VeriSeq PGS Kit - MiSeq

Product Information Sheet: Reproductive and Genomic Health
VeriSeq™ PGS Kit - MiSeq® System
Rapid aneuploidy screening in single cells using the MiSeq System.
Chromosome aneuploidy (abnormal number of chromosomes) is a
major cause of in vitro fertilization (IVF) failure, pregnancy loss, and,
in rare cases, abnormal pregnancy and live birth1,2. Preimplantation
genetic screening (PGS) offers a way to detect the chromosome
number of an embryo and make sure that only euploid embryos—
those with a normal number of chromosomes—are implanted during
IVF procedures. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is proving to be a
reliable means of screening chromosome number3,4.
The VeriSeq PGS Kit - MiSeq uses NGS on the Illumina MiSeq System
to screen all 24 chromosomes for aneuploidy in a single assay. The
assay can be used on a single cell or a few cells from an embryo. The
protocol can be completed in approximately 12 hours. The VeriSeq
PGS Kit is designed for multiplexing up to 24 samples per run on the
MiSeq System. Each VeriSeq PGS Kit - MiSeq provides sufficient
reagents for four runs on the MiSeq System (up to 96 samples).
The VeriSeq PGS Kit - MiSeq (Table 1) includes all reagents required to
prepare samples for sequencing on the MiSeq System, including:
• SurePlex™ DNA Amplification System for amplifying DNA from
an embryo biopsy. The SurePlex System provides enzymes and
buffers required to perform the amplification protocol in clear
screw-cap tubes with color-coded lids as referenced in the SurePlex
laboratory protocol. It is shipped on dry ice.
• VeriSeq Library Preparation Kit-PGS for sequencing on the
MiSeq System. It is supplied in two boxes. Box 1 is shipped on
dry ice. Box 2 is shipped at 2°C to 8°C.
• VeriSeq Index Kit-PGS provides 24 indexes, enabling multiplexing
of up to 24 samples in a single sequencing run. The kit is shipped
on dry ice. A complementary pack of index adapter replacement
caps is included and shipped at room temperature.
• MiSeq Reagent Kit v3-PGS provides all reagents required for
sequencing prepared libraries on the MiSeq System. It is supplied
as one MiSeq PGS Cartridge shipped on dry ice and one PGS flow
cell shipped at 2°C to 8°C.
Complete kit contents are in the ‘Contents’ section of this document.
BlueFuse Multi Analysis Software provides analysis and reporting
capabilities for results generated using the VeriSeq PGS Kit - MiSeq. It
is available from your technical support representative or for download
Table 1: VeriSeq PGS Kit - MiSeq Components
2 × SurePlex DNA
Amplification System
Each kit contains reagents for
50 amplification reactions
1 × VeriSeq Library
Preparation Kit-PGS
Kit contains reagents for preparing
96 samples
1 × VeriSeq Index
Kit contains 24 indexes for multiplexing up to 24 samples with sufficient
reagent for processing up to
96 samples
4 × MiSeq Reagent
Kit v3-PGS
Each kit contains 1 cartridge and
1 flow cell with sufficient reagents for
sequencing 24 libraries
Technical Specifications
The SurePlex DNA Amplification System amplifies the genomic
DNA from an embryo biopsy—a single blastomere biopsy from
day 3 embryos, or a few cells from a day 5 trophectoderm biopsy.
The VeriSeq Library Preparation Kit-PGS uses an engineered
transposome to simultaneously fragment and tag (“tagment”) SurePlex
input DNA, adding unique adapter sequences in the process. A
limited-cycle PCR uses these adapter sequences to amplify the
SurePlex insert DNA. PCR also adds index sequences to both ends
of the DNA, enabling dual-indexed sequencing of pooled libraries on
the MiSeq System. Up to 24 samples can be multiplexed in a single
MiSeq run. Choose between performing a fast run (12-plex singleindex library) or a standard run (24-plex dual-index library).
