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eshiva Yesodei Hatorah focuses on the preservation
of the Mesorah of the Avos in its fullest, purest form.
Our superior Limudei Kodesh and general studies
curricula combine to form the ideal foundation for success.
Society all around us seems to have rallied against this ideal
with a multitude of detrimental forces such as a totally
unbridled press, an unstable permissive culture, and the
persuasive effect of today’s high-tech industry.
To combat these forces and
remain true to our goal, Yeshiva
Yesodei Hatorah has adopted the
time-honoured methods used
in the Chadarim of Europe in
previous generations.
In addition to employing
distinguished, experienced
and thoroughly professional
mechanchim, our school has
carefully chosen its personnel for
their ability to convey a sense of
purpose, so that they will develop
a lasting association between the
learning of Torah and the feeling of
personal accomplishment.
The focus of our program is to
maintain in our young charges a
high level of interest by rounding
out their learning with activities that
help reinforce that which they have
been taught verbally. Their davening
together, their eating together and
even their playing together are all
used as opportunities to help define
their understanding of what it is to be
an admirable Ben Torah in all aspects
of life.
Yesodei Hatorah runs parallel to a widely
known truism: “If you teach a child a
Tosefos, you may have taught him for the
day, but if you teach a child the love of
learning a Tosefos, you have taught him
for a lifetime.” It is this task of constantly
refining our approach in imbuing the
talmidim with enthusiasm for Torah
that is our challenge. Yet the results are
ultimately rewarding.
There is ample testament to the validity
of our approach in the fact that in virtually
every Yeshiva Gedolah that our alumni
advance to, they are amongst the top
bochurim in terms of enthusiasm and
hasmoda. Our talmidim have spread
out into all facets of the Toronto Jewish
community and abroad, becoming
valuable assets everywhere. Amongst
our graduates are respected Rabbonim,
Roshei Yeshiva, businessmen and lay
leaders, all striving for the common
goals instilled in them at Yeshiva
Yesodei Hatorah.
With the constant realization of the vast
importance of our work for the future
of Klal Yisroel, we at Yeshiva Yesodei
Hatorah fervently daven for continued
Siyata D’shmaya in the successful
fulfillment of our mission.
“If you teach a
child a Tosefos,
you may have
taught him for
the day, but
if you teach a
child the love
of learning a
Tosefos, you
have taught him
for a lifetime.”
In our quest to raise the bar, we have engaged an expanded staff of qualified,
energetic and professional Mechanchim. With much excitement, we would
like to welcome aboard, Rabbi Modes (Grade 8), Rabbi Wiesenfeld (Grade
8), Rabbi Feigenbaum (Grade 7), Rabbi Czermak (Grade 6), Rabbi Hunger
(Grade 4), Rabbi Rand (Grade 4) and Rabbi Septon as Executive Director.
We take tremendous pride that some of our new members are Alumni of
YYH. We are fortunate to have Rabbi Dworetsky join Rabbi Schuster in the
roles of Assistant Principals. The new staff have proven to be a great success
and BH the year is off to a tremendous start.
Rabbi Septon
Rabbi Rand
Rabbi Hunger
Rabbi Feigenbaum
Rabbi Czermak
Executive Director
YYH Alumus
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YYH Alumus
• GRADE 6 •
Rabbi Wiesenfeld
Rabbi Modes
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• GRADE 8 •
s we approach the Yomim Noraim and look for
inpiration, we need look no further than Reb Moshe
Reichmann zt”l, a global figure with business
interests in many realms and countries, but first and
foremost an ambassador of Toras Imecha.
Reb Moshe Reichmann showed his
genius in his business ventures, and
even more so in his philanthropy.
His door was open to everyone. He
treated them all with the utmost
respect and he disseminated millions
of dollars without any flare or fanfare.
Reb Moshe, as he was amicably
known, conducted himself with
the dignity of royalty and with the
humility of a
humble servant
of Hashem.
