Mango Hill News
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(Est 1986)
Right: road works along Orana Complex in Lamington Rd
With the first of the Orana complex (104 units) coming on line in
February 2015, and with the expected commencement of other
developments along Kinsellas Road West by mid next year, Moreton Bay
Regional Council is bringing forward plans for an alternative entry/exit
point for the Mango Hill Village onto Anzac Ave by 2016/17.
The Mango Hill News has been advised that the Lamington Road
Connection to Anzac Ave will be carried out in the 2016-2017 financial
year to cater for both increased traffic and the coming completion of the
Moreton Bay Rail Link. This link will form a section of the new Mango Hill Ring Road which is aimed to take traffic off Anzac
Ave, giving access to the new Mango Hill East Rail Station across the way in the Capestone Community and then south to the
Mango Hill Station on Halpine Lake.
Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Principal Transport Planner, Richard McRae has advised the Mango Hill News that Council will
make a presentation to a Progress Association meeting when more information on the detailed design and construction
phases of this road project is finalized. This is likely to be around
new Roundabout – Lamington Rd
July/August 2015. The Association welcomes this offer.
The first stage of the new Orana (Villaworld) townhouse
development should see occupation by February realising a
further 500-600 traffic movements per day by end of 2015. Mr
McRae has further advised that with traffic levels increasing
significantly with further developments along Kinsellas Road,
Kinsellas Road West from Lamington Rd to Light Horse Court will
be widened by the year 2021.
Above: Junction of Lamington Rd to Anzac Ave “Proposed
“Ring Road connection, Anzac Ave to Kinsellas Rd West)
More details will be available at the Mango Hill Progress
Association Meeting on 15th October.
Skate Night (Family Night)
(6.00 – 9.00 pm
Saturday – 4th October
Mango Hill Tennis Court
Father Dan of North Lakes
to host
Mango Hill Skate Night
(Fundraiser Video Sales - see page 2)
Featuring Josiah Berris as Guest DJ
With all the usual games and other activities to
end the school holidays.
Sausage Sizzle & Drinks on sale - $1
Tea/Coffee etc available for Mums and Dads
(Parents are encouraged to attend)
From Father Dan
Originally donated by the local
police station to The Lakes
Anglican Church, these seized
DVD’s were given to us so that any funds raised could go back into
helping the community.
So far we have bought an Xbox for the YMCA as well as given them
$200 and have also been able to assist a local family in financial
I invite you to come along to the Skate night and buy a DVD (or as
many as you can carry away) for just a few dollars and help us
continue supporting the local community.
Available at Mango Hill Skate Night.
Rev’d Dan Berris | Priest in charge
The Lakes Anglican Church
Griffin • Mango Hill • North Lakes
P: 07 3482 4493 | W: www.thelakesanglican.org.au
Raising funds for the Community.
3204 5490
0425 833 963
A Villager himself, Josh Hood
designed the Mango Hill
website and assists the
Association in many ways.
Well done to State Member, Reg Gulley who has come through
with one of his promises to the Progress Association with the
recent resurfacing of the southbound slip lane onto the Bruce
Highway off Anzac Ave.
When some years ago, after much “prodding” by the Progress
Association, the State Government finally modified a section of
Anzac Ave to install this “slip lane”, the result, whilst better than
the “lane to nowhere”, was a real embarrassment. With the very
rough and uneven bitumen surface “rattling” the bolts of every
vehicle using this section of Anzac Ave for over 4 years, Reg Gulley
on his election in early 2012, was set a number of challenges by the
Progress Association, one being “to fix this road”. .
Whilst it may not seem
much, nor should have
been necessary, it is
now done and already
our cars are “feeling so much the better” for the smooth surface and the newly
lined section of Anzac Ave from North Lakes Drive down onto the Bruce.
Left: Reg Gulley, Luke Howarth and Officers of Main Roads view maps of new road
works associated with the Moreton Bay Rail Link, leading down onto the Bruce
Highway where the new Rail Bridge now crosses over.
Care for Kids
Over 4 nights from 14 to 18 September, the huge concrete beams of the Freshwater Creek Bridge Crossing were placed across
the Bruce Highway, in what appeared as a smooth and swift operation and completing one of the most significant components
of the Moreton Bay Rail Link project which is now well ahead of schedule. With good signage, the great majority of drivers were
able to use the Bray Road Detour, given access to and from Anzac Ave was closed off on these nights. Congratulations Team!
