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Oak Land Cooperative Center Governing Board
Regular Meeting
Wednesday, April 2, 2014, at 7:00 P.M.
Bridge Street Learning Community, St. Francis, MN
 Chair Jenni Caulk called the meeting to order at 7:01 P.M. Members present were Gary Hawkins, Amy Kelly, Chuck Nagle,
and Chad Young. David Roberts was absent. Others in attendance were Rebecca Fuller, Steve Hammero, and Dr. Ray
Chair Caulk requested a motion to approve the Agenda with the following revisions: III. New Business, C. Receive and
Approve the Oak Land Cooperative Center District Assessment Procedures; and remove IV. Closed Session. Ms. Kelly
moved and Mr. Young seconded the motion to accept the Agenda, as revised.
Minutes of the February 26, 2014 Regular Meeting: Mr. Hawkins moved and Ms. Kelly seconded the motion to accept
the minutes for the February 26, 2014 Regular Meeting. Discussion: None. The motion was passed unanimously.
Treasurer and Accrual Reports: Mr. Young moved and Mr. Hawkins seconded the motion to accept the Treasurer and
Accrual Reports for January, 2014, as presented and subject to audit. Discussion included, but was not limited to:
 Ms. Fuller stated that the Accrual Report breaks down each program.
 Payables for FY12-13 for $63.5K for salaries by journal entry.
 Fund balance policy. Ms. Fuller will bring the policy to the next meeting.
The motion passed unanimously.
Consider Cooperative Center Bills for Approval and Payment: Mr. Hawkins moved and Chair Caulk seconded the
motion to approve the Cooperative Center Bills for February, as presented and subject to audit, for checks numbered 24750
through 24762, for a total of $378,671.75. Discussion:
 Ms. Fuller clarified inquiry from the last meeting regarding a vendor, MN U.I.
 Ms. Fuller noted a payment for heating/cooling at Oak East.
 Payroll payments to ISD 911, as previously described.
The motion passed unanimously.
Reports and Old Business
A. Area Learning Center Update – Rebecca Fuller
1. ALC Update:
Ms. Fuller referenced two hand-outs: Continuous Improvement Using Common Language, and Oak Land CooperativeContinuous Improvement Plan. Items discussed included, but were not limited to:
 Ms. Fuller stated and discussed the core components as: Exploration; Installation; Initial Implementation; Full
Operation; Full Operation; and Innovation and Refinement. She stated if you are not ready to move forward, you
won’t. More time is required in areas of need.
 Curriculum for core and non-core subjects.
 Professional development needs to be proactive not reactive. Intentionally look at technology components: Modal,
Google Docs, 3-years with PLC (Professional Learning Communities), and Marzano.
 Innovation and improvement is required to meet the needs of our districts.
 Professional development to include training in behaviors; mental health; rotate strategies.
 Assessments: Intention related to curriculum and instruction; State recommendations on MMR (Multiple Measures
 Reviewed AdvancEd for recommendations for Oak Land Cooperative Center: Technology, Continuous Improvement,
and Assessments. Oak Land is two-years post-evaluation.
 Mr. Hawkins inquired about Dellwood at Oak East. Ms. Fuller described the relationship and reported the partnership
is going well.
2. Enrollment and Membership:
Ms. Fuller distributed the 2013-2014 Oak Land Cooperative Center Program report, noting specific programs’ enrollment.
Discussion included, but was not limited to:
Targeted Services for Cambridge-Isanti: 354 students; 47 in kindergarten
Targeted Services for Princeton: 117 students
Targeted Services for Ogilvie: 40 students.
Targeted Services for St. Francis: 230 students
Oak Land East, Middle Level, has 7 students. Significantly below budget. Discussion included that Ms. Kelly stated
the Middle Level Program never has been self-sustaining. Ms. Kelly asked about ways to evaluate Middle Level
programming in order to provide Targeted Services without the budgetary “ouch.” Ms. Fuller stated that discussion on
off-site middle level programming would be further addressed in New Business.
Princeton School within a School (PSWS) has 30 students with a .8 teacher
Oak Land West has 70 full-time, seat-time and independent study students.
Cambridge-Isanti Credit Makeup students number 45
Princeton ALC has 39 students.
Bridge Street has 51full-time (graduation plan), seat time and independent study students. Credit Make-up students
total 52. There is one PSEO (Post Secondary Education Option) student.
Independent Study activity picks up about this time of year as students work to complete their credits to be eligible for
Twenty-nine students have graduated to date.
Ms. Fuller stated that budgets are very conservative.
Mr. Nagle inquired about Oak Land graduation. Ms. Fuller described recognition and assured the Board that a formal
invitation would be forthcoming.
Career and Technical Education Update – Steve Hammero
Some items of discussion included:
Mr. Hammero referred to the hand-out which was presented at the Perkins Data Retreat on March 18, 2014. All stakeholders
received an invitation. Mr. Hammero noted the dates for Planning for Perkins FY2014-15, Meeting Summary at Princeton
High School on March 24th, Cambridge-Isanti High School on March 25th, and St. Francis High School on March 27th.
