move out instuctions

As you are preparing to complete your program at the Summer Language Workshop, please consider the
To transfer the credits you earned at the Workshop to your home institution, please contact the IU
Registrar's Office, Transcript Department. Their phone number is (812) 855-7505. You may also visit
their website at Please note that you will need to
have your username, passphrase, and student ID# (you will receive all of this information once you are
Please review your IU Bursar bill before you leave campus. Please be advised that our office does
not receive notifications regarding your Bursar balances or encumbrances. To avoid potential issues
please be sure to review your Bursar charges today.
Continue to monitor your IU email closely even after you leave campus. Per IU policy, email is the
official IU mode of communication. All notifications regarding your grades, Bursar account, or any other
issues relative to your student record, will be sent to your IU email address.
If you lived in on-campus housing during the Workshop, please review the information below.
Before you leave campus, please review your IU Bursar account and make sure that the IU Residential
Programs and Services charged you only for the number of days you lived on campus.
Willkie Residence Center move-out dates are as follows:
9-week training: August 2 at 10:00AM
8-week training: August 2 at 10:00AM
Please report to the center desk and complete the room check-out procedures outlined below no later
than 10:00AM on August 2 to avoid additional charges for your housing.
Additionally, please continue to monitor your IU email and bursar account into the fall semester for any
outstanding dorm charges.
Please review and complete the check-out procedures below:
Your Room Condition Report Form (RCR) will be put in your mailbox. Fill the RCR out checking
all items mentioned within your room. If you fail to complete the Room Condition Report Form
(RCR), and return it to the center desk, you may be billed $25.00 for an improper check out.
Return all University furnishings to the original arrangement. Leave the room in the same
condition as you found it upon move-in. All trash is to be tied up in plastic bags and deposited in
the dumpsters behind the South tower. The clean-up charge for unreasonably dirty rooms and
trash removal will be $35.00 an hour. Rooms must be swept out and vacuumed. You could be
charged if the room is excessively dirty and/or dusty.
All nails, hooks, tape, adhesive putty, contact paper, glow-in-the-dark stars, bottle caps, etc.
must be removed from all wall and ceiling surfaces. This must be completed prior to
checkout. Be very careful if you need to peel tape, etc. off your walls. Any damage to walls or
other surfaces will result in a billing for repair and painting.
Charges for excessive cleaning, removal of discarded personal items, and repair for items
damaged will be billed at a minimum of $35.00 per hour. Typical charges would be:
Painting entire room - $220.00
Window screen replacement - $90.00
Cleaning bathroom - $55.00
Final check out: (at the center desk). When you are ready to leave, you will submit your online
forwarding address, your elevator/mailbox key, your key cards, and your Room Condition report
Form (RCR). Not returning the metal key will result in a $100.00 charge and key cards cost $45
1) (top left of page)
2) Click on Mail Forwarding
3) Enter the Address you will be going to for the summer or your permanent address.
Please make every effort to complete the checkout process during business hours (8am –
Midnight before August 2 and by 10:00am on August 2). For those who must leave when the
center desk is closed, be sure to complete all move-out paperwork (including change of address
online) during regular hours and leave your keys in the envelopes provided and deposit the
envelope in the Key Drop slot at the center desk.