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No business
has been
with Mango
Hill, than
Mango Hill
When Alan &
Carol Bishop
set up Matilda
in the very
early 1990’s,
Mango Hill
was little more than an outpost of the Pine Rivers Shire on the “other side” (of the Bruce Highway), Anzac Ave was a single lane
road from Rothwell through to the Bruce and North Lakes was still a dream. Mango Hill Matilda was our “Corner Store” where
everything from fuel, food and then the Gold Lotto came along. Prior to Coles and Woolies Fuel, Matilda was our one and only
“Local” and even took over the Post Box when the dual road was installed. In those days as it is now, Mango Hill Matilda has
always a strong supporter of the Mango Hill Progress Association. We are assured that Mango Hill PUMA will continue to be a
staunch supporter.
John Hamon, current Owner, tells us why Matilda is NO MORE.
Sent: Monday, 29 September 2014 4:12 PM
To: Laurence Mango Progress Assn
Subject: Matilda No More
$50 Voucher as a Lucky Door Prize” for the
Hi Laurence
next Mango Hill Progress Association
Meeting on 15th October.
Just to let you know. An area Icon is no more! Matilda Mango Hill has been rebranded after about 6 weeks of refurbishing and is
now PUMA MANGO HILL. Puma is rolling out its new image to most of the Matilda sites over the next few months
including Narangba (known to most as "Chooks") and it already has a site at Murrumba Downs.
Puma is now the largest independent fuel retailer in Australia and operates in most States. At a local level the management and
staff at Mango Hill are still the same friendly smiling faces - there has been no change of ownership. The difference is we
have brand new pumps that are faster, lighter and easier to use as well as a new Point of Sale system that makes life easier for
the customer. Each pump is supplied with all grades of quality fuel making the choice of pump easier to make. (AutoGas is still
available at a separate pump). We even have PumaMax98 at every pump (98 octane). And our fuel price is still very keen.
Over the years we have heard some of the stories involving Matilda Mango Hill and its locals including when people used to make
a 'daytrip' via pushbike from Redcliffe to get an ice-cream, or when customers pulled in for a snack while on their way back
from a fishing trip late at night when the lights were still on. We look forward to being part of the fast growing future of Mango
John Hamon (Director and Owner)
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Each year the Mango Hill Progress Association puts forward ideas and projects to our Councillor for budget consideration. For
almost 30 years, this strong working relationship with our Local Council (be in the former Pine Rivers or current Moreton Bay
Regional Council) has resulted in a great many improvements which have attracted many residents to our community, either to
live or simply visit to use our fantastic sporting facilities and playground. Many of those ideas have come from residents
attending Progress Association meetings and others arising from consultation between Council and this Association. The George
Street Pathway project below was another idea put forward by residents. The Progress Association acknowledges and
appreciates the support of Councillor Julie Greer and Council officers for approving and implementing this important link in the
pathway program that is slowly but surely linking Danzy Buchanan Park to other sectors of the Village.
Well Done To Pathway Team
On Monday morning there were white lines on the ground and by Thursday
afternoon a new pathway had linked the footbridge Rose Street Culvert to the
Mango Hill Community Centre playground in Danzy Buchanan Park.
Left: The efforts of Dave
and Mich’s Boys from QCG
(Qld Civil Group) who
worked like beavers over
the week, is much
appreciated. They not only
did a great job but were
communicated well with
neighbours. They also were
willing to make those small
amendments that made
the job so much more
useful to the community. You were a pleasure to have in our community.
Well Done Guys.
The Mango Hill Progress Association acknowledges and thanks Councillor Julie
Greer for approving the Association’s recommendation in the budget, as well as
Council Officers, Jade Christiansen and Sebastian Del Rosso in accepting local
ideas in designing the pathway construction. The pathway links Rose St, Mary
St and the Mango Hill Community Centre to the existing pathways through and
around Danzy Buchanan Park. It also includes vital links to the bitumen roads to
allow easy access for little ones on bikes, parents with prams and those requiring
wheel chairs access.
Above: View Towards Rose St
across Mary St
Below from Rose St Bridge towards
Community Hall.
Those little amendments were golden and made for a great outcome for all. In
addition to the pathway itself, all those ugly concrete sewerage manhole covers
which jutted well above ground have been incorporated in fill to establish a
much smoother and more aesthetically pleasing surface in the George St
corridor as well as saving a few bruised toes that have occurred over the years.
Well Done and Thank You to All!
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0400 472 577
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Danzy Buchanan Park is a great credit to the joint efforts of
the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Mango Hill
Progress Association and is rapidly gaining a reputation far
beyond the borders of the Village itself.
On almost any day, there will be kids using the playground
equipment, basket-ballers shooting baskets and racquets
smashing balls around the Mango Hill Tennis Court. In
addition, others are kicking soccer balls around the park
whilst some skate/ride around the oval circular pathways.
It was not surprise during the week to see a bus roll up in
Mary St East and off-load over 40 young kids from the local
North Lakes College Vacation Care Group to spread out
around the various sporting options whilst the adults went
to work preparing a BBQ lunch for the hordes.
