User Manual - EMT India Associates

Specification & Details
Model: MS9000SAN-(II)
Rework Station
(ITTS Auto-Thermo Trace System)
MS series Rework machine can be rework for BGA, CSP and other lead type
device such as QFP, SOP, and SOJ etc
MS9000SAN-(II) is automatically
heated with the optimal thermal
profile by the required data, if the
temperature profile data which you
required is inputted on the screen,
MS9000SAN-(II) will operated by the
optimal thermal profile automatically.
The vision system that very high
precision is built-in; it can be mounted
of the fine pitch parts such as the 0.3
mm lead pitches QFP.
The operation of MS9000SAN-(II) is
by touch control panel system. It is
easy to operate and, moreover precisely;. The data of the temperature profile can
be saving up to 100 files in the system.
Moreover, they are possible such as re-balling, solder printing by using of the
MS9000SAN-(II) is used for global needs demanded increasingly, being able to
change four languages. They are Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
The XY Table of MS9000SAN-(II) can remove, therefore, positioning of the under
support pins is very easy.
Board Size:
Board Thickness:
Board Weight:
Space Margin:
50×50mm to 400D×500Wmm max.
3Kgs max.
Up to 45mm on the board.
Up to 25mm under the board.
Table Moving Range: 150mm X
150mm Y max.
Fine Adjuster for Table:±5mm max. X.Y.
Rotary Adjuster:
up to 5°
Under Support System: Free four position by pins.
Mechanical stopper by micro gauge system
Z Axis Stopper:
Z Axis Operation:
Motor Controlled.
On the board of 30mm is manually.
Package Size:
50×50mm max.
3×3mm (by special nozzle)
The nozzle can be exchange; it should be suitable to the package size.
We have many types of nozzles for every package.
If a nozzle is designed to size to the SMD, it will be possible rework
almost all of the SMD.
Vision System:
It is by optical prism type. Direct about 72 x on the screen.
Splitter miller system is for 27mm square or more large
size of the packages.
File Manager:
A mode has 100 files memories
M mode has 100 files memories.
Temperature Controller: Touched panel system with 10 inch color screen.
The controller has A mode / M mode.
And they have Administrator mode / Operator mode each.
Temperature Measuring: 2CH by CA sensor.
ITTS Control Sensor: 1 & 2CH by CA.
Analyzer software: The peak temperature for each CH.
The time interval for each CH in two arbitrary
temperature ranges.
Edit Guidance:
When first setting for the M mode operation, It is an
auxiliary function for enabling profile creating easily.
Power Source:
AC230V (50・60Hz) 2.5KVA
0.5Mpa 60L/min. Max. Dry and clean (N2 possible)
Approx: 80Kg.
For Global use:
MS9000SAN-(II) is able to select of the screen language, from
English or Japanese and or Chinese, Korean.
Operator Screen:
Operator Screen
MS9000SAN-(II) can be operated on the touch screen. And the important
button does not operate in the touch of mere a few. It is for safety operation.
And the operator screen is for only operation of the machine. Neither correction
of the data nor an input can be on the screen. It is also for safety managing.
The data can be savable 100 files each maximum at A mode and also M mode.
Furthermore, if the memory card is exchanged, it can be increased by it for
every card.
The screen for the data files.
The yellow line will be appears in the red line on the screen, it will be
monitoring of the operation of the machine. Operation is normal if a line as red
it as yellow in the same position.
A Mode (ITTS Intelligence Thermo Trace System)
The Auto Profile screen is managed by the password.
ITTS will be controlled automatically with optimal temperature profile, if
the temperature data which you required is inputted into the windows of
control data.
The data input screen
. The automatic control is performed in the package surface and the
backside of the board. And it has a function of the analyzer for time interval
and peak temperature. The four channels profile curve is also measured.
The screen is for data creating at A mode.
The monitor screen is able to change for data check and curve check.
Furthermore, when precise temperature profile creation is required, it is
also possible to operation controlled by M mode, it has 6 controlled zones
M mode (Temperature Profile create screen)
The screen is for data creating at M mode.
M mode screen is same such as 6 zones reflow system.
When the board is specialty, M mode will be effective. They are able to
created of the preciously temperature profile.
The data mode screen for M mode.
The profile curve and also analyzed data can be measured, same as A mode.
When a profile is create for the first time, there is a function to offer the setting
data which should be input. It is EDIT GUIDANCE.
If the data from 1 to 5 of a profile to need is inputted, control data will
appear to the screen in M mode.
Data Manager:
Profile data send: The data can be send to the PC through the memory
card. The card is flash memory.
Operation Software: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
Data Analyzing:
A top temperature of each channel, and the time
interval for each CH in two arbitrary temperature
(In this case, Excel is required for the PC)
Data printing out:
The sample is as finally page. It can be printing out
to the A4 size paper with standard format.
Password Manager: The administrator screen is managed by password.
The data correction and input are possible only on
an administrator’s screen.
Operator Screen:
The operator screen is for operation only of the M/C.
It has to touch the important button for a long time as
one second or more. It is for safety operation.
Data Setting:
Top Heater:
by hot air 1080VA (270x4)
550℃ max. with 3 digits.
Bottom Heater: by IR 1KVA
600℃ max. 3 digits.
Time Range:
999 sec Max. 3 digits.
Cooling Time: 999 sec Max. 3 digits
Manual Cooling: 999 sec Max. 3 digits.
Supplementary: The height set of the nozzle.
The Time set of additional heating.
Vision System::It is for positioning system of SMD such as BGA, QFP etc.
It is an optical prism system.
The direct image can be check up to 27mm size of the
package. And the splitter image is for or more large size of
the package.
The system is auto focusing, but the focal adjusting in
manual operation is also possible for it.
It is a maximum 75x the image magnification on the
monitor screen. And it is zoom system.
Vision Monitor:
By 14 inch color monitor
Direct Mode:
Magnifier Image
Splitter Mode
35x35mm QFP
Splitter Image
The splitter is the system which the image of a diagonal on either side, and
expands it in the center. Therefore, the positioning of the package of large size can
be mounted in high accuracy.
The message is bringing up on the screen, if the system had some damaged.
Emergency Message
The interlock displays has 20 messages, they protect the safety operation of
the system.
The System Contained:
Main Body
XY Table、Vision System,
1+3CH Temperature Checker,
Top and Bottom Heater System,
Touched Panel Monitor Controller,
Standard Accessory:
Support Pin System for under the board.
Power Cable: (An end is raw) 5M
Air Tube 6фmm x 3M
Data Analyzer Software
XY Table (400x500mm)
The Jig for Variant Board
Large XY Table (Removal type)
1 set
1 set
1 set
1 set
1 set
1 set
Optional Accessory
(for each size for the package)
The Jig for Variant board L size
1 set ( 4 pc)
-----Ditto----S size
1 set
( 4pc)
Sensor kit (5 pieces of CA sensor with the cable)
Printing Jig for free of package size.
Printing Jig for Fixed of package size.
Printing Jig for fine lead pitch
Re-balling jig ( It uses together SND)
Re-balling Jig for fine pitch ball.
Test Board Kit (It can be calibration of the vision system)
BGA supply Jig (It uses together SND Jig)
MS9000-WSAN: Wide Bottom heater (3KVA strong power heater unit)
Board Holder L & S size
ST50K Sensor Kit
SND-S Jig & Nozzle
PLCP Printing Jig
RBL Printing Jig
PCLR Re-Balling Jig
SND-ADP BGA Supply Jig
MS9000-WSAN Wide Bottom heater
A example of the data out-put (Size A4 from the printer with a PC)