindsay
Duncan, then carted everything in.
Duncan loves these guys, all clad in fraternity purple and
gold : satin jackets, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jerseys, each
with the knight and swords and lamp of their crest.
“You’re a memorable group!” she told them. “You let us
put faces to names.”
Miller held up his phone to show the panorama
photograph he’d taken three weeks earlier, when the
place was cavernously empty. Then he took a new one,
this one of the space filling up with hundreds and
hundreds of bags of gifts waiting for more than 12,000
needy kids, seniors and families. “What we’re doing is
just a small contribution, part of a whole community,
trying to do something for the whole community.”
February 2014
Bro. Patrick Cannon
Elected Mayor of Charlotte, N.C.
Democrat Patrick Cannon, who rose from public housing
to successful careers in business and politics, won his
“life goal” Tuesday night, defeating Republican Edwin
Peacock to become Charlotte’s next mayor.
Riding solid support in east, west and north Charlotte,
Cannon won 53.02 percent to 46.78 percent.
Countywide turnout was just under 18 percent.
Moments after taking a concession call from Peacock
around 10 p.m., Cannon stepped on stage in front of
jubilant supporters at the Sheraton Hotel, where he was
introduced by the city’s first African American mayor,
Democrat Harvey Gantt.
“I am happy, but ... I am so humbled,” Cannon said to
chants of “Patrick! Patrick!” “This didn’t have to be, but
you made it so.... I am realizing a life goal.”
Cannon, 46, will succeed Democrat Patsy Kinsey, who
was appointed in July when former Mayor Anthony Foxx
became U.S. Secretary of Transportation
Cannon went into Election Day with a solid head-start.
He won 65 percent of the early vote, for a 5,481-vote
cushion. He also benefited from an 11,600-vote margin
in Democratic straight-party ballots.
Cannon’s victory, combined with his party’s incoming 9-2
city council majority, underscores how Democratic
Charlotte has become.
Despite being led by Republican mayors from 1987 to
2009, the city is the Democratic heart of a county that
President Barack Obama twice carried by more than
100,000 votes.
Running on experience
Cannon was Charlotte’s youngest-ever council member
when first elected at age 26 in 1993. Now the mayor pro
tem, he ran on experience, a fact that clearly resonated
with some voters.
Page 3
Cannon campaigned on biography, portraying himself as
a man who has run against the odds and won.
When he was 5, his father, Thomas Odom, was found
dead of a gunshot wound outside a vacant westside
school. He was raised by his mother, Carmen, who
worked on a truck assembly line in south Charlotte. They
lived in public housing.
Achievement Week
Celebration 2013
Now Cannon runs a successful parking business.
Cannon ran on a record that includes luring investment
and affordable housing to low-income neighborhoods.
He helped champion the Westside Strategy Plan and
once even drove the bulldozer that razed a blighted
corner on West Boulevard.
“The mayor is going to carry on a great tradition of caring
about all the citizens of Charlotte,” Gantt said. “We’ve
elected a man who since the age of 26 has been
concerned about your well-being.”
Tuesday night, Cannon sounded ready to get to work for
the city.
“Let’s go Charlotte!” he said.
Pi Phi Chapter Officers for 2013-2014
Joachim Rogers
Victor L. Williams,
Christopher Bristow
David B. Sanders
First Vice Basileus
Second Vice Basileus
Keeper of Records and Seal
Lewis Young Sr.
Wm. “Mack” McDonald
Myron K. Williams
Asst KRS
Keeper of Finance
Chapter Editor
Rev. Michael McLean
Brian McCorkle
Keeper of Peace
Willie T. Ramey
Immediate Past Basileus
“Friendship is Essential to the Soul”
February 2014
The brothers of Pi Phi chapter kicked off Achievement
Week with a Rededication Ceremony on November 10,
2013. Brothers were led in a formal ceremony of
recommitment to their fraternal oath. The ceremony was
followed by the singing of Omega Dear and a fellowship
Achievement Week Activities continued on Monday,
November 11 with Pi Phi’s annual Veteran’s Day
Program, which was themed, “A salute to Pi Phi Chapter
Military Veterans.” Activities began with the posting of
colors by an honor guard comprised mostly of active
duty fraternity members from the U.S. Marine Corps.
