Saeed Beiki

Saeed Beiki
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Interested fields of R&D:
Computer Vulnerability & Security
Computer (Digital) Forensics and Investigation
Microprocessor and Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)
Software Quality Assurance (QA), Software Quality Control (QC)
PLC and Embedded Systems Programming
System / Low-level/ Device Driver Programming
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Decision Systems
Internetworking Research, Deployment and Engineering
Career: (Due to obvious reasons, I've not included some mission-critical places)
Part-time or Full-time:
Lead Test Director, Cenzic Labs, USA
Threat Analyst, Apex Technology Group Inc., USA
Exploit Developer, Core Security Technologies Inc., Argentina-USA
Signal Engineer / ISA Engineer, Intel Innovation Center, Dubai Internet City, Dubai
Software Test Manager, SCR Soft Technologies Ltd, Chennai, India
Software Test Engineer, iGate Global Solutions, Bangalore, India
GPRS Tower Design Counsel, Bank of China Tower, Central, Hong Kong, China
GPRS Tower Design Counsel, Agriculture Bank of China, China
Physical Security Counsel, Millenium Airport Hotel, Dubai
Stream Server Troubleshooter, Radisson SAS, Dubai Media City, Dubai
QA Manager of Auto Wudu Washer (AWW), AACE (Australia) Ltd, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
GPRS Tower Design Counsel, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai
Cisco GPS Networking Counsel, Chennai International Airport, Chennai, India
Security Consultant in Cisco Security Manager, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco PSIRT, Cisco of
China, Beijing, China
Malware Analyst, Kavosh Security Center, Tehran, Iran
Security Research Engineer and Threat Analyst, Bayan Corporation, Tehran, Iran
Malware & Threat Analyst, CEIRT, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Vulnerability Researcher, VeriSign iDefense, Virginia, USA
Contributor, STC/MICTD (Middle East Information and Communications Technology Developer), Dubai
SysOp and NetAdmin, State Organization for Deeds and Property Registration, Qom, Iran
VoIP Research Manager, Iran Telecommunications Research Center (ITRC), Tehran, Iran
Oracle DBA, Human Base India, Inc., Bangalore, India
Oracle DBA, IBM India Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India
OS\390 Mainframe Developer, Satyam Computer Services Ltd, Chennai, India
DB2 IBM-i Developer, L&T InfoTech, Chennai, India
Technical Writer for XML Asset, Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, Domlur Bangalore, India
Information Contributor at Embedded Systems Programming, CDT (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India
QA Manager, qIndia, Bangalore, India
QA Manager, Citrix (India), Bangalore, India
IT Technician, Office of Governor-general, Qom, Iran
Network Administrator, Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Datak, Tehran, Iran
Network Administrator, Internet Connection Provider (ICP) of Tarasheh, Qom, Iran
Chief Officer of Networking and Programming branches, Esteeman Gostar Pouya Co, Qom, Iran
Full Experience:
o Assembly: Intel (32-bits), AT&T (32-bits), SPARC (32-bits), ARM
o C Family: C, C++, C#, GTK, QT, TCL-TK, Cocoa (Mac)
o System/Low-level Programming: Windows SDK, Windows Driver Foundation (WDF) (former DDK),
Microcontroller (PIC and Atmel), Siemens PLC (STL, LD, SFC, FBD)
o Database Programming: Transact-SQL, PL-SQL, Postgre-SQL
o Other languages: PHP, Python, Perl, Shell-Scripting (bash, korn), FoxPro Dos
o Assembly: Intel (64-bits), AT&T (64-bits)
o XML, Ruby, CGI
Computer Operating System:
Linux: Debian, Gentoo, Slackware: 8 years
BSD: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD: 7 years
Apple Mac: Panther, Tiger, Leopard: 5 years
Microsoft Windows: 95, 98, ME, 2k, XP, 3k, Vista, 3k8, Seven : 14 years
Solaris: Solaris 9, Solaris 10: 7 years
Darwin: A little bit (for the sake of testing)
Mainframe: OS390, AIX400: 6 years
SolarOS: Contributor
Database Management Systems:
Oracle 8-11
MySQL AB 3.2-5
IBM DB2 7-9
Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2008
FoxPro Dos 2.2-2.6
Processor Architectures:
Intel (All of Intel micro-architectures – I'm the research engineer here)
AMD (nearly the majority of AMD architectures)
ARM (Active Researcher on this micro-arch)
Sparc (Active Researcher on this micro-arch)
HPPA (Active Researcher on this micro-arch)
MIPS, MIPSEL (Just a little bit)
s390 (Active Researcher on this micro-arch)
Zilog Z80
Internetworking & Networking (look backwards to certifications):
Conference Talks (some stuff is not listed):
Memory-depth of Stress Testing, 2007, Code Crunch Conference, Bangalore, India
Microarchitecture: Hows and Whys!, 2007, Microprocessor TechZone Staff Congress, Dubai Internet City, Dubai
Smart Card: Functionality, Security, Privacy, 2008, Ministry of ICT, Tehran, Iran
PIC© Microcontrollers: Security Considerations & Secure Coding, 2008, TR-CERT Secure Trainings (PSEC),
TR-CERT (Turkey's CERT), Ankara, Turkey
o Intel's Virus Protection in Tune, 2008, Intel Security Center Congress, Intel Innovation Center, Dubai Internet City,
Dubai of UAE
o MmDesignArchError(), and how to (mis)use them, 2009, Silicon-India IT Training Conference, Bangalore, India
Honors and Rewards:
I was the third winner at 15th IOCCC
I was respected as the youngest speaker at Code Crunch Conference, 2007, Bangalore, India
I was the keynote speaker at Microcontroller Security Conference, 2008, Ankara, TR-CERT Secure
Training (PSEC), Turkey
I had been asked to teach CCIE courses in several places like DPI Co., IRIB, etc.
Last update: May/09/2013