Providing Excellence
in Rugby Development
RugbyTek is offering the elite Rugby
Academy experience. Each of our
participants will get the opportunity to
improve their overall Rugby knowledge.
They will be trained daily by elite rugby
players and coaches in all aspects
of rugby, while they gain a formal
vocational qualification, undertake
paid coaching work, and learn how to
take their rugby to the next level.
Our Academy Program
The RugbyTek Education Academy has been designed and
implemented to give every player the opportunity to reach their
potential in Rugby. The Academy gives rugby players the opportunity
to develop their rugby skills in a professional environment while
providing opportunities to furthering their education and developing
a work ethic.
RugbyTek aims to create a professional Rugby environment for all
of our participants. RugbyTek will be using the expertise of former
professional players, Careers Australia (RTO), Queensland University of
Technology (QUT), Fitnance and partnerships with professional Rugby
teams to create pathways into Professional Rugby, Employment and
Further Education.
a rugby
You were born to be a
player. You were meant
to be here. This moment
is yours – Herb Brooks
We intend to create an alternate pathway for passionate Rugby
players to play Rugby at all levels.
The RugbyTek Coaches are all minimum Level 2 qualified and have
played Super Rugby and Rugby at an international level. Our aim is
to have all of our participants learn from our coach’s personal rugby
experiences and give them a distinct advantage from others who play
in the same position.
RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: Our Academy Program
My Coaching Philosophy
At RugbyTek we are passionate coaches who want to win but most
importantly we understand what it takes to build self-belief and a
winning team culture.
The importance of having a strong rugby skills foundation that includes
mastering the fundamentals required for each component of the
game, as well as understanding all our players individually and their
ability, is our style of coaching.
Rugby is a rewarding game that has so much to offer everyone who
plays. We are committed to educating, up-skilling, motivating and
supporting all of our players so that they reach their potential as a
player and enjoy their Rugby.
Brenden Jones
Coaching Director
RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: My Coaching Philosophy
Academy Partners
RugbyTek will be working together with our partners to deliver one of the most comprehensive and
cutting edge physical Development programs.
Queensland University Technology (QUT)
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and its
sports science faculty will be providing graduates
from the Sports Physiology and Human Movement
Program to assist RugbyTek students to be tested
for Strength, Aerobic and Anaerobic Endurance,
Speed and Agility.
Once a player commences the training program
they will be monitored and retested and their
program will change according to the player’s
This will be done under the careful guidance of
heavily experienced Strength & Conditioning
Coach, Steve Nance.
Please note: All of the training programs developed will work in
conjunction with a players Club training to ensure there is no risk of
over training or injury.
RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: Academy Partners
Steve Nance, founder of Fitnance, will be partnering
with owner, Chris Weier to provide RugbyTek students
with a Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Program
that is second to none.
Both as past athletes, sports trainers and fitness
educators Steve and Chris will be ensuring that the
RugbyTek Fitness and Education Program is of the
highest standard.
As RugbyTek’s Fitness Partner, Fitnance will be
offering fitness education programs that will see our
graduates be fitter, faster, stronger and educated in a
fitness qualification of their choice, in a face-to-face
These are the qualifications that will be available
through Fitnance:
• Certificate III in Fitness
• Certificate IV in Fitness
• Diploma in Fitness
(Provides the graduate with an automatic
upgrade to an OP7 if required and 12 months off a
correlating university degree at QUT or USQ.)
• Senior First Aid
• Level 1 Sports Trainer
Careers Australia
If Fitness isn’t the only qualification you are seeking,
RugbyTek has also partnered with Careers Australia to
deliver you a nationally recognised training program in:
• Diploma of Business
• Diploma of Business Management
• Diploma of Project Management
RugbyTek students are able to choose from one of
these qualifications or combine them and undertake
a double diploma program combining both Fitness
and Business.
RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: Academy Partners
Again undertaking one of our Diploma Programs
will provide the RugbyTek Graduate with an
automatic upgrade to an OP7 if required and up
to 12 months off a correlating university degree at
Wests Rugby Club
Wests Rugby is one of the foundation clubs in
the Brisbane competition with a rich history
of providing Queensland and Australian
Representatives. Wests have partnered with
RugbyTek to provide us with our RugbyTek
Headquarters. The Rugby Club has made its
facilities at Toowong available for the RugbyTek
Academy. The Rugby club is situated in Toowong,
convenient to central Brisbane and public
In 2015 the club is looking to upgrade it’s facilities with
a new $8Million facility that will provide West Brisbane
with elite Rugby Facilities. For those RugbyTek
students looking for a local Rugby Club, Wests
Bulldogs has a Premier Colts and Colts Program that
would welcome new players to the club.
RugbyTek Facilities
• Lecture Room
• Sports Fields
• Rugby Equipment
• Professional Gym
• First Aid facilities
Third half
Michael Blucher, renowned Sports Mentor and
Author of ‘Bubble Boys’ will be providing his offfield excellence program to RugbyTek Academy
students. Focusing on working with players who
are looking for a professional career in sport,
Michael’s expertise helps prepare our students for
the demands of professional sport life.
Queensland Rugby Union (QRU)
The QRU will provide RugbyTek students the
opportunity to complete Level 1 Rugby and
Smart Rugby qualifications. As a result coaching
employment opportunities may exist in the
‘Rookies to Reds’ development program.
RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: Academy Partners
Tamblyns Modelling Agency
Tamblyns Modelling Agency will be delivering
etiquette and presentation skills to our students.
Reminding students of the importance of first
The team undertaking the Tamblyns Social
etiquette and presentation program:
Director - Pam Tamblyn
School Coordinator & Trainer - Nikki Travis
Trainer - John Boyle
Key Partners
Wests Rugby Club
Careers Australia
Third Half
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
The RugbyTek Academy Team
Coaching Director
Brenden Jones
Brenden has a passion for grass roots Rugby. He learned how to play the game at age 4
and has never looked back. He held an AIS Rugby scholarship, has played professionally for
ACT, Kubota Japan and was a foundation Brumbies player. He was coached by renowned
Rugby identities Duncan Hall, Bob Hitchcock, Rod McQueen and Chris Hickey. Brenden has
coached professionally for over 19 years. He now combines the skills he learnt as a player
and Business Manager to help other coaches and players make the most of everything the
great game has to offer.
Executive Director & Operations
Rachel Crawford
Previously working as the General Manager of Pass Australia, one of Australia’s largest
indigenous education providers for both school students and school graduates in the
education to employment transition space, Rachel has extensive experience in operating
a student education and mentoring academy. Working closely with the Department of
Education and various Registered Training Organizations, Rachel’s experience in Business
Operations in the Education Sector and previously Key Accounts Manager for Fairfax Media,
Rachel will oversee RugbyTeks Business Operations. Currently studying at Melbourne Business
School, Rachel shares Brenden’s vision for this Rugby Education Program to improve the
pathway opportunity for all developing rugby players and hopes to see it expand, providing
young people with a genuine opportunity to educate themselves in all aspects of their lives
whilst developing their rugby skills.
RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: The RugbyTek Academy Team
The RugbyTek Academy Team
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Steve Nance
Fitnance Director
Chris Weier
Assistant Coach
Bronson Tauakipulu
Steve’s professional background includes
working as the performance consultant
to the Brisbane Broncos, Fulham Football
Club in England, lecturing at QUT in
Human Movement Studies and working
with secondary schools such as Ipswich
Grammar and John Paul College. He was
also in charge of the health and fitness
for the World Cup winning Wallabies side
under captain John Eales and coach Rod
Chris has 20 years of experience in the
Fitness Industry. He completed a Fitness
Course, Bachelor in Human Movement
Studies at the University of Queensland.
