Fall Newsletter - Papineau Lake Community Association

Fall Newsletter
October 2014
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
The Papineau Lake Community Association (PLCA) is a not-for-profit organization.
The PLCA is dedicated to promoting responsible environmental stewardship,
encouraging an active social atmosphere, monitoring and communicating changes
which affect our lake community and providing and maintaining infrastructure to
protect the physical and environmental integrity of Papineau Lake.
Message from our President
By Joe Oatman
It was certainly a cooler summer and fall is moving in fast. I am told that
leaves will be near peak colours at the time this newsletter is published.
The Farmer’s Almanac is apparently predicting a second winter with
heavy snow.
I have included many web links in my notes below. Please use Ctrl.
Click to open the web page.
Septage Issue
The first thing that we must acknowledge is our success in defeating the
Septage Trench issue. It will be discussed in more detail by others.
Congratulations to the Harold Harris Team who lead the fight for so long and stuck with it to the end.
This is a case, to quote Winston Churchill,” so much owed by so many to so few”. We have learned
of the importance of maintaining a constant presence at municipal meetings.
Fire Department
We have contacted the Fire Dept. and have requested a meeting to review their plans for fire
response to our Lake area. As you know, because of liability concerns, the six fire pumps have
been sold to Papineau Lake cottagers for their own use. Some of the pumps may be maintained by
the cottager and be available to you at your own risk.
Municipal Election
Soon we face a municipal election. To aid our members who are earnestly supporting us at Council
we need you to vote and be as informed as possible on the candidate choices. If you are a Canadian
citizen and an owner of property in Hastings Highlands(HH), or any other municipality, you can vote
in every municipality that you own property. Our members are supporting the Maynooth Business
Association in hosting an all candidates meeting on Saturday Oct 4th at the Gym in Maynooth, from
1 - 4 pm. Please attend, if you can, to be informed. Thanks to Harold Harris, they were influenced to
move this meeting from mid-week to Saturday so cottagers have an increased opportunity to attend.
As in previous HH elections you can vote by mail. The HH website has much information. See-
The key dates on the election are:
 September 26th mail-in ballots will be sent out to voters
 All candidates meeting October 4th at the Municipal Building in Maynooth
 Last post mark date for mail in ballots October 18th
 Thanksgiving weekend October 11th to 13th
If someone is not on the voter's list and is eligible to vote they need to complete a form and appear
in person at the municipal offices.
The following link is a video from HH on voting by mail- “VOTE-BY MAIL-TUTORIAL”
To aid voters in coming to know the candidates that are available to us , the PLCA, with input from
other lake reps in HH, developed, a candidate's questionnaire for candidates to complete . It has
been posted on our website recently. See the response on the website under vote or by using the
following link;--- http://www.papineaulake.ca//viewcustompage.php?id=17360
-then choose
select by each candidate.
In short, we need every lake resident to vote.
Membership Committee
I would like to thank Mary Mueller & Susan Bateman for their very active assistance in creating a
new and stronger approach to the team of area representatives. Mary is our new Membership
Secretary. Our membership drive got off to a late start but still yielded a successful membership
initiative . This newsletter is to be given to all even if they are not members so all may see the value
of being part of this great lake culture. Next year we shall try to field an even stronger group and do it
earlier. Please consider joining this group and meeting your fellow residents. Even if your neighbor
is not a member give us an email address so they can receive the newsletter electronically. Making
paper copies is expensive.
Division of Responsibility for Association work
To grow involvement and de-emphasize executive meetings we shall endeavor to create the
following committees to support our activities, lessen the workload on some, grow the involvement of
others, identify future executives--
HH Council committee
Environmental Committee
Nomination & Governance Committee
Membership Committee
Web Presence Committee
Regatta Committee
Finance Committee
These committees will have their own chair, their own mandate & will meet at times that are
convenient to them.
Help us unburden the few.
In hope that we can improve attendance, we have moved next year’s meetings and events from the
long weekends the only exception being the regatta.
