Pheonix Requisitioner Acting on a Requisition FINAL

Requisitioner — Acting on a Requisition
Quick Reference Guide
1. Editing Cart Items
As a Requisitioner you can edit any or all of the information in the cart, or
you can choose to send it back to the Shopper to make the changes.
6. Select an action from the list.
For example, if you want to change the Commodity code of an item/s in a cart. To do
this, you would…
7. Select the Change Commodity Code action option followed by the
1. Click the Action Items link.
2. Click the Requisitions to Approve link under My Assigned Approvals
3. Open the Requisition you wish to address
If you decide to change a detail on an item or items in the cart, you can…
next to the item/s. Then,
Click the check box
Use the drop down menu (found on top right of page) listing the BuyWays
available Edit/change actions
04_18_2013 – Requisitioner – Acting On An Assigned Cart QRC
A message then appears letting you know that the action was Successful. Your final step
is to…
8. Click the
NOTE: You may want to practice the other edit functions to complete your
understanding of this function in UMass BuyWays.
Requisitioner — Acting on a Requisition
Quick Reference Guide
2. Acting On Returned Requisitions
An Approver can return a requisition to a Requisitioner for edits. Typically
the Approver will leave a comment indicating why the requisition is being
For this example, the Approver wants the cart owner to change the commodity codes for
the line items.
4. Click the
tab. and scroll down to the line item that needs to be changed.
Navigate: home/shop >Action Items>My Returned Requisitions.
5. Click the view/edit by line item link
6. Select the correct commodity codes from the drop-down menu.
7. Click the
2. Click the Shopping Cart Name link
3. Click the
tab to view the comments added by the Approver.
04_18_2013 – Requisitioner – Acting On An Assigned Cart QRC
Requisitioner — Acting on a Requisition
Quick Reference Guide
3. Viewing Cart Approvals
4. Populating Line Item Details
You can view the approvals and workflow steps that a requisition needs to pass through
before the order is sent to the vendor.
Begin by accessing the cart you wish to view.
In a requisition, various details such as, account codes and speedtypes values are often
entered at the header level and apply to the whole requisition. However the
Requisitioner can modify the values – per line item – as required. This ability ensures
that each line item in the requisition has the appropriate information associated with it.
1. Click the Carts>Active Cart link.
Start from the home/Shop screen.
2. Click the
3. Click the
The Workflow graphic appears. The Workflow indicates the steps required before a
Purchase Order can be created. Each step requires approval.
To view the list of Approvers assigned to each step,
Click on the view approvers links located on each workflow Approvers step.
When done,
Click the
Clicking the
button followed by…
1. Click the Carts Assinged to Me link
2. Locate the shopping cart you want to modify.
3. Click on the Shopping Cart Name in the requisition list.
4. Click on the
Click the Summary tab.
link to return to the requisition screen.
Populating procedure continued on page 4
04_18_2013 – Requisitioner – Acting On An Assigned Cart QRC
Requisitioner — Acting on a Requisition
Quick Reference Guide
4. Populating Line Item Details - Continued
An Accounting Codes overlay screen appears.
5. Click on the
A summary screen appears. The detail tabs across the top of the requisition are used to
change line item details within the requisition.
link for Speedtype value.
9. Click the
The Custom Field Search screen appears.
10. Click in the Description field box and type your campus name, e.g. Amherst.
11. Click the
button and select the appropriate value for the line item.
To change the Accounting Codes on a line item,
for Account value. This time,
12. Click the
6. Click the Accounting Codes detail tab.
button only and select the appropriate value. When you have
13. Click the
finished populating the line item.
14. Click the
7. Scroll to the line item you want to modify.
8. Click the
15. Repeat steps 10 – 15 for the remaining line items on the requisition.
04_18_2013 – Requisitioner – Acting On An Assigned Cart QRC