Newsletter June 2014 - Our Lady, Queen of the Universe

Queen’s Messenger
Volume 14 Issue 3
June 2014
Fr. Joy and Fr. Joe Lubrano greet Governor Bentley at St.
Joseph’s Church. The Governor toured Holy Family School
and spoke at the church on April 4th.
We would like to welcome new members
who have joined our Parish since the last issue!
Mr. Timothy Conley
r of New Families
Not Available for Picture:Thomas and
Our Parish welcomed five new members into the Church at
the Easter Vigil Mass. They are: Doug Beal, Nathaniel
Hudson, Juan Lopez, Thomas Moore, and Kennita Turner
(not pictured). A reception followed the service in Joy Hall
to congratulate them on this special occasion.
Mayra Short and family, Doug and Nina Beal,
Mark Blackburn (our Music Director), Butch and
Theresa Cassady and family, Theodore and Jelyn
Grilly and family, Juliana and Jayleena Laney,
Elizabeth Newsome, Solace Pickett, and Kennita
Turner (who was received into the Church at the
Easter Vigil).
Sacrament of Confirmation
We celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, May 3 at the 5 o’clock Mass. It was a very special
day for the sixteen candidates, their families, and the parish. Bishop Robert Baker was present to preside over
the ceremony along with our Father Joy Chalissery, Father Joy Neliserry (sponsor of Tanya Correya) and Father
Frowin Reed (uncle/sponsor of Mary Grace Paladino) con-celebrating.
Bishop Baker met with the candidates in the parish hall before the Mass to review what they had learned during
the year. He asked what particular activities they had performed for their parish service projects and emphasized
their new role in the parish as young adults. He then discussed the importance of their understanding of
indulgences, heaven, purgatory, and hell. Finally, everyone gathered in front of the altar for a group picture and
individual photos with the Bishop.
Mass was followed by a delicious beef brisket dinner in Joy Hall. The volunteers who organized and executed
the event did a beautiful job preparing the hall and the dinner. Additional volunteers contributed special desserts.
It was an event enjoyed by all, with approximately 150 in attendance.
Congratulations to our fully initiated Catholics: Theresa Andrzejewski, Tanya Correya, Jackson Fitzgibbon,
Daniel Flores, Kade Grantham, Savannah Hanson, Alexandria Herring, Vincent Hoang, Bailey Kern, Joseph
Manglona, Derrick Martin, Mary Grace Paladino, Ana Rodriguez, Shengyeng “Samantha” Thao, Jake Williams
and Michael Wilmes. Benjamin Coakley (not pictured) celebrated the sacrament at St. John’s Church in
Madison, due to a scheduling conflict. Their catechists were Marita O'Brien and John Opsteegh.
Susan Turner
First Holy Communion
The First Holy Communion celebration was Sunday, May 18 at the 11:30 Mass. The children were so excited
that this special day had finally arrived! One was heard saying, "I don't want this day to end"! They did a wonderful
job preparing for the ceremony and carrying it out right on cue. It was a sweet and beautiful sight to see them
dressed in their finest attire for this momentous occasion in their faith life. A very special part of the ceremony
was when Father Joy invited all ten of them to join him at the altar for the consecration. They were so prayerful
and attentive, just like little angels. Father was so proud of them! After the Sign of Peace, they went back to their
pews to prepare themselves for receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time.
Following the Mass, all enjoyed a light luncheon reception prepared by our dedicated volunteers. Joy Hall was decorated
with fresh flowers by some of our Queen angels! It was a precious celebration indeed, for these sweet, darling children:
Alexes Cannette, Hailey Cuevas, Naomi Dollar, Nella Dollar, Lindsay Garcia, Julianna Hawkes, Anabella Hoang, Randy
Madden, Angel Martinez, and Valerie Wiegmann. Their catechists were Beth Anderson and Elizabeth Padron.
Susan Turner
The Crowning of Mary on May 4.
Fr. Joy blesses the new fire at the
Easter Vigil.
Fr. Joy blesses the baskets of Easter
food on Holy Saturday
Easter Food Baskets
The Youth Choir performing on May 11 for the
Mothers’ Day Breakfast.