Throughout his
life, he remained a
true Torah scholar
whose every move
was dictated
by the Torah
and its Mitzvos.
Without ever
raising his voice,
he commanded the greatest respect
from both business associates and
Torah leaders. He showed us how we
can engage the outside world while
maintaining a value system and living
by its dictates.
He never looked at his business as
being his life, but only as a means to
help the needy and support Torah
institutions. He was an unparalleled
builder of Torah, establishing and
supporting Yeshivos, Kollelim, and
Bais Yaakovs throughout Klal Yisroel.
His son R’ Chesky, related in his
Hesped how he arrived home one day
during a stressful
period and saw
his father with
a content smile
on his face. He
curiously asked
his father what
he was so happy
about during those
difficult days. Reb
Moshe answered
him that he had
received a letter
from a person who lived in Miami
Beach. The stranger had written that
he had read in a newspaper that the
Reichmann family was never ready
to compromise in their Shabbos
observance and all activities ceased
from Friday afternoon before sunset
until Saturday after nightfall. The
person wrote that this had inspired
him to become Shomer Shabbos. Reb
Moshe continued, “We may have lost
money, but the merit of this person’s
Shabbos observance will stay with us
for eternity.”
humble. He was blessed with a huge
heart, a brilliant mind, the stamina
to assist so many, and the burning
desire to create a Reiach Nichoach
Lifnei Hashem.
Reb Moshe taught by example. He
had the good fortune to see all his
children, grandchildren, and great
grandchildren follow in his ways.
R’ Shmuel Hauer said in his Hesped
that Reb Moshe always instructed
his children to strive for greatness
and never settle on mediocrity.
This is how he always conducted
himself. He thought in large terms,
never compromising on excellence.
If a mission was not impossible,
then by definition there was a way
to accomplish it. When he studied
in Yeshivos, he would seek out the
top chavrusos. When he developed
building projects, he would find
ways to maximize and utilize every
efficiency. And when he gave
Tzedakah, he raised the bar of
philanthropy to an unprecedented
level, with the conviction that he
had been blessed with wealth only
to share it in a meaningful way
with others.
leadership of the school. He would
be consulted with for all executive
decisions related to personnel moves.
At his behest, Rabbi Bornstein
was encouraged to hire the top
Mechanchim that any country had
to offer. His involvement did not end
with recruitment. He assisted the
newcomers in settling into their new
city. He provided apartments and free
loans in order to purchase homes.
Reb Moshe had a special affection
He dispensed a bonus to each Rebbe
for Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah. He
before Yomim Tovim. His vision
cared deeply about its’ goals and
and ultimate goal was to provide an
successes and fueled the Yeshiva’s
ability to expand. He provided all that environment that a Melamed could
concentrate solely and intensely on
was required in the form of covering
his Avodas Hakodesh. Even during
the Yeshiva’s expenses and the
Mr. Reichmann’s illness, he was
sponsoring of any tuition shortfalls.
constantly in touch with the Hanhala
His assistance was not limited to
of the school, seeking avenues where
financial help. He was personally
he could be of assistance.
involved in all aspects of the
Hesped by stating that the Mosdos that
his father supported and assisted were
his precious children. He urged those in
attendance to “Please take care of my
father’s children.”
Reb Moshe taught the world how to
give. It is our task to preserve that
legacy and internalize the lessons
demonstrated by him. The beauty of
walking in the way of the Avos, never
compromising on values, and serving
Hashem “Bechol Meodecha” were all
items that he excelled at because he
recognized their importance.
He was an example for all people,
showing us that we can elevate our lives
and our possessions to create a “Reiach
Hasodeh Asher Beircho Hashem.”
Yesodei Hatorah will forever be
grateful to him and misses him greatly.
May his wife and children be comforted
by the knowledge that his legacy will
carry on forever, and may we all learn
from this giant in generosity, kindness
and humility.
He never looked at his business
as being his life, but only as a
means to help the needy and
support Torah institutions.
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