Chris has experience working with the
FOGS, Ipswich Jets Rugby League Club,
International level individual and Team
athletes, and the Queensland Government
as a presenter in the Locker Room Forums,
providing information to coaches and other
community members involved in sport.
Having graduated from Brisbane Boys
College in 2013 and Captain of the First
XV Bronson has gone from strength to
strength in his Rugby Career.
Bronson has been offered a place in
the 2015 Queensland Reds Academy
Employed by RugbyTek over the past two
years in a Junior Rugby Coach role Bronson
will continue in this position and is enrolled
in the RugbyTek Academy for 2015.
RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: The RugbyTek Academy Team
The RugbyTek Academy Team
National Industry Development
Michael Staal
Michael has 19 years experience in
education and 9 years of executive
management. He holds - Two Master
degrees: Education and Vocational
Education. Two Bach’s: Science and
Education. Two Diploma’s: Management
and Project Management. Michael brings
expertise in Business strategy development,
Human resources, National training and
learning and development strategies.
Sports Mentor
Michael Blucher
Presentation & Social Etiquette
Nikki Travis
Corporate refugee, athlete mentor, family
man, promulgator of commonsense.
For the past 25 years, he has worked in
and around professional sport, first as a
member of the media, then as a sports
marketer. More recently, there was eight
years as a corporate executive, responsible
for $6 million in sports sponsorship, which
showcased athletes in another different
light. Bubble Boys is Michael Blucher’s
second book. In 1995, he launched Perfect
Union, the joint biography of Rugby stars
Tim Horan and Jason Little.
For 17 years Nikki has been behind the
scenes for photo shoots and runway shows
as a hair and makeup artist as well as the
Business Developer and trainer in Personal
and Professional Development.
Today Nikki is Director of her own company
as well as the school co-ordinator for
Tamblyn School of Finishing and Modelling.
Nikki believes through Personal and
Professional Development, each individual
has the ability to achieve great success and
become who they truly want to become.
RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: The RugbyTek Academy Team
The RugbyTek Academy Team
Finance Officer
Tim Spurn - CPA B.Com
Business Analyst and Financial Modeller
Tim has worked for over 15 years as
a Management Accountant for listed
entities in Brisbane & London, where
he has developed financial models to
provide analysis & assistance to a business
base from various industries. Business
Concept Budget & Forecasting, as well
as Business Reviews & Benchmark Analysis
are the two areas that he has worked in
predominantly over the last 2 years. Tim
studied at University of Queensland &
played Rugby for Uni for 6 years. He is a
self-proclaimed Rugby tragic.
Administration Officer
Bee Brooke
Bee started working in Rugbytek’s
Administration department at the
beginning of 2014.
Being born in South Africa, Bee has a
strong rugby and sports background and is
currently studying Town Planning at QUT.
A rugby enthusiast, Bee came to join
Rugbytek because of her passion for
developing rugby talent. A regular on
the sidelines at GPS matches, Bee is a
supportive and encouraging member of
our team, always cheering our kids on to
reach their potential.
10 RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: The RugbyTek Academy Team
The RugbyTek Specalist Coaches
Captaincy &
George Gregan
Coaching &
Nick Scrivener
Game Strategy
Rod Kafer
& Lock
John Eales
Back Row
Brenden Cannon Owen Finnigan
11 RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: The RugbyTek Specalist Coaches
Ben Tune
John Connelly
Fullback Kicking
Andrew Walker
Scrum Coach
Andrew Heath
Inside Backs
Pat Howard
The RugbyTek Rugby Education Program
Rugby Program
Elite Specialist Coaching
Physical Strength and Conditioning
Education Program
Careers Pathway Program and
Employment opportunities
6. Life Skills
1. Rugby Program
Players will be involved in the complete
rugby education programs that will see them
understand all aspects of the game and be
prepared to reach their potential as a player
with a focus on:
• Individual core skills
• Understanding the roles and responsibilities of all
playing positions
• Understanding the styles of play and structures
• Decision Making
• Planning and implementing development
programs for all ages and abilities
12 RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: The RugbyTek Rugby Education Program
• Qualified to coach Junior rugby
• Establish their own Rugby Coaching Business
• Injury management
2. Elite Coaching Specialists
RugbyTek will provide students with access
to some of the worlds greatest Rugby Players
of their time. In these sessions elite players will
provide exclusive knowledge of their time
playing rugby and pass on their skill set to our
academy students. Elite coaching clinics will
occur twice a month throughout the duration of
the program. These players have all played or
coached the Wallabies or a Super Rugby Team
or played internationally
3. Physical Strength and Conditioning
Understand the body’s physical development
• B
ecome a qualified Strength and Conditioning
• Become a qualified Personal Trainer
• Be able to plan and implement fitness programs
for rugby teams and other sports teams
The RugbyTek Rugby Education Program
4. Education Program
There are a number of education options
available to RugbyTek students.
Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Diploma of Fitness
Diploma of Business (AFIS) - 28 Week Visa
Diploma of Management (AFIS) - 28 Week Visa
Diploma of Project Management (AFIS) - 54
Weeks Visa
* Any of the Diploma’s can be combined for students to undertake a
double double.
** Any of the Certificate Courses can be combined for students
wanting additional specialty
*** AFIS = Available study options for international students
**** Please note there is Education Finance available for Australian
Students. For more information about VET Fee Help or Payment
Plans please don’t hesitate to ask.
13 RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: The RugbyTek Rugby Education Program
5. C
areers Pathway Program and
Employment opportunities
• Coaching in Schools
• Development programs
• School Holiday programs
• Apprenticeship opportunities
• Mentoring younger players
• Work with Junior Rugby Union Clubs and other
sporting Clubs
Life Skills
Goal Setting
Career planning
Financial planning
Public speaking
Media Training
Deportment and Social Etiquette
Health & Wellbeing
The RugbyTek Rugby Education Program Timetable
9.00 - 10.40
10.40 - 11.40
Game Day Goal
11.40 - 12.40
12.40 - 1.40
1.40 - 2.30
Rugby Video
Rugby Skills
Skills Individual
Rugby Skills
Skills Individual
3.00 - 5.00
Paid Coaching
Paid Coaching
Paid Coaching
Paid Coaching
Paid Coaching
* Please note this is an example of the RugbyTek 2015 Rugby Education Academy Schedule. We will introduce a flexible day for students to be able to focus on core areas.
**Please note paid coaching will be opportunity based.
14 RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: The RugbyTek Rugby Education Program
Employment Opportunities
RugbyTek has existing employment pathways
with a number of organizations.
Some of these Work Partners are:
Sarina Russo Apprenticeship Services
Wests Rugby Club
Kenmore Rugby Club
Taylor Bridge Rugby Club
Brisbane Boys College
St Peters Lutheran College
Brisbane Junior Rugby Union
The Regatta Hotel
Through these partnerships there are opportunities
for students to undertake Rugby Coaching Roles or
other employment opportunities, depending on the
participants requirements. RugbyTek will help you
source employment opportunities.
15 RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: Work Oppotunities
Work Preparation
At RugbyTek we understand getting a job takes
certain skills. Having worked in the education to
employment space for 13 years RugbyTek staff are
equipped to help you prepare yourself for life after
study. Within the RugbyTek Program we will ensure
you get the chance to gain the following job
preparation skills:
Resume writing
Letter Writing
Interview preparation
Career planning
Job Search
Work experience
Other Benefits
Our Goal is to ensure we give you
access to every possible chance
to grow in your Rugby Career. We
will ensure you get exposed to the
following rugby opportunities:
Rugby Tours
Overseas playing opportunities
Representive Rugby
Specialist Coaching Seminars
Professional Rugby opportunities
Phone Brenden Jones 0439 851 180
Email: [email protected]
Located at Wests Rugby Club,
68 Sylvan Road Toowong
ABN:12 152 476 732
16 RUGBYTEK ACADEMY: Other Benefits