Annual Seder Supper
The annual Seder Supper was held on
Wednesday of Holy Week, April 16. Those
who attended followed the Jewish traditions
for the Passover meal.
1) What all does the Gardening Ministry do around the church grounds?
The Garden Ministry has the monumental task of caring for all plant beds on the church property.
This includes pruning, transplanting, mulching, watering areas not under irrigation when
necessary, and most of all the constant job of WEEDING!
Garden Ministry
2) When do you meet?
We work year round but of course some months require more of our time than others. Some work tasks such as transplanting,
pruning and mulching are done as a group effort. I try to invite members to join me when I work; there is no set day since my work
schedule with Publix changes weekly. In spring and summer I try to work one day a week if possible usually 3-4 hours in the
morning. I prefer to work when the office is open, to have use of the facilities.
The fantastic thing about our ministry is that members are able to work (weeding) when it is convenient for them. We all have jobs
or other commitments so it is difficult to get everyone together at one time. We make time to care for our church grounds because it
is important to us.
3) Who are the current members?
We have thirteen members at the present time: Marge Mullen, Jim Mullen, Helen Carr, Charlene Learner, Charlene Stone, Melody
Janssen, Jan Smith, Kay Hanson, Savannah Hanson, Lulu Hanson, Tom Hayes, Clare Turok, and Delores (Chip) Ancell.
4) How does one join?
Membership is open to anyone willing to give of their time! We are continually needing more help; all that is required is a weeding
tool, trash bag and the desire to get involved! Please contact Marge Mullen—e-mail is the preferred way since my work schedule is
always changing. [email protected], cell: 256-683-1663, home: 256-828-4014
5) Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers about the Ministry?
I refer to our group as Garden Angels. It is a very rewarding ministry. It has instant gratification and you really develop a sense of
ownership with the church grounds. We have several certified Master Gardeners as members, but everyone is equally important to
the tasks at hand! I would like to encourage everyone capable to pick some weeds—even if you don’t want to be and official
member. As the saying goes: Try it—you might like it!
Margaret Mullen
[Now we know who the Garden Archangel is! Editor.]
The International Ministry in our parish was organized by Fr. Joy
to exploit the amazing diversity in our parish to bring us closer
together as a parish family. In fact, "It is the mission of the International Ministry at Our Lady, Queen of the
Universe to recognize the universality of the Catholic Church and celebrate the diversity in countries,
nationalities, and culture with the belief that God has brought us together
from around the globe to be one parish family.”
International Ministry
According to the Ministry head, Stanley Mullen, there are no activities
currently scheduled by the International Ministry. He told The Messenger, however, that typical activities
include having different ethnic groups present the gifts at Mass, hosting an Agape Joy Social, and putting on
displays during the International Dinner.
Stan told us that he currently is the only member of the Ministry and is the coordinator of the Ministry’s activities. He welcomes
anyone in the Parish to join him—just send him an email at [email protected] or approach him at church.
Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2014
There was another fine turnout this year for the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Holy Saturday. Children from six age groups competed for
the Grand Prize in their group, as well as smaller prizes, and of course, candy. Adelina Hawkes won the Grand Prize in the under-two
age group, John Farley took the 2-3 years prize, Calleigh Cassani won for the 4-5 year group, Lee Owens was the 6-7 winner, Lily Scott
was the 8-9 champ, and Marie Thao won the 10 and over prize.
Maria Roos, the event organizer, was assisted by Lucille Mims, Timothy, Gregory, and Victoria Roos, Andrea Wheeler, and Alan and
Rita Cusack, as well as Confirmation students Bailey Kern, Samantha Thao, and Ana Rodriguez.
On April 27, St. Joseph’s Parish and St. Mary of the Visitation Parish joined our Parish in the annual QMJ Picnic on our grounds. Fr.
Glen Sayers and Fr. Joe Lubrano joined Fr. Joy in blessing the picnic. Rain threatened from the beginning, but held off for quite a
while. Towards the end of the time, however, we were forced inside by showers that dampened the grounds—but not the spirits of
those who attended.
Our Lady, Queen of the Universe Catholic Church
2421 Shady Lane Drive, Huntsville, Alabama,
We Need You!!
