Fruitlands Eynsham Newsletter June 2014

Land west of
June 2014
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This newsletter aims to outline potential proposals for development on land
adjacent to the Fruitlands development. Pye Homes, a family company,
has a strong reputation for delivering quality new homes and is promoting
a new housing scheme to provide 22 affordable and private new homes in
a well-designed scheme.
This development is being brought forward to try and address the acute
shortage in the supply of new homes within the district, presenting a small
addition to the original Fruitlands development. The site is currently private
scrubland and there is a public right of way linking to the south western
Footpath through site
Example Pye Homes house style
Pye Homes has undertaken extensive work into the creation of these
proposals, ensuring that it reflects the local area and minimises impacts
on the surrounding community. This newsletter summarises some of this
work, to find out more visit our website at,
complete the enclosed feedback card or call 0800 148 8911.
We’re keen to hear your views on the proposals.
Please provide your comments by Tuesday 1st July 2014
Example Pye Homes house style
Land west of
Why are these proposals coming forward?
West Oxfordshire has a shortage in the supply of new
homes within the district and therefore opportunities
are being sought to deliver new homes across towns
and villages in order to meet this demand. Pye Homes
is promoting the land as a small and well-designed
residential development. We believe that we can deliver
this smaller scheme to help meet local need in a compact
and sustainable development.
Tackling local issues
A full traffic and transport assessment will be carried
out to accompany the proposals, looking at any
opportunities to improve traffic flows if they are
impacted by the development. We will be looking
carefully at any impact on existing residents,
including construction traffic routing and
A natural surface water drainage scheme will
be designed and managed to dispose of rain
water on the site by allowing water to naturally
infiltrate into the ground, creating an overall reduction
in flood risk and reducing the rate at which water reaches
local watercourses.
The proposals seek to retain all of the significant trees
within the site, alongside additional planting to thicken
hedgerows and provision of additional trees which
will be maintained as part of the development. No
significant ecological habitats have been found within
the site.
New homes would be significantly set back from
the properties along the boundary, providing a strong
separation between the new and existing homes.
The footpath link to the south west corner
will be retained as part of the proposals.
We’ve put more information on our
website and we’re keen to hear
your feedback. Let us know what
you think. We’ll then review the
feedback we receive and feed it
into the planning application. We’ll
keep local residents informed of
changes to the proposals as we
progress. Draft layout plan – showing new homes with clay and slate tiles
The proposals could deliver:
• 22 new homes in a small,
well designed development
• 50% affordable homes
• A new landscaped open space
• Retention and enhancement of the
existing hedgerows • 0800 148 8911