GMS ELA Requirements - Gaylord Middle School ELA 7

GMS ELA Requirements
Dear Parents,
Hello! I am looking forward to getting to know you this year as we work together to help your children succeed. To
improve communication, I will be sending a weekly e-mail newsletter covering an overview of the week and
accompanying due dates. If you are interested, please indicate so at the bottom. Below is a brief overview of
expectations, and necessary materials:
Personal Reading (PR): Students will
Bring a personal reading book to ELA class and seminar daily to avoid academic correctives.
Read regularly (a minimum of two books per quarter), keep a written log of reading, and be prepared for oneon-one conversations with me about the books he/she is reading.
Rough Draft Writings (RDW):
Each RDW is one full page in length. All RDWs for the week will be turned in on Friday.
Students must also highlight examples of the skills (SoWs) we are currently working on in their RDWs to receive
full credit. Bi-weekly writing lab opportunities for polished pieces will be every other Friday.
Bi-weekly Quizzes
These will cover the SoWs (skills) we are working on, the vocabulary word of the week (WoW), and review of
past material.
Requested Materials*
ELA 3-ring binder—this will be only for ELA work
Tab dividers (8)
Highlighters (four different colors)
Loose-leaf paper and writing utensils
Additional materials: Donations of white
computer paper, Kleenex, and hand sanitizer are
always gratefully accepted!
*materials will be provided for any student requesting assistance.
I have read and understand the requirements for Gaylord Middle School English Language Arts class.
Parent signature and date:
Student signature and date:
***We request assistance with the following supplies:
___ 3-ring binder
___ 8 tab dividers
____4 different colored highlighters
Please include me in a weekly newsletter email for assignments, due dates, and overview of content.
E-mail address (please print neatly):