I would like to give a special thanks to Andrea Carroll for fantastic job she did on running the
regatta this year, Anne Salgo for her labours in bringing organizing the raffle and donations to the
hospitals, Marjory McPherson for organizing the garage sale and donating to the children's library.
Ian Salgo for acting as the editor of this newsletter, crafting its very professional look.
See notes later in the newsletter.
Hastings Highlands Interlake Meetings
In June the PLCA hosted the HH Interlake meeting at the Harold Harris residence. It was attend by
representatives from Baptiste Lake, Lake St Peter, Kamaniskeg Lake, & Papineau Lake. Concerns
ranging from water quality to the election were tabled.
We participated with other lake associations at the Hastings Highlands Lakes Workshop held on
June 21st in the Hastings Highlands Gymnasium. A report on this event is given at the following web
link. http://baptistelake.org/attachments/hastingshighlandslakesworkshopreport.pdf The key
initiative arising from this meeting focused on shoreline land use. As a follow up to this meeting , the
agenda of the HH council meeting of Sept 24 included the following item:
Shoreline Protection
THAT Council requests the Mayor and staff contact lake associations and
appropriate agencies, to each provide a representative to form a committee to
research best practices on shoreline protection and bring a draft document to
the Committee of the Whole meeting of October 29, 2014.
On September the 20th Harold & I attended the interlake meeting of lakes in proximity to Highway
60. It was hosted by Kamaniskeg Lake with its President acting as chair of the meeting. It was
attended by Papineau, Kamaniskeg, Baptiste, Aylen, Round, Golden & Clear Lakes to name a few.
One of these large lakes has recently discovered that the game fish young are being destroyed by in
infestation, of now, millions of Smelt that are eating the frye. Another major concern to many of these
lakes is the Algonquin Land Claim. The PLCA will host and chair the meeting of this group next year.
If you are interested in being a part of the PLCA executive or have ideas for events, activities or
projects that you would like to see happen around our lake please let me know. Are there other
initiatives that we should be undertaking? The email addresses of your executive is on our website.
Executive E-mail addresses
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of our executive for their work during
this last year.
Table of Events for 2015
Spring Executive Meeting
Annual General Meeting
Meet and Greet Party
Golf Tournament
Fall Executive Meeting
Peter Shoemaker’s cottage
Lakeview Resort
Lakeview Resort
South Beach
Wolf Ridge in Wilno
Joe Oatman's cottage
April 25th at 10:00 am
July 5th at 9:00 am
July 25th from 2:00 to 4:00pm
Sat. August 1st at 10:00am
Sat. August 8th at 9:00am
August 29th at 10:00am
Vice President’s Message:
By Peter Shoemaker
With the passage of our Councillor, Bert Cannon’s, motion on August 13th the
septage trenches proposed for the south end of our lake were killed (see
http://www.papineaulake.com/viewcustompage.php?id=16022 to see the
complete motion). There was only one councillor who voted against Bert’s
motion; this was Councillor Fell. All in all it was a great day for Papineau Lake.
At the same meeting however, another motion was introduced by Councillor
Hickey and was passed unanimously. This motion called for the septage
report from Jp2G to be shelved and not acted upon for the time being. In the
Jp2G report the only septage site was Papineau Lake. Jp2G proposed extensive ongoing testing to
monitor the site.
On the surface the two motions seem to be contradictory. Councillor Cannon’s motion called for an
end to septage dewatering trenches, Councillor Hickey’s calls for a breathing spell. Both were
Candidate for mayor, Brent Dalgleish, when he completed the questionnaire from the PLCA
responded to the question about septage dewatering trenches by writing “it’s a shame that we can’t
find an abandoned and remote area of land in our very large municipality that could house such a
system. I perfectly understand the concerns of Papineau Lake residents as to the proposed location
and at the same time know such dewatering trenches are such a cost effective way to handle this
issue”. The use of septage dewatering trenches has not been ruled out and ultimately Hastings
Highlands needs to come up with a solution to the problem.
