Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight
Laura Now
Laura Now is a 2010
graduate of Marquette
University Law
School. She is a
litigation associate
in the Milwaukee
o ff i c e o f O ’ N e i l ,
Cannon, Hollman,
DeJong & Laing. Her practice consists of
representing individuals and businesses
in the prosecution and defense of civil
litigation, primarily in commercial and
business matters.
Laura was a member of Marquette’s Pro
Bono Society while a student in law school,
and volunteered at the Marquette Volunteer
Legal Clinic and the Family Law Self-Help
Clinic. As an attorney, she volunteers at the
Milwaukee Justice Center’s Brief Legal
Advice & Referral Clinic.
Laura observes that the Milwaukee Justice
Center “¿lls an important need in Milwaukee
County by utilizing volunteer attorneys to
assist unrepresented litigants in navigating
the legal system and providing legal services
to those for whom such services would be
otherwise unavailable.” What she has found
Welcome New MBA Members!
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In addition to volunteering at the Milwaukee
Justice Center, Laura helped establish and
organize the MJC 5K Run for Justice to
support the Milwaukee Justice Center and
build camaraderie in the Milwaukee legal
community. She still serves as the Chair
of the Race Committee for the 5K Run for
Member News
Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren announced the addition
of ten new associates, nine in the ¿rm’s Milwaukee
of¿ce and one in its Madison of¿ce. They are:
Wesley D. Anderson – Health Care
Leah R. Harrand – Real Estate practice
Karla N. Hutton – Health Care practice
Kate E. Maternowski – Litigation
Allison A. Miller – Litigation practice
Emily L. Mitchell – Banking and
Finance practice
Nathan J. Neuberger – Business Law
Steven B. Oyler – Employee Bene¿ts
Amy Rogan-Mehta – Business Law
Joshua D. Taggatz – Litigation practice
Wesley D. Anderson
Leah R. Harrand
Joel Rosenthal, Law Of¿ce of Joel H.
Sara Grill, The Legal Aid Society of
Renee Ruf¿n, Diane S. Diel
Christopher Hanson, Foley & Lardner
Leila Sahar, Quarles & Brady
Peter Helf, Peckerman, Klein &
Van Kirk
Matthew Shin, Foley & Lardner
Heidi Henkel
Benjamin Tecmire, Law Student
Gary Hoffman, Arthur & Hoffman
Rebekah Thigpen
Dieter Juedes, Borgelt, Powell,
Peterson & Frauen
Ron Troy, Ron Troy, LLC
Janet Keleher, Janet Keleher Law
most rewarding during her time volunteering
at the MJC has been the appreciation
and gratefulness expressed by the people
helped. While such efforts may seem small
in comparison to the complexities that
often ¿ll work days, they may make a huge
difference to someone unfamiliar with, and
overwhelmed by, the legal world.
Karla N. Hutton
Kate E. Maternowski Allison A. Miller
Emily L. Mitchell
Jessica Sippel, Angermeier & Rogers
Louis Wahl, IV, von Briesen & Roper
Nathan J. Neuberger Steven B. Oyler
Amy Rogan-Mehta
Joshua D. Taggatz