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5 ~ 8 d é c 2 0 1 4 | ly o n | f e t e d e s l u m i e r e s . ly o n . f r
Route 6: Join in the game and become a child again!
This route mixing interactive displays with more relaxing ones will take you back to
the days when you were a child! Dedicate your evening to an experience that’s full
of carefree fun, action and discovery. Enjoy and admire the wonders of the lighted
Remember that this route is long. If you bring children along, plan to come over
two evenings to be able to cover the entire itinerary. You can also choose only part
of the route if you have just one evening available.
To reach the point of departure, take Metro Line A to the Foch stop
Place Maréchal Lyautey « Pocket Lights » - TILT
Go across the Morand bridge toward Place Pradel
Walk down along Place Louis Pradel
Place Louis Pradel
« The Anookis Invite Themselves to the Opera» - Moetu Batlle and David Passegand
Leave Place Louis Pradel toward the north via Rue du Griffon and continue on for 200
Go along the left side of Place Croix-Paquet
Turn left onto Rue René Leynaud and continue on for 210 meters
Turn right onto Passage Thiaffait
From December 4 to 16, discover «Ruins», an interactive production presented by Village des
Take the stairway on the right
Cross Rue Burdeau to reach Rue Pouteau and continue on for 350 meters
Turn left onto Rue Lemot and continue on for 50 meters
Place Colbert « Axial » - PlayMid
At the end of the square, turn left and go up Montée Saint Sébastien for 150 meters
At the top of the stair, turn left onto the esplanade
Esplanade du Gros Caillou « SurExposition » - Orange - ENSAB Lab
Walk a few meters toward Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse
Esplanade du Gros Caillou
« Résonance » - RDV Collectif and ENSAG students
Take advantage of the view over Lyon to see the lighting displays from another angle.
Continue on Boulevard de la Croix Rousse for 400 meters
4th Arrondissement City Hall « Supercube » - Stéphane Masson
With your back to the City Hall building, head toward the left to Boulevard de la Croix
Rousse and continue on for 250 meters
Turn right onto Rue Jean-Baptiste Say and continue on for 180 meters
Montée de la Grande Côte
« Sweet City » - Jacques Rival, « Candles from the Heart» - French Red Cross
Go down Montée de la Grande Côte for 250 meters
Turn right onto Rue des Tables Claudiennes and continue on for 60 meters
Turn left and go up Montée de l’Amphithéâtre
You’ll find yourself in front of the «Lavender Field» display by Lola Solanilla. Be sure to have a
look at this work, which will bring back memories of your vacations in Provence.
Cross the Park and Rue Burdeau to reach the Montée de l’Amphithéâtre stairway, followed by
Montée de la Muette. Get ready to dance!
Place Sathonay « Ball[et] Room » - Aurélie Le Gougouec
Cross the square and turn right onto Rue Sergent Blandan and continue on for 150 meters
Go left onto Place Saint-Vincent
You are now in front of the Mur des Lyonnais, the wall depicting the great personalities who
left their mark on the history of Lyon.
Continue to the Saint-Vincent walkway
Go left onto Quai Bondy
Turn right onto Rue Octavio Mey to reach the Saint-Paul station
In case of heavy traffic, this walkway may be closed. In this case, go along Quai
Saint-Vincent and cross la Feuillée bridge.
Gare Saint-Paul « Jackpot » – Hélène Eastwood and Laurent Brun
Turn back and cross la Feuillée bridge in the other direction
Go right onto Quai de la Pêcherie, then onto Quai Saint Antoine for 600 meters
Continue on Quai Saint-Antoine to Maréchal Juin bridge
Quai Saint-Antoine « Dundu, the Giants of Light» - Compagnie Dundu
There will be a light show each evening at the Maréchal Juin bridge at 8:30 p.m. and
10 p.m. If you are not at this location at the time indicated, don’t worry. You will still be
able to meet these unusual visitors on the streets of Presqu’île throughout the
Continue straight from Pont Saint-Antoine to the Palais de Justice walkway
Turn your head to the right and look up: you can see the Fourvière Basilica as you walk along
Walkway and Palais de Justice « Hi Striker » - Beam’Art
Cross Quai des Célestins to reach Rue du Port du Temple and continue on for 170 meters
Place des Jacobins « Night Light at Jacobins » – Christophe Mayer
Leave toward the south in the direction of Rue Emile Zola and continue on for 300 meters
Place Bellecour « Night of Dreams » - Damien Fontaine
Enjoy this 17-minutes show every thirty minutes.
Go toward the south via Rue Victor Hugo for 100 meters
Turn left to reach Rue Sala
Corner of Rue Sala – Rue Auguste Comte
« Labo des Aspho » - Le Théâtre des Asphodèles
Turn left onto Rue Sala and continue on for 110 meters
Rue de la Charité
« IMAGES LABO #8 » - Le Théâtre des Asphodèles and E-magineurs
The route will soon end, but if you have the time, come and play with the lighted cocoons at the
«Cocoons» display on the Saint-Joseph/Saint-Luc Hospital terraces.
To do this, take Rue Sala toward the Rhône, and then turn right onto Quai du Docteur Gailleton.
Turn left on the Université bridge, and then turn right onto Quai Claude Bernard and continue
for 270 meters. To return to the initial route, continue on Quai Claude Bernard, and then turn
right onto Gallieni bridge and continue all the way to Place Carnot.
Continue on Rue de la Charité for 300 meters
Turn right onto Rue Franklin and continue on for 250 meters
Turn left onto Rue Henri IV and continue on for 130 meters
The entrance to the vaults may be difficult to find: go along the right side of Place Carnot
toward the Perrache train station. At the end of the square, turn slightly toward the
right to access the vaults, which are for pedestrians only from December 5 to 8, starting
at 5 p.m. The entrance is located behind the bus shelter
Voûtes sous Perrache « Cinematographic Journey » - Studio Théoriz
Cross the Perrache vaults for a distance of 170 meters; the display is found in the second
section of the vaults
When you exit the vaults, turn right to reach Place des Archives
Place des Archives
« Student Experiments » - Les Grands Ateliers de l’Isle d’Abeau
If you still want to play, just continue your walk toward the south of the peninsula, where the
Confluence district is located.
Among others, you’ll discover «Light Me Up», the interactive display on the Darse (basin) at
Place Nautique. To go there, take Cours Charlemagne. You’ll find other displays along your
To return to the city center, take the tramway at the Hôtel de Région - Montrochet stop.