Supervisor, Cheryl Blair described the facilities as “Brilliant!
There is so much to do here with the basketball court, oval
and playground with even well-kept public toilets. Whilst the
facilities are well spread out, they also allow good
supervision of the kids around the park. We come here every
school holidays and love it here.”
Progress Association
continues to push for
Post Box on Halpine
Despite a public campaign in the local press and
years of lobbying by this Association, Australia
post has stubbornly refused to install a Post box on
the Southside of Anzac Ave, despite over 2000
homes being built in the past decade.
Recently, the Progress Association has redoubled
our efforts by recommending the siting of Post Box
in the new Mango Hill Central Shopping centre
being built on corner of Halpine Drive and Anzac
Ave. The Association has again written to our
Federal Member, Luke Howarth requesting
representation to the relevant Minister and
presenting an economic argument given the
number of people that will visit this centre daily and
the difficulty of accessing facilities over at North
Lakes Westfield’s. As one resident recently
commented, “it is only common-sense” (perhaps
that is the issue)
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Sam and Amy Restore “Heritage Fence” – Love the Village Life
One of the earliest houses in the Village was
the old “Whitlock” house on the corner of
Kinsellas Road West and Winifred Street with
its old stone fence which had fallen a little
into disrepair given the years.
New owners, Sam and Amy Harris who
moved into the Village in early 2012 have
now restored the old fence, rejuvenated the front garden and are proud to make Mango Hill their home with young sons, Levi
and Will. “It is really a great place and we are very happy here. This year we will be at the Mango Hill Christmas Tree which
was a little difficult given young Will arrived at that time last year.” stated Amy.
Amy and Sam Harris
Welcome to Mark and Nicole – Setting up House and Business
I (Nicole) and my husband (Mark) moved to Queensland last year from NSW and fell in love with Mango Hill Village.
We were married in September 2013 and built our dream home in the new area of Park Vista estate where we walk our
beautiful puppy in the area every day. We have finally found somewhere to settle down, bring up our own family and start our
new life in Queensland. Mango Hill Village is such a beautiful, safe, friendly environment. We were so welcomed by our friendly
neighbours and have made friends for life.
My husband and I are so sure of our future here
that myself and my business partner Tiffany
have opened up a new Hairdressing salon in
Kallangur on Anzac Avenue. We would love the
support of our local community. We offer
Haircuts for men, women and children, Hair
colouring, foiling, Blow drying, formal and
special occasion upstlying, Perming and setting,
facial waxing and tinting. We have opening
specials available now. Please call us on
3092-1302 for any enquires or to make an
appointment. We look forward to meeting you,
and hope to see you soon.
Mark and Nicole
Page 9
Farewell to
Carole & Bill Cassidy
Welcome to
Fern Violet Hourigan
For Carol and Bill Cassidy, leaving their May Street home in the
Mango Hill Village was very difficult and only made with the
knowledge that with advancing years, it was necessary to “down
size” and find that smaller home that they could maintain more
Originally from Victoria, Bill and Carole moved to Qld, initially to
Bracken Ridge in 1995 for work in the Civil Construction field.
“We quickly found this out of the way place in Mango Hill and
never looked back” Bill quipped.
Bill and Carole have been strong supporters of the Mango Hill
Progress Association over their time in the village have been avid
readers of the Mango Hill News and commented on the way the
Village has changed over those 20 years as well as seeing who is
coming and going. This time, they are part of that history, but not
Fern Violet
Hourigan was not
one for waiting
another month
(unlike her older
sister Ivy Rose), to
come out into the
light. On a late
Sunday afternoon
on 14th
September, Fern
“stirred suddenly”
and Dad (Mitch)
made the mercy
dash to North
West Hospital at
Everton Park with
Mum Nikki, in
time, but not
Above: Fern Violet
Hourigan with Big Sister Ivy and Mum Nikki.
When asked about herself, Carole smiled and quietly spread her
arms to say. “We have two beautiful daughters and had
wonderful neighbours in Jessie and Bill on one side and Graham
on the other. They are simply wonderful people. What more do I
want? But we won’t be going far and I will have a cup of Tea
ready when they come to visit us”.
For the record, Bill and Carole will be just around in Deception Bay
and looking forward to seeing their friends whenever they have
the time to visit.
“I like Earl Grey” stated this reporter who has spent many a hour
discussing local events over the years with two quiet unassuming
folk who always accept life as it is. They will be missed indeed.
Congratulations to the Family and we wish you all a
wonderful life together.
Mums Version of events.
Mitch and I are delighted to welcome our
second daughter Fern Violet Hourigan into
the world. Fern was born at North West
Hospital on the 14th of September, weighing
5pounds 8 ounces.
