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GRADUATE Resident Computing Consultant Contract, Summer 2014
Full Name
SUID# (number, not username)
Zone Assignment
I have received an offer letter for a GRADUATE RCC position on the residence staff for Summer 2014, agree to the
terms mentioned in the offer letter, and acknowledge the salary amount (
I hereby accept the position and agree to the following:
1. _____ I agree to fulfill the responsibilities and expectations and meet all terms of employment listed in the RCC Job Description
and on the Residential Computing website.
2. _____ I agree to abide by all University policies including the University Residence Agreement, the Fundamental Standard,
Honor Code, the University Alcohol and Drug Policy, the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment policy and the policy on
consensual sexual or romantic relationships, Additionally, I agree to follow all Residential Computing and Residential
Education policies and federal, state, and local laws.
3. _____ I understand that I will be given access to privileged and confidential information and will not share this information
beyond what is necessary to fulfill my RCC responsibilities.
4. _____ I agree to cooperate with my Supervisor and work with the residence staff.
5. _____ I understand that I will serve the entire 2014 Summer session, will not be off-campus for more than two weeks in a row,
and that if I plan to leave campus for more than three weekdays in a row, I will notify Residential Computing with one or
more week’s notice.
6. _____ I waive my assignment to housing anywhere else on campus.
7. _____ I agree to list a phone number for the RCC directory, use that phone number for the RCC position, and have voicemail or
an answering machine (or borrow an answering machine from Residential Computing) which I will check regularly.
8. _____ I allow Student Computing to use my image in relation to my participation in its programs (e.g. for the RCC directory).
9. _____ I understand that the University limits the number of weekly hours I may work and agree to stay within those limits. I also
understand that should the RCC work load significantly decrease, my hours for the RCC position with the University may
be reduced and compensation adjusted accordingly with at least 3 weeks advance notice (8 hours a week is attributed to
the regular RCC position, see for more information)
10. _____ I understand that if I were to be terminated from this position that I will lose my residence (unless I did not go through
ResComp to secure housing) and forfeit my (prorated) salary. In this circumstance, I agree to pay Residential Computing
any prorated remainder of my salary for the current quarter as determined by Residential Computing staff within 5
business days of notification. I understand that if I fail to do so, Residential Computing may seek collection through
Judicial Affairs, Student Financial Services, or other means.
NOTE: You should talk to the Financial Aid Office or your department to determine how your RCC salary will impact
your financial aid if you are receiving financial aid or other grant/fellowship money.
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Date: _____________________