For the time being we can take down our Stop Septage Disposal Site signs. At the same time we
must continue to pay close attention to council.
Past President’s Message
by Harold Harris
Our annual Meet and Greet get together was enjoyed by many residents
on Saturday, July 26, at Lakeview resort. Our attendance this year was a
little higher than in the past, possibly due to the inclement weather that
day! However it didn't dampen anyone's spirits.
Thank you to all the executive members who provided delicious treats.
During our regular attendance at the Hastings Highlands council
meetings we have been pleased to see that, under Mayor Bloom's
direction, council feels comfortable discussing/debating issues, is
initiating public involvement and is working towards making
improvements for our lakes and the surrounding area.
As part of one of PLCA's requests to council for improvements we asked for a street light to be
installed at Papineau Lake road and Hwy 62, a very dark corner since the gas station closed. At the
HH council meeting on Wed. Sept. 24, 2014 council agreed to install the street light, thereby making
this intersection more visible and hopefully safer! Our gravel road has been much improved by the
treatment with calcium which also helps control the dust. Our boat launch has been graded and we
believe we will have a parking area established in due time. We have asked for a load of washed
crushed stone to be spread in the lake part of the boat ramp because many of our members
experience a vehicle soaking in the spring in order to launch their boats Last spring
recommendations were made to hire, through a student assistance program, students to assist in
maintaining the beach facilities in Hastings Highlands. This was done and our beach area was
cleaner than in previous years. It still has room for improvement but is headed in a positive direction.
We have requested the current garbage containers be improved. That is still being evaluated.
At the same meeting, a request by council was passed to form a committee of lake association
representatives and appropriate agencies to research best practices on shoreline protection and
bring a draft document back for the Oct. 29th meeting. This is a follow up to the public meeting held
in June when buffer zones, water quality and other lake issues were discussed. Another good step
for our lakes!
Treasurer’s Report
By Steven Smith
It's been another successful year for the lake and the PLCA membership.
We have a record number of memberships paid this year, 154. This
speaks volumes to our little Community called Papineau Lake. There are
2 factors to our increased memberships this year. First, we changed our
bank accounts this spring to allow us online access and with this, the
capability to accept ETransfer deposits for your dues. We had over 40
Secondly, but most importantly, is to recognize the hard work Mary ( Buzz ) Mueller put into
organizing the membership dues collected by her area reps. Her organisational skills with the help of
Sue Bateman made my job a lot easier and it is appreciated.
We topped up the $1640 earned from the raffle to $2000 and made donations to both Barry's Bay
and Bancroft Hospital for $1,000 each. We have a balance of $6,000 in our general account plus the
GIC for $5,600.
Septage Account
This will be the last time we have to report on this! As you know, we won the septage battle. All the
members who have donated $100 or more have been notified about the refunds coming. Those who
donated $100 have been presented with the option to accept 3 years prepaid membership in lieu of
a refund. The percentage refunded is 64%. There are still 10 people that haven't replied yet so
please look for the email from Ian Salgo and reply. The total spent on defending the lake was
$7,709, $7,312 in legal fees. Once the refunds are returned and we account for the prepaid
memberships, the remaining funds will be transferred to the general account and the Septage
Account will be closed.
Thank you again for all those who contributed, helped and supported our community. I have
tendered my resignation as treasurer for next spring as my commitment was to see the Septage
issue through to the end. It has been my pleasure to serve for the past 4 years.
Secretary's Report
By: Susan Bateman
Mary (Buzz) Mueller accepted the challenge of our newly created
Membership Secretary Position this year. She and her team of
Area/Lake Representatives did a great job of visiting as many
cottages and residences as possible this year to discuss the benefits
of the PLCA, collect dues, distribute membership signs, and update our community on the status of
septage and other issues at hand.
Our thanks to Buzz and her team as follows:
Nancy Bullis
Harold Harris
Cheryl Linton
Joe Oatman
Steven Smith
Margaret Canning
Paul Hart
Ken McClintock
Tom Potter
Neil Crowder
Gail Lancaster
Carrie Mollenhauer
Charlene Quinn
As of the date of this Newsletter, overall membership has grown from 134 in 2013 to 154 this year,
or 15%. Congratulations, team!
