RFQ Consultant Eng Services, 2015-2017

The Road Commission for Oakland County, Michigan (RCOC) is soliciting Qualification
Statements for consultants to perform all professional engineering services on various
federally, state and locally funded road and bridge projects for Fiscal Years 20152017.
The consultant may be requested to provide engineering services including highw ay
design, survey, right -of-w ay acquisition, traffic signal design, construction
engineering, geotechnical engineering, test ing, bridge inspection and bridge design,
and ot her services on highw ay projects ranging in scope from minor intersection
improvements, to construction or reconst ruction of primary county roads and bridges
carrying upw ard of 50,000 vehicles per day. RCOC w ill assign each project to a
consultant based on t he consultant ’ s expertise, w orkload and familiarity w ith the
project and local community.
When the consultant is requested to perform engineering services on a project, t he
RCOC w ill present the project scope t o the selected consultant. The consultant w ill
present the RCOC w it h a proposal including projected man-hours and cost. If the
proposal is reasonable based on the scope and cost of t he project, a contract w ill be
prepared and either executed, or submitted to the Michigan Department of
Transportation (MDOT) for approval, t hen executed. The contract w ill be either
MDOT’ s standard (“ Boiler Plate” ) preliminary engineering agreement or standard
RCOC contract, w hich may be review ed by contacting the RCOC Engineering
Department. If t he Proposal is deemed unreasonable by RCOC or MDOT, RCOC w ill
attempt to negotiate a fair price w ith the preferred consultant. If a price cannot be
agreed upon by RCOC and t he preferred consultant , RCOC w ill request a proposal
from one of t he remaining consultants obtained through t his solicitation to perform
the required engineering services.
The selected consultants may be requested to perf orm some or all of the f ollow ing
Bridge Design and Bridge Inspection
Preliminary and Const ruction Survey
Geotechnical Engineering Services
Roadw ay and Culvert Design
Construction Engineering, including testing
Right-of -Way Acquisit ion and Project Management , including appraisals
Traffic Signal Design, including Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and SCATS
(Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic Signals)
Advanced Traffic Management
Design and Evaluation of Roundabouts
Environmental assessments and Impact St atements
Other similar or related tasks
Consultants w ill include an organization chart or listing of the key personnel, or sub
consultants and t heir key personnel, w ho w ill perform t he tasks listed above.
Consultants w ill ident ify a prime contact for the RFQ including email address and
phone number.
Consultant ’ s qualification packet w ill be submitted in a maximum tw o-inch, t hree-ring
The Engineer w ill be required to adhere to t he follow ing; all design projects w ill be,
unless ot herw ise directed, completed as an Aut oCAD Land Development
Desktop/Aut oCAD Civil 3D project . Final electronic submissions shall consist of t he
complete electronic LDD/Civil 3D project file, including, but not limited to, all Point
data, Object data, Symbology, Field book data, supporting documentation, and
various reports and miscellaneous LDD electronic files as required by RCOC.
RFQ Consulting Engineering Services
for Highw ay and Bridge Design and Related Activities
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Due 3:00 p.m., Friday, November 21, 2014
Qualification Statements w ill be review ed and rated based on the follow ing criteria:
Reputation f or professional integrity and competence
Experience and familiarity w ith the Road Commission for Oakland County,
Michigan Department of Transportation and Federal Highw ay Administration
and their programming, design, right -of-w ay, bidding, contracting and
construction standards and practices
Experience, reputation and familiarity w ith Oakland County communities
Ability to respond to RCOC, including proximity to RCOC and projects,
availability of key staff time, familiarity w ith local officials, area and contractors
Familiarity w ith intelligent transportation systems including SCATS (Sydney
Coordinated Adaptive Traffic Signals)
A list of clients, for w hich similar services w ere provided
The survey equipment, CAD softw are and engineering softw are currently being
Equal Employment Opport unity (EEO) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
After review of the submitted qualification statement packages, t he top rated firms
w ill be requested t o interview . The interview w ill focus on t he above criteria as w ell
as the consultant ’ s projected w orkload, experience w ith MDOT audits, equal
employment practices and disadvantaged business enterprise participation.
Interested consulting engineers should submit three copies of the Qualification
Statements no later t han 3:00 p.m. Friday, November 21, 2014 to:
Deputy Secretary-Clerk of the Board
Road Commission f or Oakland County
RFQ – Consulting Engineering Services
31001 Lahser Road
Beverly Hills, MI 48025
Phone: 248 645-2000
Questions regarding t his RFQ or the Consultant Selection process should be directed
to Thomas G. Blust , P.E., Director of Engineering, at t he above address and phone
The Road Commission for Oakland County reserves the right to reject any or all of the
Qualification Statements received and re-solicit engineering services at its sole
discretion. Qualification Statements received after the above described deadline w ill
not be opened for consideration. The Road Commission for Oakland County w ill not
pay for the information solicited nor any costs incurred by consultants submitting
Qualification Statements or presentations or interview s. Qualification Statements w ill
be treated confidentially by RCOC and returned to the unsuccessful consultants if
requested follow ing t he completion of t he selection process.
Gregory C. Jamian, Chairman
Ronald J. Fow kes, Vice Chairman
Eric S. Wilson, Commissioner
Dennis G. Kolar, P.E., Managing Director