1) Any award from the Request for Quotation (RFQ) is subject to the Corporate Purchase
Order Terms and Conditions located at;
2) The lowest quotation, or any quotation, will not necessarily be accepted;
3) Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL) reserves the right to disqualify any
quotation not submitted in accordance with the provisions stated in the RFQ;
4) MBLL reserves the right to award the RFQ in whole or in part, in MBLL best interests;
5) No award may result from the RFQ;
6) MBLL may cancel the RFQ process at any stage without award for any reason, and
MBLL may thereafter issue a new request for quotations or qualifications, sole source or
do nothing, and MBLL shall not be obligated to provide reasons for such cancellation;
7) The RFQ is not intended to create and shall not create a formal legally binding bidding
process, and shall instead be governed by the law applicable to direct commercial
negotiations. For greater certainty and without limitation: (a) the RFQ shall not give rise to
any “Contract A” – based tendering law duties or any other legal obligations arising out of
any contract or collateral contract; and (b) no Bidder shall have the right to make any
claims against Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries with respect to the award of a contract,
failure to award a contract or failure to honour a response to the RFQ;
8) All costs applicable under any resulting agreement must be provided in a completed copy
of the RFQ. MBLL shall not be liable for any costs which are not listed in the table. Such
pricing must be expressed in Canadian funds, and will be deemed to be inclusive of all
packaging, duties, freight, delivery costs prepaid F.O.B. the delivery point, and any other
pertinent charges;
9) MBLL shall also pay to the successful Bidder an amount equal to any and all taxes
imposed on, or collectible by the successful Bidder pursuant to any resulting agreement.
The amount of such taxes so payable shall be calculated in accordance with the
applicable legislation and shall be paid by MBLL at the same time as the amounts to
which such taxes applies are payable; and
10) Quotations received after the Submission Deadline will not be accepted.
Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation RFQ Terms and Conditions – Version 1
April 1, 2014