Enviromental Report
By Andrew Salgo
Since 2002, volunteers of the PLCA have taken samples from Papineau Lake
on an annual basis and for specific chemical compounds; nitrates and nitrites,
and E.coli bacteria. The locations were picked strategically based upon their
proximity to water inlets into the lake. A total of 5 samples around these various
inlets into Papineau Lake are tested along with the boat launch area at Bark
Since the start of the water testing, all the readings for nitrates and nitrites have been consistently
below acceptable levels of 0.05 mg/l on a year by year basis. When nitrogen levels in the water
become too high they can result in stressful aquatic life environments and excessive algae and plant
growth. E.coli levels have been slightly cyclic primarily on the south beach but have predominately
been low and within safe limits, however it is not advisable to drink lake water without further treating
To maintain the health of the lake we must be vigilante of the effects of human interaction with the
lake environment. Nutrient input from fertilizers, faulty septic systems coupled with the destruction of
natural shoreline vegetation are the prime reasons for lakes to deteriorate and develop algae
2013 - 2015 PLCA EXECUTIVE
Vice President
Past President
Joe Oatman
Peter Shoemaker
Harold Harris
Steven Smith**
Susan Bateman
Ian Salgo
Laniel Bateman
Raffle Chairperson
Lake Steward
Regatta Chairperson
Membership Secretary
Marj McPherson
Jim McPherson
Janis Harris
Anne Salgo**
Kevin McClintock
Andrea Carroll**
Mary Mueller
***These members are resigning this year and will be looking for volunteers to fill those
positions next year
The Annual Regatta
By Andrea Carroll
Another successful year for Regatta!
A huge thank you to all those people who made it happen! The credit belongs
Steve, Peggy, Bailey and Emma Jamrick, Cam and Robyn Clements, Sophie &
Ryan Baux, for the incredibly efficient and tasty food service.
Ethan Carroll, Scott Clements, Sean Hackl and Chris Doner for running the
Horseshoe competition.
Christine, Troy and Jordan Dumoulin, and Camren Sheppard for once again
organizing and running the young children’s games.
Johnathon Potter and Taylor Brejcha for overseeing the sandcastle building
Anne Salgo and her crew (Lorraine Ward-Hackl, Suzanne Huschilt, Connie Franklin and Victoria
Fielding) for the raffle.
Paul and Pauline Penedo for once again running the swim races.
Rob Clements and Babs Fletcher for once again running the volleyball tournament.
Joe and Jackie Hayward and their team (Paul and Peggy Tyres and Ed and Colleen Boer) for once
again running the canoe races.
Dave and Jackie Buckingham for once again running the Tug of War competitions.
Cathy Ward, Alli Penedo, Natalie Fielding, Victoria Morency, and Maeghen Carroll for all the face
paint and tattoos. Karis Whillans for updating the tattoo supplies.
Lisa Potter and Kelly Mason for their help on the awards table once again.
Lois Oatman and Sandy Street for their help with food ticket sales.
Peter Shoemaker and Steve Smith for being available at the Association table for all of Regatta.
Jim McPherson for the setup and use of his PA system and generator, what a difference it made!
Marjorie McPherson for selling t-shirts once again this year.
Sue Davidson, Jeff Webster and Steve Carroll for keeping us organized managing the team sign in
and announcements.
Caleb Dumoulin for being the first ever official lifeguard at Regatta and to Paige Clements for being
his backup and assistant.
The Penedo family for storing all the regatta equipement .
Ian Salgo, Andrew Salgo, Barry Street, Joe Oatman, Debbie Grey, Adam Dagostino, David Pilote,
many of the individuals already listed above and a few unsung heroes for your help with setup,
cleanup and a few other behind the scene necessities! Sorry if I failed to mention you here!!!
