Curso: Intermedio 2

Curso: Intermedio 2
Tareas de Expresión Escrita del módulo 7
Profesores: Belén Hevia
Estas tareas NO tienen carácter obligatorio.
Los escritos tendrán una extensión de 130 palabras y deberán ser
entregados en las fechas que a continuación se detallan:
Unit 1
Del 27 al 31 Oct.
Write an e-mail to a friend who going to
visit you and your country or region.
Remember to write about the
landscape, the climate and geographical
Unit 2
Del 3 al 7 Nov.
Write a text on the topic: Should GMCs
be part of your diets? Use activity 9 on
page 27 as a model.
Unit 3
Del 10 al 14 Nov.
Write a text about an old person you
know well.
I spend a lot of time with….
Unit 4
Del 17 al 21 Nov.
Do you still live at home with your
parents? If not, when did you leave
home? What are your reasons for living
at home now or leaving home at the
age you did?
Unit 5
Del 24 al 28 Nov.
Write a letter to complain about one of
the following topics:
A disco is going to open near your home
The local health centre is going to close.
Unit 6
Del 1 al 5 Dic.
Do you prefer watching films or reading
books? Do you think books are better
than their film equivalent? Give your
Unit 7
Del 8 al 12 Dic.
Write an e-mail to your friends asking
them to help support a charity or cause.
Use the activity 8 on page 77 as a
Unit 8
Del 15 al 19 Dic.
Write a blog post giving your opinion
about police work.
I think it’s difficult/easy to be a police
officer because……
Unit 9
Del 12 al 16 Enero
Write a blog about a science fiction film
you have seen.
Unit 10
Del 19 al 22 Enero
Write a text about superstitions in your