R FQ #H SS1403
Q U E S T I O N S A N D A N S W E R S AS OF M A Y 6, 2014
Are we required to first be registered with the City
of San Francisco before we would be eligible to
participate in the RFQ, and if so, how what do we
need to do and how do we go about doing that?
Per Addendum Number One, there is
no requirement that a firm be pre-registered with
the City & County of San Francisco before it is
eligible to participate in this RFQ.
Does all of a proposed team have to be local to SF,
or do you allow vendors to have people handling
some aspects of an assignment remotely? For
example, we are an agency with resources in many
places, and sometimes we tap them as needed.
There is no requirement that all work be
done locally.
I was hoping you might be replicating your presubmittal conference in some other form for those
of us who can't make it in person.
Yes, per Addendum 2 we will have the following
call in number: Dial-in 888-808-6929; Participant
Code 5540616.
For vendors who perform all core services in-house
and do not sub-contract out 17% of the value of
the contract, is the LBE subcontracting goal
Yes, the LBE subcontracting goal is mandatory in
accordance with the documents provided in the
RFQ. You may contact the City & County of San
Francisco Contract Monitoring Division (CMD) if
you need clarification about any particular
requirements. The primary contact at CMD for this
RFQ is [email protected]; the secondary
contact is [email protected]
Point of clarification on the Digital Video section –
we already have a high quality gamified benefits
education video series. We can and do customize
videos for our clients. However, these videos are
animated and we wouldn’t do talent recruiting for
any human type productions. I assume it is still
alright for us to submit our product capabilities for
this ask but wanted to make sure the City wasn’t
set on human driven videos (for lack of a better
Yes, we welcome submissions with animated
solutions for the Digital Video Service area.
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R FQ #H SS1403
Q U E S T I O N S A N D A N S W E R S AS OF M A Y 6, 2014
Service Area 2: Digital Design & Usability: Bullet 4
refers to creating a consistent and appropriate
design for a variety of devices. Does a list exist of
devices they currently support or want to support
going forward? Do you have a specified frequency
to revisit supported devices/OSs? Bullet 6 refers to
consulting on the customization of 3rd party tools
that may integrate with the HSS website. Can you
provide any examples?
Once a contract is awarded, HSS will work with the
selected vendor to review the analytics data from
our current website, and industry best practices to
agree on the list of devices and browsers to be
supported. Third party tools may include assisting in
enhancing interface design and usability for the
eBenefits module of PeopleSoft, the tool which may
manage our self-service enrollment.
Service Area 5: Digital Video Service Area 5: Digital
Video- Bullet 7 refers to conversion and upload to
LMS, web and other formats as specified by HSS.
Can you share details about the current LMS
platform? Is the expectation to simply post
completed videos to the system or is a broader LMS
maintenance role needed? If the latter, please
provide more details on the system.
There is no guarantee of a minimal amount of work
or compensation for any of the Respondents who
are prequalified into any of the 6 Service Areas.
Ref: RFQ page 4, Section II. Statement of Need and
Intent, and Attachment VI-Statement of Minimum
Qualifications 1.1. Please confirm that you require
two projects completed in the past three years in a
healthcare, health insurance, health, wellness or
health benefits area for each service area. The
former reference says one project, the latter, two
projects are required.
Please clarify does a project completed in the
public service communications also qualify for the
minimum, as stated in RFQ page 4, Section II.
Statement of Need and Intent? It is not so stated in
the Attachment VI.
"Respondents should have a proven record of
successfully delivering effective communications for
large organizations, including at least one project in
the past three years specifically related to
healthcare, health insurance, health benefits,
wellness, fitness, public health or public service
Thank you for pointing out this discrepancy. Please
see Addendum #3 regarding the correction to
Attachment VI.
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R FQ #H SS1403
Q U E S T I O N S A N D A N S W E R S AS OF M A Y 6, 2014
If one of our prior healthcare/health insurancerelated communications completed projects,
submitted as a qualification, promoted improved
health practices to a segment of the general
population well in excess of 1,000 people, would
this project meet your minimum requirement? If yes
it does meet your requirement, would it be scored
lower than a project that specifically communicated
with members of an organization of 1,000 or more
This would be acceptable and meet the minimum
It would not be scored lower based solely on the
intended audience.
In our response, must the LBE subcontractor have
completed the required project(s) if the prime
contractor has completed the required project(s)?
If the prime contractor has completed the project,
the project can be submitted to meet the minimum
If an LBE subcontractor is to handle the majority of
work in a particular service area, may we cite their
prior completed project(s) to meet the one or two
completed project minimum?
Yes, if you are the prime Respondent you may
submit a project completed by an associated LBE to
meet the minimum qualification for a particular
service area.
Reference RFQ page 12, Section A.3. Company
description: should we also describe our LBE
subcontractor, and if so, does this description go
into this section of our Qualifications, and within
the 3 pages maximum?
Per Addendum 3, in addition to all other required
information in the company description you must
list any associated LBE subcontractors. To
accommodate this change the maximum length for
a company description is now four pages.
Ref: RFQ pages 6-7, Service Areas 2 and
3,3.1. What are the "technical requirements
approved by HSS” mentioned several times in the
RFQ? How/when can we get the technical
Once a contract is awarded for web development,
HSS will work with the contracted vendor to
develop a technical requirements document to
guide the engineering.
HTML 5 is mentioned in the RFQ. Older browsers
do not support HTML 5. What browsers and
versions need to be supported?
Once a contract is awarded, HSS will work with the
contracted vendor to review the analytics data from
our current website, and industry best practices to
agree on the list of devices and browsers to be
supported. We may not use HTML 5, depending
upon this analysis.
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R FQ #H SS1403
Q U E S T I O N S A N D A N S W E R S AS OF M A Y 6, 2014
What type of mobile support is needed for the new
HSS site?
Once a contract is awarded, HSS will work with the
selected vendor to review the analytics data from
our current website, as well as industry best
practices to agree on the list of devices and
browsers to be supported. For purposes of the RFQ
assume that you must support the standard array of
devices that currently have popular market share.
Are there any legacy databases, web apps or
technologies that must be carried over to the new
We currently have a simple HTML/CSS website. No
databases or customized apps.
Will the site need to host any secure data? If yes,
what sort of security or protocols do you require?
Once a contract is awarded we will work with
vendors to determine what, if any, security
protocols will be required. At present our site does
not host any secure data.
May the site be hosted on a third-party hosting
If site will be hosted in-house, what type of server
is the site hosted on? Will we have direct access to
the server?
Assume an external hosting situation.
Which firms have been assisting HSS with similar
service areas in the last 3 years?
All web development is currently handled in-house.
Firespring hosts the Health Service System website –
What is your anticipated budget for each of the
Service Areas?
Specific project budgets will be determined after the
RFQ process is completed.
Has HSS written a communication strategy or brand
guidelines and if yes, please may we have a copy?
HSS has a brand strategy and guidelines document
that will be made available to contracted vendors.
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R FQ #H SS1403
Q U E S T I O N S A N D A N S W E R S AS OF M A Y 6, 2014
Will you make the identities of LBEs who are
interested in being subcontractors for this RFQ
known to prime contractors, and if so, how and
We have posted a partner opportunity list which
flags LBE firms at myhss.org/RFQ.
Prospective prime consultants can also find the
complete list of certified Local Business Enterprises
on the City LBE Directory:
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