A very special thank you to Paul Penedo for developing and managing the Regatta web page. This
tool was extremely helpful in organizing the event! We hope to use it again in 2015, so if you didn’t
visit this year make sure to check it out in 2015!
Congratulations to all Regatta Winners!
Swim Events
Girls 5<
Boys 5<
Boys 6-7
Girls 8-9
Boys 8-9
Girls 10
Boys 10
–1st Sarah Clark, 2nd Tegan Lepoole, 3rd Faith Cranston & Callie Bristow
-1st Ewan Tackney
-1st Noah Ag Ibrahim & Finn Lapoole
-1st Lily Shurry, 2nd Megan Hopkins, 3rd Kyra Buckingham & Isabel Tackney
-1st Ethan Hunt, 2nd Colter Cranston & Jake Alexander, 3rd Drew McFadden
-12 -1st Audrey Carroll, 2nd Sarah Hopkins, 3rd Molly Ferguson
-12 -1st Matthew Mason, 2nd Dawson FcFadden, 3rd Kaya Huschilt & Tristan
-1st Julianne Clark
-1st John Potter, 2nd Sam Playford, 3rd Tanner McCosher
-1st Karen Clark, 2nd Kelly Abols, 3rd Nancy Clark
-1st Jeff Webster, 2nd Gary Larose, 3rd Paul Penedo & Andre McCoshen
Girls 13-15
Boys 13-15
Girls 16>
Boys 16>
Canoe Races
Mixed 20 & under
Mixed 20 & over
Men 20 & under
Women 20 & under
Men 20 & over
Women 20 & over
Dragon Boat
-1st Connor Morrow & Abbey Playford, 2nd Kevin Mason & Gwen D’aumale,
3rd John Potter & Taylor Brejcha
-1st Phil & Jill Kapuscinski, 2nd Ian & Cathy Ward, 3rd Tate & Kelly Abols
-1st Kevin & Charlie Mason, 2nd Connor Morrow & Jacob Playford, 3rd
Tanner McCoshen & Chad Mosley
-1st Gwen D’aumale & Sydney Clements, 2nd Katie Potter & Sarah Hopkins
-1st Jeff Hopkins & Kevin Cranston, 2nd Matt Lasek & Nick Michino, 3rd
Mark Trypuc & Graeme McDonald
-1st Anita MacCallum & Heather Johnston, 2nd Jill Kapuscinski & Laurie
Ochocinski, 3rd Darla & Kaitlyn Hunt
The Wards, 2nd Hunts, 3rd The Glampers
1st Muck Lies, 2nd Polish Connection
Tug of War
Mixed 17 & under
Mixed all ages
–1st O.K., 2nd 3 King Kongs
-1st Papattack, 2nd Sets on the Beach
Volleyball Teams
-1st Trypuc & Co., 2nd Papattack
Muck Lies
Other Regatta News
I am retiring as Regatta Coordinator. The Executive is currently working to build a Regatta
Committee for next year. The Regatta Committee will allow for the responsibility of Regatta to be
more evenly shared amongst a group of individuals. Many of you know participating in Regatta is a
very rewarding and fun experience. It is a fabulous way to get involved, help out and meet people
from around the lake. I hope many of you will consider being a part of this new Regatta Committee.
Individuals who are interested in participating in or learning more about the Regatta Committee are
asked to contact Joe Oatman. [email protected]
Before I say goodbye however, just one last GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported
me these past two years in The Regatta Coordinator role. I have greatly enjoyed serving in this
capacity. Regatta is something so many of us look forward to every year. Families come together to
participate alongside one another. So many return to the lake insuring they are here for Regatta.
There are faces I only see when at Regatta each year. How many of our cottages are adorned with
the trophies, ribbons, medals and prizes of Regatta winnings from years passed? Thank you
Papineau Lake Association volunteers for enriching our families’ lives through the many years with
this fabulous tradition! I look forward to seeing you on the beach in 2015!
