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Grow your own qualified teachers
Straight to Teaching
School factsheet 2013/14
Vol. 2
A unique professional development programme for schools
with staff who want to become qualified teachers
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What is Straight to Teaching?
Who should apply?
Straight to Teaching (S2T) is a unique new professional
development programme for school staff who want to become
qualified teachers. It is designed to assist schools in developing
suitable members of staff to achieve Qualified Teacher Status
(QTS) and become a qualified teacher. The programme prepares
participants to meet the QTS Standards (The Standards) and,
when ready, provides them with the opportunity to be assessed
and awarded QTS.
Self-motivated school staff (e.g. unqualified teachers, High Level
Teaching Assistants, Teaching Assistants and others) with the
desire to become a qualified teacher. Participants must:
Participants are supported through a mix of in school and online
tutoring and mentoring. Each participant is given a personalised
QTS preparation plan and timeline which gives clear instruction
on what they are required to do to meet, and demonstrate they
meet, The Standards. A personal pathway tutor provides them
with in school and online guidance and feedback while a schoolappointed mentor supports them throughout.
Be employed in a school in England
Have the relevant qualifications, experience and skills to
succeed through the S2T programme
Have the express support of their employing school
Hold a degree from a United Kingdom higher education
institution or equivalent by the time they go for assessment
Hold grade C or above in GCSE English and Maths (Science is
also required for primary) or equivalent
Have relevant experience, qualifications and skills
Participants also benefit from access to HCUK’s innovative online
learning platform where they can interact with other learners
as well as upload materials as part of their personal portfolio of
evidence. On-demand sessions on key topics, issues and national
priorities may also be made available depending on individual
needs (or by request).
The pathway tutor will judge
the evidence and performance
of the participant and will only
recommend that the participant
applies for QTS assessment when they
are ready. The QTS assessment part
of the programme will be carried out
by The Cambridge Partnership*
(TCP) an approved independent
and experience provider of QTS
Assessment Only
*Please note that participants may choose another independent
assessment only provider if they wish.
Additional entry criteria can be found on our web site,
www.hcukonline.com. Please check with us if you are unsure
whether you meet the entry criteria.
Stage 1
Initial needs
Stage 2
QTS preparation
Stage 3
Final evaluation
Stage 4
QTS assessment
The benefits for schools include the ability to:
Increase the range of professional development opportunities they can
For a participant to be successful on the S2T programme, their employing school
must be willing to:
Work in partnership with HCUK (schools will be asked to sign a working
Provide the participant with the support and resources necessary to
enable them to successfully complete their personalised QTS preparation
Allow and facilitate the participant to gain experience in another school if
Appoint a suitable member of their school staff to act as the participant’s
school mentor
Up skill existing staff and promote from within their current team
Bridge recruitment gaps and address teacher shortages
Increase the quality of teaching and the number of qualified teachers at
their school
Recruit and retain quality candidates that show strong potential
Grow their own high-quality teachers at a low cost, efficiently and
Develop staff professionally whilst they continue to work in their existing
*All participants are required to have taught in a minimum of two schools.
On successful completion of the S2T programme and QTS
assessment a school can employ the participant as a qualified
teacher with the comfort and security of knowing the newly
qualified teacher’s experience, quality and most importantly
what they bring to the school.
HCUK Preparing school
staff for QTS
Hibernia College UK (HCUK) is a leading international provider of online courses and
programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The programmes we deliver are of the
highest academic quality and are accredited by a range of accreditation agencies. We have a wealth
of experience in teacher training and development and we are one of the largest providers of Subject
Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses for pre-ITT trainee teachers as well as qualified teachers in England.
The Straight to Teaching programme fees range from £4,500
(2 terms) to £8,750 (7 terms) depending on the length of the
All fees include the full cost of the QTS assessment, which is
undertaken by TCP. Straight to Teaching fees can be met in full by
the participant, the employing school or shared between both.
Primary (ages 3-5, 5-7, 5-11 and 7-11)
All main secondary subjects (ages 11-16 and 14-19)
Others may be available upon request
“HCUK’s SKE+ course is
perfect as it works around
existing commitments,
allowing the option of quality
professional development
whilst staying committed to
the school and its pupils.”
Dame Mo Brennan, Barr
Beacon School
“I am highly impressed by
HCUK and will not hesitate to
use them again.”
Jonathan Sargent, PGCE
Science Coordinator,
University of Chichester
Programmes begin at regular intervals
throughout the year and can be tailored
to the school’s needs, resources
and timetable. For more information,
please contact us.
“Feedback is provided very
quickly, and you are always
able to drop a tutor an e-mail
knowing that they will provide
you with a quick response.”
Alex, HCUK elearnITT trainee
What Next?
For full details, to speak to an advisor or to apply for one of our Straight to Teaching programmes, please call us on
freefone 0800 088 6126, e-mail us at [email protected] or visit
HCUK reserves the right to amend or change the details in this factsheet at any time without prior notice.
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Telephone: +44 (0) 207 960 6536
Correct at time of issue: April 2014
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