Organizational Leadership with HR Track Major Requirements

Organizational Leadership with HR Track Major Requirements
Planning Checklist for Undergraduate Organizational Leadership HR Track Majors Declared After Spring 2014
OLHR2050: Foundations for Leadership
*OLHR2050 is the pre-req for PSYC2001C*
OLHR2051: Organizational Behavior for Effective Leaders
OLHR2070: Organizations and the Law
OLHR3000: Introduction to HR
*OLHR3000 is the pre-req for all HR Knowledge elective courses*
OLHR3053: Organizational Assessment and Evaluation
SECTION B: SKILL AREAS (47 credit hours)
A: Public Speaking (3 hours)
COMM1071: Introduction to Effective Public Speaking
(Fulfills A&S Humanities Requirement)
B.1: Quantitative Reasoning Part 1- Statistics (4 hours)
*OLHR2050 is the pre-req to PSYC2001C*
PSYC2001C: Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology I
*STAT1034-1035 and BANA2081-2082 are equivalent to PSYC2001C*
B.2: Quantitative Reasoning Part 2- Research Methods (4 hours)
OLHR2004C: Research Methods & Stats II for I/O Psychology
C: Business Fundamentals (21 hours)
ACCT2081: Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACCT2082: Introduction to Managerial Accounting
ENGL4091: Writing for Business
IS2080: Computer Problem Solving for Business
(Fulfills A&S Contemporary Topics Requirement)
ECON1001: Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON1002: Introduction to Macroeconomics
*ECON1001 and ECON1002 are pre-reqs for ECON3020 and
must be completed with a minimum grade of D-*
ECON3020: Mangerial Economics and Strategy
**Quantitative Reasoning GPA requirement:
Completion of PSYC2001C & OLHR2004C with a combined GPA > 2.0
**For completion of PSYC2001C ONLY:
Will accept STAT1034-1035 or BANA2081-2082
D. HR Knowledge (9 hours)
Choose three (3) courses of from the following
*Must first complete OLHR3000*
OLHR3001: Compensation
OLHR3002: International HR
OLHR3003: Training and Development
OLHR3005: Staffing
OLHR6012: Labor Relations
OLHR6022: Professional Development
OLHR6025: Ethics in HR
OLHR6080: Health and Safety
E: Leadership and Teamwork (3 hours)
Choose one (1) course from the following:
OLHR2010: How to Change the World
OLHR2011: Changemakers
OLHR2095: Diversity in the Workplace
OLHR3050: The Practice of Leadership
OLHR3055: Organizational Development and Planning
OLHR3089C: Leadership Latte
OLHR4050: Lessons in Leadership
OLHR4051: Leading Change
OLHR4095: Special Problems in HR
OLHR6050: Groups
F: Capstone (3 hours)
OLHR5000: Capstone
*Students should wait until their final semester in the program
to enroll in a Capstone course.
*Must be HR related for ORGL Majors on the HR Track.
*The capstone course will provide the programs most significant
leadership experience. All students participating in the Capstone
course will be required to be operating in an approved
leadership role.