She was three weeks early and spent two
weeks in special care, but we are thrilled to
have her home and look forward to her joining
her sister Ivy on our trips around the
neighbourhood, checking out the parks
and local wildlife.
We have 4 different franchise services - Interior House cleaning
- Window & Exterior House cleaning
- Carpet Cleaning and Pest control
- Mobile Car
Nikki Hourigan of Rose St West.
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Contact Deborah Marler
0405 293 827
Raylene Teague
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Playgroup just fantastic for little
Zahra Learmonth – 1 Year old
Jason Kubler wins in Sibiu
Jumps 39 Rungs to 155
From: Craig & Theoni Learmonth
Sent: Wednesday, 17 September 2014 8:13 AM
To: Laurence Christie - Mango Hill Progress Association
Subject: Zahra's Birthday
From: Jonathan Kubler
Sent: Monday, 29 September 2014 10:28 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Update on Jason's Tennis Progress
Hey Laurence,
Hi Laurence,
This is a 1st Birthday message for our beautiful little girl Zahra,
whose birthday we celebrated in the Mango Hill Hall on the
Just giving you a quick update on Jason’s tennis progress.
About a month ago, Jason left Australia to play some
Challenger Tournaments overseas and has achieved some
good results thus far.
First Jason went to Italy and played a couple of tournaments
there. In Genoa and then Biella he made it to the
quarterfinals. He then travelled to Trnava in Slovakia where
he lost in the second round.
As shown below, last week in Sibiu in Romania he achieved
his best result in winning the tournament.
Jason has a few more tournaments to go before he returns,
but we are proud of Jason’s accomplishments, progress and
his commitment to being the best tennis player he can be.
“What a year it has been.
We have loved watching you grow
and learn new things and all the
love and joy you bring to our lives.
Love from Mummy and Daddy”
Our Family:
My husband Craig and I moved to Muriel Street in Mango Hill
just under a year ago and what a great community we have. It
is a great place to raise a family with beautiful parks and
lovely neighbours.
Just after we moved here, I was lucky enough to find Busy
Bees Playgroup Mango Hill which is held every Wednesday at
the Mango Hill Community Hall from 9.30 till 11.30. My
daughter Zahra was only 5 months when I started taking her
to playgroup. What a great way for her to makes friends and
learn how to do different arts and crafts.
I would like to thank the Progress Association for letting us
use the Community Hall for my daughter’s 1st Birthday and
Leisa from the Busy Bees Playgroup for letting us use some of
the toys for the day.
Theoni and Craig Learmonth (Winifred Street)
Mango Hill News – the place to learn your Geography
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Mango Hill
Village Hall
(Chermside Road)
Hall Hire
3.00 pm >>
7.30 >9.00am
Mango Hill
With Carly
7.00 >9.30pm
Kids (Art Class)
Brisbane Nth
Spiritual Grp
Busy Bees
Play Group
Lianne Cook
Leisa Siddans
0416 037047
9.30 >11.30am
after school
Senior Vice
Junior Vice
Laurence Christie
Ken Hatchman
John Machin
Mark Kelly
Lyn Kubler
Christine Emmett
Janice Owen
Dave Norman
Paul Teasdale
0424 957113
9.30> 3.00
3rd Wed
7.30 pm
Mango Hill
Mango Hill
With Carly
Lil Shimmeys
Dance &
Lisa Smillie
La di Dah
Sally Savage
3285 1628
0400 502451
Leisa Deigan
Ki Fetalaiga
0452 497419
Lisa Finau
0422022 978
Dr Mel
11.00 > 3.30pm
4.00- 6.00 pm
6.15pm >>
9.00am > 12.00
1st Friday
Other Fridays
8.00 >9.30am
8.30 >9.30am
10.00 > 1.00
Moreton Celtic
Fiddle Club
Youth Club
Mango Hill
With Rene
New Life
$3 per hr Day &
Lights $6.00
& Basket Ball
Court at night
Contact Lyn 3203-3121
Mango Hill News: Est. 1986
The Mango Hill News is the official publication of the
Mango Hill Progress Association and seeks to publish
informative editorial of community interest. Progress
Association meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of
each month (Feb to Nov) and all members of the
community are encouraged to participate in community
activities. Annual Membership = $10 per family.
Official Address: PO Box 316 KALLANGUR 4503.
(Robert St, Mango Hill)
(BSA 46058)
0488-799093 3203-1901
Your Local Plumber
Crn Robert & Muriel Sts
LOOKING OUT FOR OUR NEIGHBOURS: It takes all of us in the Village to remain vigilant and keep
a watchful eye out on our children and also those who are elderly or simply in need of someone to listen to or
chat with. To those who are unwell at this time, our thoughts are with you! Feel welcome to Ask for Help!
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