The event commenced with a viewing of the national
presentation of the history of Omegas in the military and
continued with the
of the 42 living Pi
presentation of a
plaque recognizing
Pi Phi veterans
prominently displayed at the Omegas of Charlotte
fraternity house.
On Tuesday evening, November 12, Pi Phi hosted a
“Historical and Ritualistic Workshop.” The workshop
invited brothers to learn and then dialogue about topics
relating to fraternity ceremonies and traditions and the
impact biblical and classical literature had on their
On Wednesday, Pi Phi kicked off its annual Achievement
Week Service Project.
The chapter again chose to
support the Second Harvest Food Bank by sponsoring a
food drive. The brothers collected over 300 pounds of
food that will be used to fight hunger in the Charlotte
Page 4
At noon, on Thursday, November 14, Pi Phi’s Annual
Brotherhood Luncheon was held. Over 50 brothers
convened at the frat house for barbeque and fellowship
in honor of Achievement Week.
Pi Phi’s Achievement Week Banquet was held on
Saturday, November 16 at the Crown Plaza Executive
Park Hotel in Charlotte. Over 175 brothers and guests
attended this black-tie affair. The evening included a
reception, viewing of a presentation covering Pi Phi’s
activities and accomplishments over the year, a
performance by Pi Phi’s 2013 Talent Hunt runner up,
Elizabeth Burgos, a reading by Pi Phi’s local winner of
the 2013 International Essay Contest, Zaria Livingston,
and musical selections from the Pi Phi Ensemble. The
highlight of the evening was the presentation of the
chapter Achievement Awards for 2013. Award winners
Citizen of the Year – Bro. Herb Gray
Founders Award – Bro. Kenneth “Tito” Koonce
Superior Service – Bro. James Gaither
Omega Man of the Year – Bro. Kipling “Kip” Wilson
The evening concluded with remarks by Pi Phi Basileus
Joachim Rogers and the singing of “Omega Dear.”
Pi Phi’s Achievement Week concluded with church
service on Sunday morning, November 17. Rev. Bro.
Dr. Michael McLean, hosted the brothers at East
Stonewall AME Zion Church in Charlotte, where he is
the senior pastor. The Pi Phi Ensemble provided
musical selections during the service. After an inspiring
message from Brother McLean, the church hosted the
brothers and their families to repast in their Family Life
Center. Brothers and guests enjoyed additional musical
selections by The Ensemble.
Remember our brothers and Quettes who are sick or
shut-in. Say a prayer for, send a card to, call or visit and
share a smile with brothers:
Bro. Lamar Davis
Bro. James Dixon
Bro. Vernon Graves
Bro. James Lyons
Bro. Paul Nelson
Bro. Horace Maxwell
Bro. Bernard McGraw
Bro. John Shadd
Bro. Harold Shuford
Bro. Joseph White
Bro. Johnny Williams
Bro. J.P. Williams
Bro. Sterling Woodard
Brother Anthony Herring, Chairman, Hospitality
Committee can be reached at: (704) 806-6884
Note: To include names of Quettes who are also sick or
shut-in, please send names to the Editor at
[email protected] or 704.451.8415.
Chaplain’s Corner
Greetings Brothers,
It is with delight that I serve as
your Chaplain. As we embrace
this new year let us take a
moment to pause and reflect
upon God's mercy as we
prepare for the blessings that
await us. We as Omega men are challenged by our
fraternity founders to promote the principles of manhood,
scholarship, perseverance and uplift as a method to
Christian attainment. In these principles are precious
jewels that teach us how to live as men of God before
our families, communities and the world. I would like to
encourage all of us to promote these principles by
precept and example as we move in our various stations
in life. Please take time to ponder on the following
scriptures as they speak to us on how to live as true
Omega men. May the Supreme Basileus of the universe
continue to bless and keep you through the coming year.
