“50th Anniversary Plan” is Now Available

December 11th, 2014
The special announcement for the Supermarket Trade Show 2016
“50th Anniversary Plan” is Now Available
For the celebration and the expansion, ORGANIC EXPO 2016 together with BIOFACH JAPAN,
The 11th “Kodawari” Food Fair 2016, The Delicatessen Trade Show 2016, and Food Table
Gaishoku 2016 are collaborating with the Supermarket Trade Show 2016.
Tokyo, Japan, December 11th, 2014 – The New Supermarket Association of Japan (NSAJ
http://www.smts.jp/english/) [Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Chairman: Mr. Kiyoshi Yokoyama (CEO of ARCS
COMPANY, LIMITED)] has announced “the 50th anniversary plan” for the
Supermarket Trade
Show 2016. The
first time the Supermarket Trade Show was started in 1964, when Japan was
raising up from the confusion of the World War II and the period of economic growth was just begun.
As the special plan of the 50th, the size will be expanded about 1.5 times larger than previous trade
shows. Normally, using only the east exhibition hall of Tokyo Big Sight, but for 2016, the trade show
will be using whole area of the Tokyo Big Sight, which includes the west exhibition hall. (Both east
and west is 82,000m2) The last few year, about 80,000 people came to the trade show, however, for
2016, we are expecting more than 100,000 people will be attended.
For this expansion, Supermarket Trade Show 2016 will provide a special project which is named
“FOOD TABLE in JAPAN 2016”. Today, the food business industry has been changed dynamically.
Also, we are no longer able to ignore food related trends and needs from other industries. Thus, the
Supermarket Trade Show 2016 invites other 4 trade shows to cover whole food related layers. And we
call the new inclusive exhibition name “FOOD TABLE in JAPAN 2016”.
[Collaborating exhibitions]
 ORGANIC EXPO 2016 together with BIOFACH JAPAN
 The 11th “Kodawari” Food Fair 2016
 The Delicatessen Trade Show 2016
 Food Table Gaishoku 2016
*More details will be delivered to you time to time in 2015. Please pay attention to the great contents
will yet come for the special 50th anniversary.
About the New Supermarket Association of Japan
NSAJ is a benevolent corporation with a close relationship to several Government offices. The
association has about 400 regular members (including approximately 6,200 supermarkets and other
retail companies all over Japan) and 750 supporting members (comprised of manufacturers,
wholesalers and other related companies). The association contributes to the Supermarket industry
through study meetings, seminars and other expected activities. For this show, we’ve organized the
executive committee to support the development of circulation retail industries, including
supermarkets, so that our vision and commitment will be a compass for their future.
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