Discussion included, but not limited to:
 Mr. Hammero described a Concentrator as a student who takes three or more courses in the same Program of Study
(POS). He also stated that the State as accepted the Consortium’s description of a Concentrator. Mr. Hammero referred
to the hand-out, Minnesota Career Fields, Clusters & Pathways Wheel (www.mnprogramsofstudy.org). At this website,
chose your high school. Courses offered at that school are aligned to specific careers.
 Programs of Study offered at the high schools were chosen based upon courses offered by both Anoka Technical College
and Anoka Ramsey Community College.
 Articulated Credits are earned when a student passes both the class and assessment. Mr. Hammero stated that he would
have a count of Articulated Credits earned per district at an upcoming meeting.
 New program initiatives for PHS: Robotics and ProStart; CIHS: Programming and Software Development &PLTW;
SFHS: STEMS 9th Grade, Science and Math
 Requests for equipment, textbooks, curriculum writing or staff development were due April 1 st.
 Each district now has a POS coordinator.
 Funding for national competitions was heatedly discussed at St. Francis High School.
 As a result of the Data Retreat, ideas and discussion included: Integration of CTE Exploration into summer programming.
 Mr. Hammero stated that he would attend Freshman Orientations at Cooperative high schools to talk about CTE course
considerations. Also would like schools to participate at Anoka Technical College TechEd Day, Spring 2015.
 Program Approvals: SFHS – completed; PHS – Aviation was not accepted, a Transportation course was added; CIHS –
changes made to accommodate teacher licensure.
In conclusion to his report, Mr. Hammero stated that the Perkins Grant is in place for the next five years.
III. New Business
A. Receive and Approve the FY2015 Recommendations for Oak Land East 8&9 Programming
Ms. Kelly moved and Mr. Young seconded the motion to approve the FY2015 Recommendations for Oak Land East 8th & 9th
Grade Programming.
Ms. Fuller referred to the hand-out, Middle Level Off-Site Programming Grade Change for the Oak Land East building. The
program description and purpose of statement was presented, as well as a four-year budget and revenue summary. Discussion
included, but was not limited to:
Already discussed in ALC Update the type of student identified – not troublesome, but not passing any classes.
Focus on academic, social, and emotional areas
Transition back to home district, when appropriate. Shared-time options.
Overall budget and WADM met, but Middle Level has been, historically, supported by other programming.
Over four-years, 79 total student students were served (10 duplicated); 6th Grade: 1; 7th Grade: 19; 8th Grade: 59
Positive feedback from districts and parents
Oak Land West had 23- 9th grade students. Ms. Fuller stated the recommendation is to focus on 7 th, 8th, and 9th grade
students at Oak East. She is cautious about student age ranges between 14 and 21 years within the same program.
Mr. Hammero stated that since ISD 15 graduation requirements have increased, Bridge Street has received more 9th grade
referrals. When MLP was at Bridge Street, students who were not quite ready for 9th grade were slowly transitioned into
the 9th grade programming at the ALC. Then, some transferred back to SFHS. Proven incentives – using program change
as a tool.
Ms. Kelly asked for clarification – 7, 8, 9? not 6,7,8? Ms. Fuller responded affirmatively. Mr. Hawkins asked if Oak
Land would be able to support 6th graders when needed. Ms. Fuller stated depending upon the situation, yes.
The motion passed unanimously.
B. Receive and Approve the Oak Land Cooperative Center District Assessment Procedures
Ms. Kelly moved and Mr. Hawkins moved to Approve the Oak Land Cooperative Center District 957-51 Assessment
Ms. Fuller referred back to the previously presented Continuous Improvement Plan, as well as the proposed Assessment
Procedures document. The Assessment Procedures outlines the Purpose, Assignment & Responsibilities, and the Minnesota
Comprehensive Accountability Assessment Process. Presentation and discussion included, but was not limited to:
 Ms. Fuller referred to the Assessment Chart. Although Oak Land does not receive Title 1 funding, we will aligned with
State recommendations and our member districts.
 MCA testing for Math, Reading, and Writing will continue for FY15. The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude
Battery) will be given to students in the fall. More information from MDE is coming in July.
 Data Points: Student come and go. Many have taken NWEA (The Northwest Evaluation Association), Plato‘s Accucess,
ASVAB and QRI-5 (Qualitative Reading Inventory-5th Edition). Assessment and interpretation of these tests in all Oak
Land sites for on-going staff development and use of data to affect classroom instruction/programming.
 Oak Land students who complete course requirements for graduation but have not passed standardized tests will take the
 Chair Caulk inquired if Oak Land has done assessments. Ms. Fuller stated affirmatively. The presented plan and
procedures is a framework to move forward.
The motion passed unanimously.
C. Confirm Next Meeting Date – Wednesday, May 14, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., at the Princeton District Boardroom
The next Regular Meeting Date will be Wednesday, May 14, 2014, at 7:00 p.m., at the Princeton District Boardroom.
REMINDER: The Ad Hoc Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m.
IV. Adjourn:
There being no further business, Mr. Hawkins moved and Ms. Kelly seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m.
The motion passed unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Chad Young, Clerk
Minutes by Dari Hogie
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Bridge Street Learning Community
Cambridge ALC East
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