Converting an existing OHS Certification Australia Card

Converting AN EXISTING
September 2014
What is the Licence to Perform High Risk Work?
The Licence to Perform High Risk Work is a nationally recognised Licence required for the following categories of high risk work:
Forklift operation
Crane and hoist operation
Rigging and doggingPressure equipment operation
Scaffolding work
The Licence provides photo identification and a list of all the classes of high risk work that the holder is authorised to perform. It can be
used in any state or territory in Australia. The Licence was introduced in South Australia on 1 September 2010.
Do I need a Licence to Perform High Risk Work?
Yes. If you currently hold an OHS Certification Australia Card (Certificate of Competency) issued after 1 January 2005, you will need to
transfer it to the Licence because your current certificates (or ‘tickets’* as they are commonly called) will expire. You can continue working
with your current certificates for now, but you must have a Licence before your certificates expire.
When do my ‘tickets’ expire?
The expiry date of your ‘tickets’ depends on when they were issued. See the table below for details.
Apply to convert your
existing ‘tickets’ to a Licence
to Perform High Risk Work
before 2015. The expiry date
of your ‘tickets’ will depend
on when they were issued.
Date of issue of your OLDEST ‘ticket’
Convert your ‘tickets’
before this expiry date
Tickets issued before 1 January 2005 have now expired. You will
need to be re-assessed if you have not converted these tickets.
1 January 2005 – 31 August 2010
1 September 2015
Check the issue date of your oldest certificate or ‘ticket’. For example, if
you hold an OHS Certification Australia Card, such as that pictured for a
Boom-Type Elevating Work Platform (issued in November 2005), you will
have until 1 September 2015 to convert your qualifications.
There is plenty of time to convert your qualifications, as long as you
apply before the expiry date of your oldest ‘ticket’. Your existing OHS
Certification Australia Card remains valid until this time. You can convert
any additional high risk work qualifications including forklift ‘tickets’ at
the same time.
How do I transfer my qualifications?
To convert your OHS Certification Australia Card, call the High Risk Work Conversion Line on 1300 975 909. You will need to have
your original card showing the qualifications you hold, and the date these were issued. If you hold any other high risk work qualifications,
you should have those certificates with you as well when you call.
SafeWork SA will then process the information and, if approved, send you a Tax Invoice.
‘Ticket’ is a colloquial term used in industry to refer to a qualification for high risk work and is frequently used to describe a qualification to operate a forklift. This includes a Notice of Satisfactory Assessment (NSA).
You should then take the Tax Invoice to a Service SA Customer Service Centre or an Australia Post Photopoint outlet
where you will need to:
- provide 100 points of identification
(Your Tax Invoice will show the documents that can be produced to contribute towards your 100 points of identification. Alternatively you can view this information on SafeWork SA’s website at
- pay your Tax Invoice (within 60 days);
- provide a sample signature; and
- have your photograph taken.
Your Licence will then be mailed to you.
What if I don’t have my OHS Certification Australia Card?
If you have lost your original OHS Certification Australia Card and cannot obtain a replacement from the person who assessed you, you will
need to contact SafeWork SA on (08) 8303 0400 for further information and guidance.
How much does the Licence cost?
The Licence to Perform High Risk Work currently costs $73 and must be renewed every five years. The charge to add a new class to the
Licence is $39.25.
What happens if I fail to transfer to a Licence to Perform High Risk Work before my
OHS Certification Australia Card expires?
If you do not transfer your certificate by the expiry date, you will not be licensed to perform the work it specifies. You will have to be
re-assessed if you wish to continue undertaking high risk work.
What if my qualifications were issued interstate?
You must telephone the SafeWork SA Help Centre on 1300 365 255 and ask for an application form for Conversion of Interstate
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