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November 2014
Section I
Report Aspects
Section II
Ability Scores
Section III
Relative Analysis of the Abilities
Section IV
Section V
Suggested Career Options
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Choosing the right career is the most important aspect in a students’ life. Parents as well as students are
anxious on what career they need to pursue for being successful in their future life. It is observed that
students, due to lack of right information about their abilities and skills, often take up professions which
is not at par with their interestsand skills. Majority of the students in India choose their career based on
their families’ interests, peers’ choices or something related to the subject in which they excel during
school days. Wrong choice of profession is often realized very late and the individual is left with little or
no option.Change in career increases anxiety as it leads to apprehension of reducedprofessional rewards,
salary, status, imbalance in personal life, etc. Hence it is highly recommended that all students should
undergoscientific career counseling or take up accredited career related test at a decisive stage of
student life to understand their abilities and best suited professions.
Career aptitude tests are designed to evaluate the students’ overall intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional
quotient (EQ), logic, reasoning, sense of aesthetics and designing, as well as their analytical abilities and
language proficiency. It helps the students in choosing the right career that can result in satisfaction with
their career and self worth.
Benefits of such tests in the context of career decision
Self awareness – skills and abilities related to profession
Opportunity to develop self
Select the best suitable career choice
Increase the chances of getting their dream job
Better vision on career path
Better work-life balance
Less job hopping
West Bengal Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes Development & Finance Corporation
(WBSCSTDFC) has partnered with Randstad India Limited for understanding the Career Skills of
the students belonging to SC & ST category. The initiative is purely intended for the development of the
students by making them aware of their skill sets. This year 1100 students of 12th Standard from 20
Districts of West Bengal participated in this Career Aptitude Test.
Career Aptitude Test/Name/RIL/Confidential/CHN-1114/
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Career Aptitude Test is an aptitude test which helps the individual in understanding their skill sets
and in choosing the right career. It has 8 subscales (abilities) such as:
Verbal Ability (VA) – This ability refers to the comprehension of words and ideas, or a person’s ability
to understand written language.
Numerical Ability (NA) – This ability refers to facility in manipulating numbers quickly and accurately.
It is distinct from both reasoning and mathematical knowledge, and is with the more basic trait of
fluency in fundamental number operations.
Closure Ability (CA) – This ability refers to see quickly a whole stimulus when parts of it are missing.
Spatial Ability (SA) – This ability refers to perceiving spatial patterns accurately, and following the
orientation of figures when their position in a plane or space is altered.
Mechanical Ability (MA) – This ability refers to an understanding of basic mechanical principles,
simple machines, tools, electrical, and automotive facts.
Clerical Ability (CL) – This ability refers to making rapid evaluations of features of visual stimuli.
Reasoning Ability (RA) – This ability refers to apply the process of induction or to reason from some
specific information to a general principle.
Psycho-Motor Ability (PM) – This ability refers to precise movements requiring eye-hand
coordination under highly speeded conditions.
The Section-II reflects the scores obtained by the student in the 8 abilities measured in this test.
The Section-III reflects the graphical presentation of student’s scores compared to the district
mean score as well as the state mean score.
The Section-IV reflects the interpretation of the high score obtained by the student in the
various abilities.
The Section-V reflects the suggested career choices as per the high scores obtained by the
student in the test.
Career Aptitude Test/Name/RIL/Confidential/CHN-1114/
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The Student’saptitude has been evaluated and is rated as per the following parameters:
Verbal Ability Score: 4
Average verbal ability to understand and apply English language in an unstructured form. Has an
average ability to comprehend English vocabulary and verbal skills for usage in practical applications.
Numerical Ability Score: 10
High ability to wield numerical operations rapidly and accurately. Has a high skill to manipulate numbers
quickly and accurately, and perform well in accounting, technical, and data processing kind of tasks.
Closure Ability Score: 7
Average ability to form a perceptual cluster from a number of vague of jumbled data present in the
surroundings. Can perceive meaningful blocks and organize them.
Spatial Ability Score: 8
Extremely high ability to understand spatial relations and grasp relationships among two-dimensional
figures. Can be successful in tasks dealing with architecture, commercial art, dress-designing , etc.
Mechanical Ability Score: 5
Average ability to succeed in performance of technical vocational areas. Is somewhat aware of the
information on basic mechanical principles.
Administrative/Clerical Ability Score: 4
Average ability to perform with speed and accuracy in a monotonous task. Is likely to make some errors
in tasks involving repeated activity for long periods.
Reasoning Ability Score: 8
Extremely high ability to understand and grasp relationships among unknown stimuli. The student has
an excellent ability to apply the process of induction or logical reasoning in order to comprehend
relationships. Can do well in such activities which involve logical thinking such as computer
programming, engineering, scientific technology, or mathematics related pursuits.
Career Aptitude Test/Name/RIL/Confidential/CHN-1114/
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Psycho-Motor Ability Score: 9
Extremely high psycho-motor ability to perform accurately under speeded conditions. Has an excellent
fine-muscle dexterity for manual tasks. Can be successful in assembly line work, drafting, and clerical
Career Aptitude Test/Name/RIL/Confidential/CHN-1114/
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My Score (Obtained Score)
District Score
State Score
Closure Ability (CA)
Spatial Ability (SA)
Mechanical Ability (MA)
Clerical Ability (CL)
Reasoning Ability (RA)
Psycho-Motor Ability (PM)
Verbal Ability (VA)
Numerical Ability (NA)
Career Aptitude Test/Name/RIL/Confidential/CHN-1114/
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The student has scored high on Numerical ability which reflects basic trait of facility and
fluency in fundamental number operations. This ability is found high in individuals who are
successful in mathematical, scientific, and technical subjects. It is an indicator of
occupations involving computational tasks, such as various clerical, accounting, engineering,
technological and data processing and analytical jobs.
The student has scored high in Psycho-Motor (PM) abilities when compared to other abilities
test. This implies capability of having precise movements requiring eye-hand coordination.
PM test is also associated to Mechanical abilities.
The student has scored high on Reasoning ability. It is important to success in many areas
particularly those emphasises on logic, such as courses and occupations in mathematics or
related pursuits.
The student has scored high on Spatial ability. This ability is found to be high in individuals
who are successful in geometrical drawing, drafting, vocational training and in art and
The career options suggested, reflecting the student’s skills set, are as under:
The student can pursue courses
in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Commerce and
other subjects that require numerical ability to deal in financial and technical data analyses.
The student can opt for jobs which require a high level of numerical ability like accountant,
Engineer, Mathematician, Statistician, etc
The student can pursue courses related to technical and vocational skills.
The student can opt for careers related to assembly line work, drafting and clerical jobs.
The student can
pursue courses in Computer Programming, Engineering, Sciences and
Scientific Technology.
Career Aptitude Test/Name/RIL/Confidential/CHN-1114/
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The student can opt for careers as Chemist, Mathematician, Meteorologist, Biologist, Dentist,
Physician, Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Medical Technician, Architect, Surveyor and Electrical
The student can pursue courses in Mechanical Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Geography,
Architecture, and Designing and Decorations, Shopwork, Building Construction, Commercial &
Fine arts, Fashion-designing, Die-making, Geoscience.
Reach for the stars
If you think you can do it you can! Just concentrate and aim for nothing less than all you ever wanted to be!
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