Scripture Readings that
will encourage us to live
as true Omega men:
Peace and Grace,
Bro. Rev McLean
Psalm 133:1-3
Proverbs 11:3-11
1Peter 2:11-17
February 2014
Page 5
2014 Chapter Meeting Dates
Sunday January 12
Sunday February 9
Sunday March 9
Sunday April 13
Thursday May 8
Saturday June 7
Thursday June 26 (July)
Thursday August 7
Sunday September 14
Sunday October 12
Chapter Leadership
Achievement Week
Audit and Procedures
Constitution and By-Laws
Historical and Artifacts
Legal Council
Pan Hellenic Council
Political and Social Action
Talent Hunt
Youth Activities
Omegas of Charlotte, President
Queen City Omegas President
QCO Foundation, Chairman
Pi Phi Ensemble
February 2014
Derrick Hall
Tennyson Johnson
Matthew Holland
James Gaither
Gary Lewis
Guardino Miller
Gary Lewis
R. Douglas Spears Sr.
Anthony Herring
Charles “Ali” Everage
Brian Jackson
Billy McDowell
Kerr Putney
Perry Caudle Jr.
Johnnie Richardson Jr.
Barry Davis
Darryl Williams – Co
J. Pat Williams – Co
Duane Pettus
Joachim Rogers
Mark Bridges
Marvin Jeffcoat
Kenneth “Tito” Koonce
James McCoy
Bob Graham
Page 6
The Business of Omega…
Thank God for Accounting!
Bro. Victor Lorne Williams
The Business of Omega. We’ve all heard it. How would you
define it? I’ll admit I have a left side and a right side. The right
side? The Brotherhood Activities reflected on the events
calendar. For example in January, we have
MLK Prayer Breakfast, International
Undergraduate Summit, and Pi Phi
Charter Day type events.
The left side? Is the accounting side of
me which thinks about the events how
Pi Phi funds, pays, and reports the cost
of doing the Business of Omega.
All organizations and individuals have
such a “left side” accounting hat and Pi
Phi is no exception. So let’s take a walk,
put on your accounting hat (insert sarcasm
or slur here), and ponder the Business of Omega...
There are three basic accounting activities
Sixth District for Sixth District Dues paid via check
Chapter Committees (itemized in the Budget; which is
voted and approved by the Chapter)
a. Vendor is paid directly via a check
b. Brother reimbursement via a check
Chapter Approval for any other cash out flow not
already included in National, District, or Pi Phi Budget.
a. Documented in the Minutes and paid via
The majority of cash outflow are via checks maintained in a
check stock in the KF’s possession. The check stock contains
a check and a check stub. Prior to signing any check, a list of
approved signors are added (or removed) per a signatory card
at the bank. Pi Phi has three approved signors…The KF, KRS,
and Asst KRS. All checks are signed in duplicate by always
KF and either KRS or Asst KRS. As mentioned above checks
are used for all recipients except International.
Lockbox is a web-based automated payment system directly
from Pi Phi to International. Only the KRS may initiate
payments from Pi Phi to International for brother’s dues.
Reporting & Presentation
Cash In
Cash Out
Reporting and Presenting
Cash In (Collections and Deposits)
Cash In from two basic sources.
1. Cash and Checks from either Brothers (dues),
Organizations (i.e. Omegas of Charlotte, Queen City,
6 District etc…)
2. Card transactions from the Debit / Credit card
machine at the frat house
The majority of Pi Phi funding are dues provided as cash /
check collections which begins with KRS. He receipts cash /
check collection in triplicate; the KRS, Brother, and KF each
receive a copy. The KRS and KF each independently sum
total of all receipts and cash/checks. If they do not calculate
the same total, then each will “re-sum” until their separate
totals agree.
The KF, within four days, prepares a deposit slip for the “total”.
There is a copy for KF and the bank. KF visits the bank in
person and deposits the cash / checks with deposit slip into the
bank account. The bank will confirm and agree the total and if
no discrepancy, the bank processes the deposit and provides a
deposit receipt to KF. The KF does not have ability to deposit
via automated methods. So all deposits occur in person.
In October 2013 Pi Phi introduced debit/credit card machine.
We are now able to transact Pi Phi cash in via debit cards
which is clearly an automated transaction. A few approved
brothers have the ability to “swipe” a user’s card and process a
sale. All transactions are direct deposited into Pi Phi’s bank
Lastly the KF summarizes all transactions for the month and
formally presents the KF Report monthly to the Brotherhood.
However in order to prepare the KF Report, the KF obtains
several source reports which are…
1. Bank Statement
2. Check Stock
3. Debit /Credit Statement
The Bank statement is crucial since all activity is captured via
the bank account. Though we own one primary operational
bank account, two other reserve accounts are tied to the
primary. The KF access the bank statement (for all three
accounts) via website (no paper statements). The KF and
immediate past KF have user name and password.
