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Quick Start Guide
Home Screen
3 4
Status bar
(Tx) roll
Tx battery
Tx temp.
Temp. history
Fluid pressure
FP history
Main Menu icon
1. Locating receiver
2. Telemetry channel
3. Telemetry signal strength (flashes)
4. Wi-Fi connection
Data displays automatically when broadcast from a DigiTrak
receiver. From any other screen, tap Home
to return.
System Setup
Tap Main Menu
to reach
For primary device settings,
tap Device
, then the
appropriate tab to set:
 date, time, and time zone
 units: temperature, distance, angle, pressure, and force
 screen brightness and speaker volume (volume must be
above zero to be adjustable in onboard videos)
To set up a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, tap Network
To set temperature and pressure alarms, tap Alarms
To set your receiver model, telemetry channel, or region, tap
To set up a cable transmitter or SST , tap Peripherals
To install software updates or applications, tap Update
On the Main Menu, use the Help options to access safety
, additional system information
, self-tests
this Quick Start Guide , or instructional videos
Check Systems
At the Main Menu
, tap Power On Self-Tests
information on tests Aurora™ completed when powering up. This
is useful for troubleshooting a particular component that may not
be properly connected, powered on, or enabled.
Using the Home Screen
Telemetry Signal Strength
The number of bars in the telemetry signal strength icon
indicates the strength of signal reception. A grey icon indicates
no reception; a steady black icon indicates Aurora is connected
to a receiver that is not sending data. A flashing icon indicates
Aurora is receiving new data from the receiver.
Roll Offset
When roll offset is enabled on the receiver for a standard
transmitter, it displays on the Home screen automatically. Tap
and hold the roll offset clock only for cable transmitter roll offset.
Fluid Pressure
Fluid pressure values are only available with a fluid pressure
transmitter (FPT) or TensiTrak; maximum displayed pressure is
250 psi (1725 kPa). Pressure over 250 psi displays as +OL.
Because the digital thermometer is inside the transmitter, it takes
time to detect temperature increases due to external drilling
conditions. Use the Transmitter (Tx) temperature and history on
the Home
screen to monitor temperature and resolve
increases quickly to avoid irreversible transmitter damage.
Menu Shortcuts
Tap and hold screen elements like temperature
or receiver/
telemetry channel (F5/Ch1 on the screen on page 1) to jump to
settings for those elements.
Depth Readings
When the receiver takes a depth reading at the
locate line, Aurora displays the blue Depth Bar.
Data is highlighted blue for 10 seconds and
remains for 5 minutes.
When the receiver takes a depth reading at the
front locate point (FLP), Aurora displays the blue
Depth and Distance Bars. Data is highlighted
blue for 10 seconds and remains for 5 minutes.
Depth Bar
Predicted Depth
Distance Bar
See our DigiTrak Training Videos on YouTube at
For detailed information, see the Aurora Operator’s Manual, available at If you have questions, contact your regional DCI
office or Customer Service at 425.251.0559 or 800.288.3610.
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All rights reserved. 402-1010-00-A
Target Steering
When a target depth is entered on the receiver, Aurora™
automatically enables the Target Steering screen.
Current depth below receiver
Current roll
on current
Horizontal distance to target
Steer the yellow target ball (the projected destination) onto the
target crosshairs. In this case, the drill head is currently
estimated at 3’ 2” (1.0 m) below the plane of the receiver and
must travel 10’ 3” (3.1 m) to reach the target point below the
The rectangular indicator
inside the target ball shows the
current roll position of the drill head. When the indicator points
toward the target, the drill head is correctly positioned to drill
closer to the intended bore path.
The flashing target steering icon
in the Status bar indicates
target steering data is being received. If target steering data is
lost, the app remains loaded so once data resumes, it will
continue processing without interrupting your current task.
at any time to use the classic target steering view from
previous versions of DigiTrak remote displays.