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Welcome to the latest employee edition of PSAWatch, the ezine of the Private Security Issue 39 • September 2014
Authority which contains information aimed specifically at individual licence holders.
In this issue we cover a number of topics that may be of interest to those holders of
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PSA licences as well as potential applicants.
We hope you find this ezine useful and if you have a suggestion for inclusion in future • Training Providers and
Security Guarding/Door
issues please let us know.
Supervisor Courses
Training Providers offering Security Guarding and Door Supervisor
• Lost or stolen licences and
licence cards
The PSA requires that licence applicants for Security Guarding and Door Supervisor
• Upcoming Renewal Dates
licences must submit proof of training. The training must be provided by a training
provider whose courses are validated or accredited by QQI or other nationally
• New Garda Vetting Forms
recognised awarding body and must cover certain topics.
Where the training is provided by a training provider whose security courses are not
validated by QQI or other nationally recognised awarding body then the PSA
• will not accept the application and
• will require the applicant to provide evidence of training from another training
This is to ensure that the training received is subject to proper and exacting quality
assurance procedures by the relevant awarding body so that the public can be assured
that all licence holders have a consistent minimum level of training.
Before undertaking the security course and spending your money please make sure
that the training you are about to undertake is validated by QQI or other nationally
recognised awarding body and if in doubt, please contact the awarding body to make
sure it is.
For additional information regarding training providers please consult our website at
Lost, Stolen or Damaged Licences and Licence/ID Cards
Since September 2009 all individuals who are licensed by the PSA must, by law, wear
an identity badge at all times while on private security duty. Guidelines on wearing the
identity badge can be found on our website at under Licensing
It can happen that licence holders will lose their licence or their licence ID card. In
some cases they may be stolen or badly damaged. Replacement documents will be
issued by the PSA if your licence or licence ID card is lost, stolen or damaged. The fee
is €20 and the replacement licence or licence ID card should be claimed on form PSA
D1/2011, which can be downloaded from our website. You should complete the form
and then go to your local Garda Station for official confirmation that the document(s)
have been lost, stolen or damaged. The Garda who deals with you will sign, date and
stamp the document which you should then submit with the appropriate fee of €20 to
the PSA at the address on the right hand side of the next page.
A replacement document or card will then issue to you at the address you have put on
the form.
Upcoming Renewal Dates
The next two dates for renewal of individual licences are
29th September 2014 and
6th November 2014.
If you have a licence that expires on either date we ask that you get your application
forms for licence renewal filled up and submitted well in advance of the expiry date
and send the application form and other documents into us before that date.
If you don’t get your renewal application form in before the date your licence
expires you are not legally entitled to work and you may be subject to penalties or
sanctions if caught working illegally.
Failure to renew your licence by the expiry date will mean that you will not be on
our register of licence holders and could affect your employment prospects where a
prospective employer will consult the register to see if your name is recorded as a
licence holder.
Your renewal application form can be filled in online and signed and photo attached
when issued to you. Again our website at should be consulted
before renewing.
New Garda Vetting Forms
As and from the month of July 2014 the Central Vetting Unit of An Garda Siochana
require a new version of the Garda vetting form to be completed and the previous
version will not be accepted by that Unit. The form can be found on our website and
we ask that all applicants, both first-time and renewal, submit this new version so
that there are no unnecessary delays in processing your application when it arrives
into us.
Any Queries
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will be happy to help you.
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