The debit / credit card statement are provided monthly. But
once all source reports are reviewed by KF, he solicits the prior
month KF Report, and prepares the current KF Report. KF
reports are presented monthly at formal chapter meetings.
All KF reports and bank statements are maintained in Pi Phi’s
Dropbox ®. Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud
storage, file synchronization, and client software. Dropbox
allows users to create a folder on either a computer, website,
or smart phone. Dropbox synchronizes so that all folders
appears to be the same. Bro Basileus serves as administrator
who provides access to financial brothers.
Ok Bros, my bad for the information overload…did I mention
the left side is my dominant? [sic] Though this may read more
technical than I actually intended, I’d argue Pi Phi’s financial
updates process is no different than updating your own
financial reports. These updates are like a ‘92 Ice Cube Color
Bind lyric…”cause financial updates is a process that can’t
stop, and it don’t stop, and it won’t stop…”
Cash Out (Payments)
Cash Out has four basic recipients:
1. International Headquarters for International Dues paid
via Lockbox
February 2014
Page 7
February 2014
Page 8
Bro. David Sanders
Retires from City
Brother David Sanders, Pi Phi Chapter, Charlotte, NC
turns a new page in his legacy - retirement. He retired
from the City of Charlotte's Human Resources
Department after 291/2 years of
superior service.
In March 1985 as the city's first
Coordinator of the Mayor's
Summer Employment Program,
Brother Sanders started his
career with the City of
Charlotte's Employment and
primary focus was to prepare high school students to
enter the world of work. He was responsible for
recruiting and matching students with city departments
and the business community who provided a paid work
they need to hear. One of the the department directors
he supported, Willie Ratchford, commented "If you knew
David, you either loved him or hated him. You loved
David because he would tell you what you needed to
hear; you hated David because he would tell you what
you needed to hear!"
When asked his plans for his next chapter, Brother
Sanders shared that he will develop and follow his health
program (his retirement gift to his family), re-introduce
himself to the piano, travel with his wife (also recently
retired), play golf and spoil his gentle spirited, yet
exuberant, grandson, Anderson, who lives in
gorgeous granddaughter, Paz who lives in Washington,
DC. He shared further that he will continue his duties
and responsibilities with Grier Heights Presbyterian
Church, his church and Omega. Brother Sanders is
married to Jacqueline Stevens and they have two adult
children. Ian and his wife, Tykisha, are parents to
Anderson and Imani and her husband, Philemon, are
parents to Paz, born five weeks before Anderson.
A year later, he was promoted and joined the Human
Resources Department (HR) as the primary recruiter to
recruit and hire police officers and firefighter with special
emphasis on recruiting women and minorities. Brother
Sanders traveled across the country for 8 years on this
recruitment assignment.
Employment Relations Division of the HR department
where he addressed conflicts, employee concerns and
complaints, as well as administer the City of Charlotte's
drug and alcohol testing program.
During his career, Brother Sanders completed a variety
of special assignments including displaced employee
allegations of racial and sexual harassment; allegations
of other Title VII violations; and allegations of employee
misconduct. Except for the Finance, Budget and
Planning departments, he supported most all
departments (City Manager Office, Attorney's Office,
Airport, Utilities, Police, Fire, Solid Waste Services and
HR) during his tenure and he played a major role in
hiring three City Managers, 9 Assistant City Managers,
and several Department Directors.
Brother Sanders was known throughout the City as
having high integrity, caring, easy to talk with, fair and
most of all, willing to tell employees and managers what
February 2014
Barry Davis
Darryl Gaines
Orrin Reeder
Lawton Grier
John Little
Calvin Lewers
Robert Taylor
Harry Colon
Taylor Johnson
Thomas Gordon
Guardino Miller
Al Williams
Gerald Cutts
Rufus D. Spears
Charles Crump
Samuel Reid
David Sanders
Antonio Meeks
Anthony Ross
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January 27
January 27
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February 11
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February 17
February 23
March 3
March 3
March 5
March 10
March 21
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March 23
March 31
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The goal/mission of the Communications Committee is to foster effective means of communicating with the
Brotherhood by leveraging technology and exploring various communication strategies. Furthermore, to
increase the transparency, efficacy, and format in which information is disseminated.
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