Annual Raffle Fundraiser at the Regatta 2014
By Anne Salgo
2014 was another successful year for the annual regatta raffle. With a
cooperative weather day, we had a good turnout and our raffle table was a
popular activity. We had 59 prizes this year and the table raised $1640! Our
association added another $360 to the raffle profits and we made two
donations of $1000 each to St Francis Memorial Hospital Foundation in Barry's
Bay and the QHC North Hastings Hospital in Bancroft.
Many thanks to the volunteers who sold tickets: Suzanne, Lorraine, Nancy &
Dave, and Connie. Thanks to Vicki Fielding, Katherine Ward, Jenn and Joe
Oatman for their assistance in the draw. Many hands make the work lighter
and much more fun!
Merchant donors again contributed to our success:
In Bancroft:
Bancroft Village Playhouse Theatre, The Old Tin Shed, Canadian Tire, Rona, Tim-Br Mart, Home
Hardware, IDA Drug Store, No Frills, Foodland, Bancroft Golf Course, River's Edge Golf Course and
Shoppers Drug Mart.
From Bird's Creek to Combermere:
Bird's Creek Feed & Hardware, Madawaska Art Shop, Foxfire Gallery, Hastings Highlands
Municipality, Maple Leaf Country Store, WheelCare Auto and Serenity on the Bay Spa.
In Barry's Bay:
Home Hardware/Mad Outdoors, Lorraine's Pharmasave, P Burke & Son Jeweller, Barry's Bay
Outfitters, V&S Stedmans and Alfeskie's Shoes & Clothing.
Also, thanks go to the many cottagers and residents who donated wonderful items to the table. Your
contributions are appreciated greatly. By the way, the gift set of 40 Creek had over 100 tickets in the
bag! It was an apparently "most popular item" in the raffle.
I am pleased that so many people purchased tickets and supported our worthy cause. Over the past
5 years, we have donated a total of $2700 to each of the local hospitals. Of interest to the fishing
community, St Francis Memorial Emergency department has a "fish hook removal device" that was
purchased through our donation in past years.
As I retire from the chair of the raffle after five years, I hope that someone will step up to take over
this rewarding activity.
It has been a pleasure,
The PLCA First Ever Yard Sale 2014
By Marj McPherson
The PLCA First Ever Yard Sale was held on Saturday, July 26 during the
morning before the Meet & Greet in the afternoon. All of this activity
happened at Lakeview Resort and we thank Dave Mason and Barb
Sanderson for their hospitality and hard work.
In spite of the weather (rainy) we had lots of items donated by members
and others and we had a good turnout, so that we raised over $450 on the
day. This is the kind of event that we could hold every other year….about
the right amount of time to accumulate more stuff! We advertised that the
proceeds would be donated to the Children’s Department of Hastings
Highlands Library and with a top-up from the Association, we donated
$500 to the library, complete with a picture in the newspaper
acknowledging our efforts.
Thanks to all who helped, especially Karis Whillans and Janis Harris. Start
saving your ‘stuff’ for 2016!!
Marjory McPherson
2014 Golf Tournament
By Danielle Romanowsky
We had a fantastic turnout at the 2014 Annual Golf Tournament with 9 registered teams, perfect
weather and the stiffest competition yet. Following the Golf day, Graeme and Danielle hosted a
Potluck at the Romanowsky Family cottage filled with delicious food, drink and prizes. A 'Beach-toBoat' chip-off was held as a tie-breaker to crown this year's Champions as the two top teams tied the
day at an impressive -9. The winning shot, delivered by "Ricky-Bobby" Oughtred, was followed by
victory cheers from teammates Ian Salgo, Shawn Hughes and Adam Heyd. The Oughtred, Salgo,
Hughes and Heyd foursome proudly earned the right to call themselves the 2014 Golf Tournament
Champions. Next year's Championship title is up for grabs with the 2015 Tournament being hosted
by Brendan at the Gordon Family cottage. Thanks to all participants, friends and family who came
out to support the Golf Day and Potluck. We hope to see you again, along with some new faces next
The longest
drive for the
ladies was won
by Anne Salgo
and the longest
drive for the
men was won
by Rick