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 Threat of South Sudan famine recedes after rains, aid, UN says (Reuters)
 Environment ministry formulates laws that will ban old cars, generators
(Catholic Radio Network)
 South Sudan gets $150 million from Qatar Bank as oil output (World Oil
 Government urged to monitor recent job circular (Eye Radio)
 Leer: Beware of landmines (Eye Radio)
 South Sudanese attacked in Moyo protest (Daily Monitor)
 Kenyan economist slams S Sudan government for restrictions on foreign
workers (Radio Tamazuj)
 Kenyans to lose jobs in South Sudan (Standard Digital)
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Threat of South Sudan famine recedes after rains, aid, UN says
Bloomberge News 17/09/14 - South Sudan has averted a famine after seasonal rains boosted
food supplies and relief workers distributed aid to people displaced by nine months of
conflict, while millions still face hunger, United Nations officials said.
Rains that began falling in May increased fish supplies as well as grasses, water lilies and
roots for people to eat, Joyce Luma, South Sudan country director for the World Food
Programme said in an interview yesterday in the capital, Juba.
“This year there will be no famine,” Luma said.“However, moving beyond December we are
very, very concerned there could be another situation where people don’t have adequate
access to food.” (Ctrl + Click for more on the story)
Environment Ministry formulates laws that will ban old cars, generators
Eye Radio Juba, 17/09/14 - The Ministry of Environment says it has proposed a penalty for
those who pollute the environment.
The proposal will be included in the bill that will be submitted to the National Legislative
Addressing the media during the event, Minister Deng, Deng Hoc, said the penalty, if
enshrined in the proposed environment bill and approved, would also be applicable to
government institutions.
He said if they pollute the environment by dumbing garbage in open places, they will also be
“Your vehicles should not be six years old or Less than 6 years old. If your vehicle is 6 years
old, it will not be allowed to enter into the country,” Mr Hoc explained. (Ctrl + Click for more
on the story)
South Sudan gets $250 million from Qatar Bank as oil output cut
World Oil News Centre Juba, 16/09/14 - South Sudan is using a $250-million Qatar
National Bank credit line to fund food and fuel purchases after civil war cut crude output, a
key source of state revenue, the governor of the central bank said.
The loan came with an interest rate of “less than 6%” and no fixed term for repayment,
Governor Kornelio Koriom Mayik said in a Sept. 9 interview in South Sudan’s capital, Juba.
The country requested the funds after conflict erupted in December, he said, without
specifying when. Yousef Darwish, general manager of communications at QNB in Qatar’s
capital, Doha, didn’t answer calls seeking comment.
“We’ve turned it into what we call a revolving fund,” Mayik said. “You use it and when
you’ve fully utilized it, and you paid it back, it’s given back to you again to come and reuse
it.” (Ctrl + Click for more on the story)
Government urged to monitor recent job circular
Eye Radio Juba, 17/09/14 - The South Sudan Workers’ Trade Union Federation is urging all
government institutions to monitor the implementation of the new circular issued by the
Minister of Labor and Public Service.
The federation also urged all private institutions to implement the new circular issued on
Friday last week.
“The government should ensure that this circular is on the right track in terms of
implementation so that we can address the issue of unemployment in the country,” Pasqual
Michael Apai, Secretary of the National Trade Union Federation, told Eye Radio’s Dawn
program. (Ctrl + Click for more on the story)
Leer: Beware of landmines
Eye Radio Juba, 16/09/14 - The landmines department in Leer County in Unity State has
urged residents to beaware of landmines.
The County Landmine Coordinator, Gattiek Koang, has cautioned that people who burn
grass and children who play with exhausted bullets can detonate landmines and risk their
It is not clear when the landmines were planted in the area. However, there has been fighting
between the SPLA and the SPLM-IO forces in the area. (Ctrl + Click for more on the story)
UNDP calls for further dialogue over Labour Ministry directive, ordering
dismissal of foreign nationals.
Radio Miraya Juba,17/9/2014-The United Nations development Program, UNDP, is calling
for further discussions with the government over an order issued by the National labor
ministry, directing for the dismissal of foreign nationals holding key positions in Nongovernment organizations and private companies. (Ctrl + Click for more details)
South Sudanese attacked in Moyo protest
Daily Monitor Moyo, 17/09/14 - Business at the Uganda-South Sudan border of Afoji in
Moyo District was temporarily halted yesterday following a demonstration by residents over
the recent detention of local leaders and census officials in South Sudan.
The officials were arrested from Wano village in Moyo Sub-county, an area claimed by both
countries.(Ctrl + Click for more details)
Kenyan economist slams S Sudan government for restrictions on foreign
Radio Tamazuj Washington,17/9/2014-Kenyan scholar Mwangi Kimenyi yesterday lashed
out at the South Sudanese government for a decree imposing restrictions on foreign labour,
which he termed ‘clearly stupid’ and likely to result in economic damage.
Kimenyi, an economist at the Brookings Institution, a think-tank in Washington, DC, wrote
yesterday on the website of the institution, “The decision by the government is clearly a
stupid one. It lacks any sound basis, and it runs counter to any informed and developmentalminded leadership.”He went on to compare the South Sudanese Labour Ministry's recent
decree to the expulsion of foreigners from Uganda by dictator Idi Amin. (Ctrl + Click for
more details)
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A father holds his child, who is receiving treatment for severe malnutrition, Juba,
#SouthSudan. cr @Unicef / Nesbitt
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Food bags fall from the sky in Jiech as @WFP continues to assist communities in hard2reach
areas of #SouthSudan
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EU & Troika concerned that members of political parties delegation prevented from
travelling to #SouthSudan talks
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It is critical to sustain aid in #SouthSudan to avert a hunger calamity. To help, learn more
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#SouthSudan formulates laws that will ban old cars, generators … #EyeRadio
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#Uganda police seized a vehicle reportedly loaded with powerful explosives … It had #SouthSudan registration plates.
Hosanna Fox‫@‏‬HosannaFox3 hrs
People in #SouthSudan are in critical need of aid over coming months -- focus should stay
on them, not on banning the people helping them.
Hosanna Fox‫@‏‬HosannaFox3 hrs
New #SouthSudan ban on foreign workers is out of touch with realities NGOs face and
would be terrible for people in need if implemented.
Katrina Manson‫@‏‬KatrinaManson4 hrs
“There’s improvement in the food talk about the so-called famine” #SouthSudan's Food Security Council
Toby Lanzer‫@‏‬tobylanzer4 hrs
#HDR2014: #SouthSudan was making good progress prior to conflict start in Dec '13, e.g.
13% economic growth. Losses in '14 are significant.
Oxfam International‫@‏‬Oxfam4 hrs
Despite being on the brink of famine, #SouthSudan is expelling all foreign aid workers via @BuzzFeedWorld
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With South Sudan having expelled Kenyans should Kenya also expel South Sudanese living
in Kenya @K24Tv #SouthSudan @K24Alfajiri @chegetm