3……………..Pastoral Council meeting 6:00 PM
3, 17…………Loving Hands 9:00 AM
6…………….Welcome Sunday 10:15 AM
12………….International Dinner 6:30 PM
16……………Queen Bee's Bunco 5:00 PM
31……………St. Andrews Table 12:30 PM
12, 26………..Praise Team Music 10:00 AM
1, 5, 22, & 29 Cursillo 5:30 PM
26……………Building and Maintenance 8:00 AM
3..................... Welcome/Celebration Sunday 10:15 AM
Catechist Commissioning 11:30 AM
Catechist Gathering 12:45 PM
7……………..Pastoral Council meeting 6:00 PM
10 ……………Religious Education Classes begin
13……………RCIA Introduction class 6-8:00 PM
15……………Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Holy Day of
Obligation Masses at 12:00 noon and 7:00 PM
21…………….Musical Gathering 7:00 PM
23…………….Adult Choir Retreat & Music Ministry Retreat 10:00 AM
24…………..Queenship of Mary Reception after 11:30 mass
28…………….St. Andrew's Table 12:30 PM
30…………….Building and Maintenance 8:00 AM
7, 21………….Loving Hands 9:00 AM
5, 12, 19 & 26 Cursillo 5:30 PM
4………………Pastoral Council meeting 6:00 PM
7………………Welcome Sunday 10:15AM
4 ,18…………..Loving Hands 9:00 AM
2, 16, 23, & 30 Cursillo 5:30 PM
17…………….Queen Bee's Heritage Day 12:30 PM
18…………….Music Gathering 7:00 PM
20…………….Saint Vincent De Paul Fund raiser 8:00 am Walk/Run
25…………….St. Andrews Table 12:30 PM
25…………….Music workshop 7:00 PM
27…………….Feast of Saint Vincent De Paul
27…………….Building and Maintenance 8:00 AM
28…………….Parish Picnic 1:00 PM
We invite all Parish Family members to contribute parish
news to The Queen’s Messenger. Please include photos if
possible. You can email your articles to Damian Hochmuth at
[email protected]
[email protected] The Messenger is usually published in
Jan, March, June, Sept. & Nov. Please get articles in before the
last week of the month before publication.
There are many happenings at Our Lady, Queen of the
Universe and we would like to inform as many people as
we can with articles and pictures. Remember that the
Communications Ministry is there for all to submit articles
to do with activities at the church, and to be there for any
other printing or publications that may be required thru out
the year. We rely on the Ministry Heads or anyone who
might be in charge of a function to inform the
Communications Ministry with articles sent to us to do with
their function, along with pictures of that function. We call
out to these people in order to keep the publication of the
Queen’s Messenger alive.
If you need a member of the Communications Ministry to
take pictures, please let us know a week before needed and we
will be more than please to get a member of the Communications
Ministry to be there to take pictures for you if you feel that
pictures of the event would not be available to be taken by
someone in the group involved in the activity and sent along with
an article of the event.
As Father Joy stated “Let us be His true Witnesses!”
Communications Ministry Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote and foster the building of community
within the parish family through the application of advice, experience,
and media production skills to both internal and external communications
for Our Lady, Queen of the Universe Parish. Our goal is to increase the
visibility of the parish, and thereby promote an increase in attendance and
participation in the day-to-day life of our parish family.
We will achieve our mission through our activities and products,
which include:
The Queen’s Messenger parish newsletter,
the parish website,
coordination and preparation of articles on parish events and
activities for the One Voice diocesan newspaper and the
Huntsville Times newspaper,
identification and coordination relating to media coverage of
special events that would be of interest to the North Alabama
providing expertise and resources for preparation of other
communications as required by the Pastor, Pastoral Council,
The Queen’s Messenger is published for parish members and friends
by the Communications Ministry of Our Lady, Queen of the Universe
Parish, Huntsville, AL
Publisher………….Reverend Joy Chalissery
Editor……………..Damian Hochmuth
Layout/Graphics…Judi Tulacro
Communications Misistry Members
Barbara Cassani and Damian Hochmuth, Ministry Co-Heads
Judi Tulacro, James Chaloupka,