Prepared VeriSeq PGS libraries are pooled and run on the MiSeq
System. The on-instrument MiSeq Control Software (MCS) v2.5
performs secondary analysis of the sequencing data, demultiplexing
and aligning the reads to the reference genome. BAM files from the
MiSeq System are imported directly into the BlueFuse Multi Analysis
Software using the prepared sample sheet. Sample sheets, used by
both the MiSeq System and BlueFuse Software, are generated using
BlueFuse Workflow Manager.
BlueFuse Multi Analysis Software processes and displays the data to
provide genomic profiles of each sample in a run. Whole chromosome
aneuploidy is called automatically. The assay effective resolution is
20 Mb. Reports are generated automatically for each sample and for
the cycle. Views provided are similar to those of the 24sure® array
solution for PGS.
Product Information Sheet: Reproductive and Genomic Health
Table 4: VeriSeq Index Kit-PGS
The VeriSeq PGS Kit - MiSeq, Catalog No. RH-101-1001, provides
sufficient reagents for processing 96 samples. It includes the SurePlex
DNA Amplification System, VeriSeq Library Preparation Kit-PGS,
VeriSeq Index Kit-PGS, and MiSeq Reagent Kit v3-PGS (Tables 2–5).
Table 2: SurePlex DNA Amplification System
Design Element
Catalog No.
Part No.
No. Reactions per Kit
No. Kits Supplied
–25°C to –15°C
Design Element
Box 1 Part No.
Box 2 Part No.
No. Indexes
No. Samples per Kit
No. Kits Supplied
Box 1 Storage
–25°C to –15°C
Box 2 Storage
Room temperature
Box 1 Components
Index Adapters ID Nos. N701, N702, N703, N704, N705, N706,
N707, N708, N709, N710, N711, N712
Index Adapters ID Nos. S503, S504
Box 2 Components
Cell Extraction Buffer
Index Adapter Replacement Caps
Extraction Enzyme Dilution Buffer
Cell Extraction Enzyme
SurePlex Pre-Amp Buffer
Table 5: MiSeq Reagent Kit-PGS
SurePlex Pre-Amp Enzyme
SurePlex Amplification Buffer
SurePlex Amplification Enzyme
Nuclease-Free Water
Design Element
Box 1 Part No.
Box 2 Part No.
No. Reactions per Kit
No. Kits Supplied
Table 3: VeriSeq Library Preparation Kit-PGS
Box 1 Storage
Box 2 Storage
Design Element
Box 1 Components
Box 1 Part No.
Hyb Buffer
Box 2 Part No.
Reagent Cartridge
No. Reactions per Kit
Box 2 Components
No. Kits Supplied
Incorporation Buffer
Box 1 Storage
–25°C to –15°C, 2°C to 8°C
Flow Cell MiSeq v3.0 PGS
Box 2 Storage
2°C to 8°C, room temperature
Box 1 Components
Nextera™ Amplicon Tagment Mix
Hybridization Buffer
Tagment DNA Buffer
Nextera PCR Master Mix
Resuspension Buffer
Library Normalization Additives
Library Normalization Wash
Box 2 Components
Library Normalization Storage Buffer 1
Neutralize Tagment Buffer
Library Normalization Beads 1
–25°C to –15°C
2°C to 8°C
Product Information Sheet: Reproductive and Genomic Health
Software Specifications
Illumina recommends using BlueFuse Multi Analysis Software v4.1, or
later to analyze VeriSeq PGS results (Table 6).
Ordering Information
Catalog No.
VeriSeq PGS Kit - MiSeq (96 samples)
Table 6: BlueFuse Multi Analysis Software
Minimum Requirements
Memory (RAM)
4 GB
2 GHz
Screen Resolution
1024 × 768 or higher
Network Speed
1 GB
Disk Space
1 BAM file per sample is 70 MB
Operation System
Windows 7 or Vista
Safety Information
Visit for available safety data sheets (SDS).
Additional Documents
Additional documents available for download from
• VeriSeq PGS Library Preparation Guide
• VeriSeq PGS Library Preparation Experienced User Card
1. Scott RT Jr, Ferry K, Su J, Tao X, Scott K, et al. (2012) Comprehensive
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Product Information Sheet: Reproductive and Genomic Health
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